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  1. I don't dislike JR either, but he's making this look a lot harder than it is.
  2. Don't suppose you saw a Canes power play laying around the ol' workplace.
  3. Well, don't make it worse than it is. Boychuk had 3 goals and 6 assists in 31 games. While his stats weren't all that great, it certainly isn't anything to worry about since it occurred in such a limited role.
  4. I'm more concerned some of Boychuk's linemates will get run over than whether or not he can handle the rough stuff.I projected him to start on the 3rd line based on his 31-game audition last season - far more than any other prospect. Also, I put him on the wing so he has less defensive responsibility. Getting a 1-year vet fill-in at 3rd line center gives all of the prospects more time to develop. At some point you have to give guys an opportunity to show what they can do. There are other prospects. Some will make it. Some won't. All of them will get a chance to prove themselves at some point too. But based on talent and experience, yes, I'd give Boychuk first dibs at a top-9 slot.
  5. I'm pretty sure a veteran 3rd line center (like a Halpern or Metropolit) will be signed well before mid August. Expecting Nash to make that tough jump from college hockey to the NHL is unrealistic and Skinner will likely only get a ten-game audition before he's returned to junior. JR will likely get a solid 3rd liner at or near the minimum. But the important thing now is to bring the young talent along at the correct speed. Some of these guys had a tough first season in the AHL. Keeping that in mind, I think the lines will look something like this: 2010-2011 Jokinen........Staal.......Ruutu Tlusty..........Sutter......Cole Boychuk.....(TBD).....LaRose Samsonov...Dwyer....Kostopoulos Samson (extra) It's a bit of a 1-line team with questionable production from the 2nd line (until Tlusty and Boychuk flip-flop, imo). But the 3rd line can be decent if the coaching staff stresses defensive accountability. The 4th line should be OK. Things get changed up after that - for the better - and nobody has to be rushed into anything they can't handle. 2011-2012 Boychuk........Staal.........Ruutu Jokinen..........Skinner.....Dalpe Bowman........Sutter.......Osala Tlusty.............Nash........Kostopoulos Dwyer and Dodge (extras) It may take awhile for these guys to jell, but when they do it'll be a nice mix of size, speed, and scoring potential. Anyway, barring a couple of minor trades to tweak the lines, that's the way I'd do it.
  6. Yes, apparently I should have announced it was tongue in cheek. Especially after the news later in the day. As for filling Rod's spot on the team, since the second half of training camp is going to be in Europe, there's a good chance Dwyer could fill that role - and allow Jeff Skinner to play 4th line for the first 10 games of the season. Or, failing that, Boychuk and Dwyer could play bottom 6 center. There's a lot of options.
  7. Geez, I go away for a little while and things go to hell. Here's the Top 10 things I never expected to be thinking about this off-season .... 10. I was comparing Edmonton's projected lineup to the Hurricanes .... the Oilers look pretty good. 9. Rod Brind'Amour is a heartbeat away from a scoring line. 8. You know, Phoenix has pretty stable ownership compared to Carolina. 7. Bobby Sanguinetti?! Bobby Sanguinetti???!!! 6. At least the 'Canes leaky defense will make BP look better. 5. Remember, when the going gets tough, the guys can always look to Samsonov for leadership. 4. Harrison is a heartbeat away from a top-6 role. Thank goodness Babchuk's coming. 3. Admit it. Many of you actually thought JR was gonna go D in the first round. 2. Let's see ... if we pencil Cole in for 50 goals ... yep, that ought to just about bring the scoring up to par. 1. To emulate Chicago's success, did JR have to pick the "I forgot to qualify some guys" approach???
  8. Since there are few quality UFA wingers available, I think it's a no-brainer for JR to trade Whitney's rights. If Ray waives his NTC, of course. You only trade a guy's rights if you're positive you won't re-sign him. That appears to be the case - whether the holdup is age, salary or contract length doesn't really matter.
  9. Well, actually, he was a healthy scratch for the last 5 playoff games he was here for a reason.That said, he can help somebody (like Vancouver) far more than he can help the Hurricanes.
  10. Ryan Johansen, maybe. One of the youngest guys eligible for the draft. A good pick at #7. He'd be a strong #3 center down the line. Somewhat similar to Jordan Staal. Sad if he's rushed, tho.
  11. It'll be interesting to see how offensively gifted Tlusty is and how well Boychuk plays defense and handles the physicality part. The coaches can try different things on a 10 or 20 game basis, too. Brower is a solid guy that would look good in a Hurricanes jersey. Another 'Hawk that's similar, is Adam Burish, a free agent that could be had for a relatively small salary. I'd like more size up front.
  12. Yeah, I'm with you. I just toss stuff out. I was just trying out my junior GM decoder ring that I received from sending in some boxtops from my chocolate-covered sugar bombs.
  13. Yeah, no question the defense still needs an upgrade. The Chicago thing was simply meant to upgrade the forwards. With no Whitney, no Cullen, probably a little dropoff from Jokinen's career year, and a transition to some of the kid forwards...I am expecting scoring will be a challenge. Upgrading the forwards was meant to help offset the marginal defense. It would give the team a better chance to win on any given night. The expected crop of free agent defensemen is very good - and very deep. That depth helps keep prices down, too. I think a guy like Buffalo's Toni Lydman would have been a nice complement for Pitkanen (it doesn't hurt that they're both Finns, either). That's probably what JR was referring to when he said he'd wait 'til September to get a bargain. As it stands right now Pitkanen, Gleason, McBain, Babchuk, Picard, Carson and Harrison will be the 7 defensemen. That's a decent group - but one that won't keep opposing forwards from losing sleep at night - for under $11 million. I really am expecting the Hurricanes to stay at #7 and pick either Johansen or Niederreiter. Then go for defense with at least a couple of the 2nd-rounders. I would like to be at the draft party at Rodino's, but I'll be out of town.
  14. No one likes to give up assets. There will be a lot of teams involved, tho, and my thought was: to win the bidding waryou have to go high. The whole Chicago thing could be modified. Only go for Versteeg, for example. It's only a pipe dream anyway. It would take an aggressive approach that I don't believe exists - in management's mind - at this time. In order to free up the $6m, things would have to happen as I outlined. Brind'Amour would have to retire. That way, his cap hit would still count - but not his salary. Samsonov would have to be traded - as a buyout would cost money.
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