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  1. I went looking for the FS-CR channel Thursday night for the Canes game vs. St. Louis and it was no longer there.

    So, I contacted ATMC, my local cable provider, and they informed me Friday morning that they had removed the FS-CR network from their line up. 

    Said they could not accept the 42% non-negotiable price increase from FS-CR !    ATMC serves the eastern NC, Brunswick county area.

    So now we're without Canes TV coverage here on the east coast.

    Any other cable networks currently having this price/cost battle with FS-CR ??

    I guess they should change their network name to Fox Sports some of Carolina !

  2. Lets expand this action ...


    I voted to trade Cam if at all possible, but doubtful of any return and RF would have to pay a significant portion of the salary due forward.  BUT it frees up a rebuild spot.  Personally, I don't want to buy a game ticket and get stuck watching Cam in net for the Canes ever again.


    If at all possible trade or waive or buy out Semin.   What a waste of $7 mil a year.   Pressure him, assign him to Charlotte, maybe he refuses to go and we're done with his annual $7 mil.    Frees up a rebuild spot.


    Trade Skinner before his NTC kicks in.   Might get a decent return;  might not.   Doesn't matter.


    Earlier this season I would have had E. Staal up high on the trade wish list.   Now, I'm less anxious, and I've heard the rumors that Staal won't waive his NTC.   But I'd listen to all possible options.

  3. I'd wager that although you're glad the Canes won, there's a part of you that's disappointed that Ward did well.  Although I'm sure you'd never be able to admit that, even to yourself. :rolleyes:


    Not at all ... happy for both items.   Team looked a lot different, moved faster, passed much better. 

    Shocked that Ward finally showed up last night and gets a shut out.  WOW.  

    It's just that when he's hit the ice over the past 4 + years, the confidence part of my mind sends an "Oh crap" signal.

    Only way to change that is for Cam to start having a bunch of games like this,  Hope he does, and starts to earn that $6mil salary.


  4. Lavi is available !    With JR at least partially out of the picture now ( NO, I don't believe what I just said ... top 3 management guys ARE STILL the SAME top 3 management guys )  Lavi 2.0 sounds good to me.    That would at least get me thinking about renewing 2 of my 4 lower level season tickets.  But only thinking.    Ward and E. Staal gotta go too before I commit any more $$$ to this pit.

  5. One big point seems to be missing from this conversation .... why did they leak ( not officially announce )  this JR is leaving story at this time of the season ?   I have a theory ... the Canes are in the process of seeing a mass exit of season ticket holders, who are frustrated by another season like the past 5.   STHs are not renewing for another season of the same.  So the Canes let the N & O  leak the JR story, to show us that things will change. 

    HOWEVER its BS ... with JR staying as president and Francis moving from Assist GM to GM, NOTHING REALLY CHANGES.   Top 3 in the owner/management team will still be the same top 3.  Yea a few job title and pay grade changes but  the same 3 decision makers. 

    So what's going to change ?

    This STH won't be one next year.

  6. I'd love to see Tort's passion level behind this bench.
    Doubt we'll ever see Lavi 2.0 while JR is still here.   They butted heads and team strategy.   Lavi was right ,,, JR was boss.

    Canes are just about the lowest scoring team in the league ... and it's not just a PP issue .. it's a coaching system that is weak on an offensive strategy.    The system and the whole coaching staff needs to be fired before the next shortie is let in.  

  7. FIRE this entire coaching staff NOW !

    They do not have a plan.

    Muller gotta go now !  

    Muller gotta go now !  

    Muller gotta go now !  

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

    Muller gotta go now !

  8. I'd rather see Peters in net tonight ... and Cam announced as a healthy scratch, along with E. Staal.   When you don't give 100% you should sit in the press box for the next games.    If Muller would adopt that rule we'd could have A LOT of Cap $$ sitting in the press box for the next few games.  Then they might wake up !

  9. I hear your pain! And, the kitchen remodel sounds sweet, nice!!  

    I estimate the Canes will have a net loss of ~10-15% of their STH base after this season.  That will be huge. The good news is it might actually get Peter's attention.

    Hopefully this will finally wake Peter up to the following...

    1) JR as GM is NOT working

    2) Muller is UNPROVEN and just not working, he owns the PP and its killing this team

    3) Eric is NOT the 5th most valuable player in the NHL (not even close), stop paying him like he is -- this must be dealt with. Locals want a winner, not a "face."

    4) Cam... well... lets just say he's not worth $6-mill a year and a move needs to be made (any move) to rid of us of him and as much of his salary as possible

    5) Ronnie has done NOTHING of note to prove he can turn this around, just say NO to RF as the next GM

    6) The current coaching staff (while we loved some of them as players) just is not working -- stop thinking Cane ex-players are they best choices for coaches just because the followed the party line -- they are not!

    7) Your son was one of the most analytical guys in the office, we need MORE of that around here, NOT less

    8) Think of PROVEN winners, think Mark Howe (hint hint)... think about a 20+ year winning culture of making the playoffs (hint hint) get some of that here in Raleigh.

    Bottom line, this really is not that hard to figure out!!  



    WOW ... and YES !

    If JR would come out and say AND DO this tomorrow, he might not have to deal with the mass STH exit that's about to happen.

    Step one ... Muller has got to be fired before the 3/11/14 home game.

    Don't replace him yet, just do some interim BS thing ... just get him out of the PowerlessPP way NOW.

  10. After 12  STH years .... I've decided not to endure this painfull lack of performance any longer.

    Not sure I'll even go to any of the last 8 home games.     Why punish myself more ?

    I've had a gut feeling about dropping out of the STH ranks for several weeks now, but when JR did NOTHING towards fixing this team at the trade deadline, and so far has done NOTHING about firing all the current coaching staff .... well my decision was made.   

    I'll have $12,000 available to spend on something else next year. 

    The ride was fun at times, but too frustrating and disappointing for the past 5 years.

  11. I do not see any benefit a coaching change would be at this point in the season.  I would like to see if the team can  play with the same intensity the rest of the season they played last night and how they play in their role as spoilers

     Insanity = same players same coaches same system .... and expecting better results.   NO change = NO change = No fun for fans. 

    Next year ... same thing ???  Not me !

  12. JR totally underperformed today at the deadline, just like his team has done this year ( again and again years ).

    Still sitting with a bunch of $4 million to $7+ million a year contracts on folks who are not playing anywhere up to their pay grade ... and JR does nothing to help the situation.    He went thru the process and got no results today ... just like his team does ... stick to the system and lose another game.

    Says he must be happy with the team he has on the ice !   Only good news I see from his lack of action today is that we shoud see the entire coaching staff all fired soon.   He wouldn't keep the same players and the same coaches and think the results would be better ... would he ??    And then expect the same season ticket holders to return again next season ??   Not I, Mr. JR .... Not I.   Good by.

  13. Anybody who has a salary over $4million a year should be traded ... none are playing up to the level they're paid.

    I don't even care if we get much back for any of them ... just get rid of them and their cap.

    The whole damn lack of motivation and emotion coaching staff HAS GOT TO GO !!

    I also wish JR would retire but it's difficult to force out a part owner without a "deal".

    Mr. K ... take over and make something happen !

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