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  1. Great discussion ... I hope JR is debating these points in his head right now too. I get the overall feeling that the fans and even the players feel good when Pete-Dawg is in goal lately and iffy when Cam is there. The team has performed for Pete lately. Yes, Cam has stood on his head at times. But he's also flopped around like a boated fish at times and his glove side is vary erratic. Cam hasn't had a strong year since 2009 and hasn't earned his pay grade since then either. JR needs to explore ALL OPTIONS to rid the Canes of Cam's cap weight. I'd roll the dice with Pete and Anton ... try to move at least a portion of Cam's cap out now. Carry 3 tenders for a few games, see how Anton performs after the injury and if he's OK put Cam on waivers; maybe on re-entry JR can cut his loses and move Cam and at least half his $6.6 mil soon to be $6.8 mil cap somewhere away from Raleigh. AND that move might even help wake of the captain, and his overpaid $7+ mil pay grade.
  2. Ya'll need to think BIGGER shake up ... I saw today that JR is floating Ruutu and Tlusty on the trade market ... Hell ... add E Staal and Gleason to that list tonight. And when Anton is ready to come back put Cam Ward on the waiver line for an AHL assignment. If he clears fine ... if not then they just got rid of an overpaid G who can't stay healthy, and have $6.6 mil in cap to change something. The Canes don't have a big time big $$$ player that's performing (again) this year. Time to get rid of that BIG $$$$$ and go with the guys how are performing or buy ones that will. It's really sad when we have a D-man tied for the lead in scoring when you have #12 pulling in millions to not perform. SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE time ....
  3. I think it's time to shake things up .... this team has NO positive offensive strategy, and shows NO passion to score. From my seat behind the south goal, it appears that when they have a chance to take it to the net, they instead pass it to the side, and then lose it to the defense. Why ? Why not take it to the net and TRY to score. Nope, they have no positive proactive offensive plan. Something has to be changed quick. And while I think this is a coaching system problem, I doubt JR wants to go there (yet). So there's only one path .... you've got several 6 and 7 million dollar forward stars who right now (and again for another season) are not performing. Its time to shock the system, shake things up and trade out a 6-7 million man for a few folks who are willing to shoot the puck into the net. I'd put #12 on the top of the potential trade list, for starters. If you don't like that plan, how would you fix this no offense team ?
  4. Just saw this hit my Yahoo news page ... http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/rick-dipietro-signs-carolina-hurricanes-ahl-team-tryout-220527714--nhl.html Maybe Dipietro will be ready to be a Hurricane when NYI comes to town on Nov 7th ?
  5. Kirk has the team playing Mo Hockey now ... i.e. after the opposing team scores, just skate around without any fire, passion or desire to play anymore, until the fans all leave then the game ends. (yes, basically in that order ) Maybe he's getting us all ready for the transition to Mo 3.0 ?
  6. Canes playoff chances are equal to their PP success .... right now about 12 %. First southeast team to go on a 6 game win streak will take the division and the only playoff spot from the SE. With a 12% PP ... it ain't gonna be the Canes. Another year where my playoff tickets cost will be frozen at $zero.
  7. And the expectation is ??? What does anyone expect to hear, different ? Seems like Gary and gang have done nothing for a week+ now, maybe just waiting for the results of the player vote ? I don't know. Or do the Fehr Bros announce that "well the players have voted to disband the union ... merry xmas fans ... see ya in court Gary".
  8. Agree. Owners were ready ... players were ready BUT Big Don wanted to flex his biceps one more time. I expect the league to say something today like ... here's the deal ... 56 game schedule ... report to camp next week ... first games around Christmas ... or we'll start from the beginning next year.
  9. I've been full STH since 2001, but I'm going to the beach Sunday instead of this lame event.
  10. I hope all the Canes fans are smart enough to stay away from this "rub-it-in-our-face" event. Canes front office has got to be NUTS for even planning to hold this during the Czar Bettman lockout. They're more out of touch with reality than both the prez candidates. I hope all the Canes fans are smart enough to stay away from this "rub-it-in-our-face" event. Canes front office has got to be NUTS for even planning to hold this during the Czar Bettman lockout. They're more out of touch with reality than both the prez candidates.
  11. I managed a large manufacturing business for many many years ... when we had a big problem, it became the key focus of all daily events ... multiple daily and sometimes all night meetings / work to find a resolution ... multiple daily status sessions / reports to keep all parties up to date. And things would then get fixed asap. By their behavior both the NHL owners and the NHLPA show me they don't yet really care about resolving this crap right now. If they did, Czar Bettman and mini-Czar Ferh would be meeting daily, for long long hours working out their differences. The owners would be demanding a daily status report from Czar B and the players would be demanding a daily status report from mini-Czar F. And both would be talking several times a day to the fans, (who's numbers are droping drastically) . I've been a Canes season ticket holder for all but 1 of their years here in Raleigh; and a full STH since 2001. Right now, I want my 2012-13 money back.
  12. Just saw that 63 NHL players were placed on waivers today ... 11 from the Canes : Carolina Hurricanes: Brett Bellemore, Nicolas Blanchard, Zach Boychuk, Justin Krueger, Jerome Samson, Brett Sutter, Chris Terry, Tim Wallace, Justin Peters, Marc-Andre Gragnani, Bobby Sanguinetti WHAT ??? Justin Peters too ! I'd guess this is getting things in place for all these guys to be Charlotte Checkers after Bettman's dumbass lockout tomorrow, but I sure hope noboby picks up Peters overnight ! This whole owners & Bettman greed thing is upsetting. If Peter K schedules a season ticket holder meeting with Bettman like he did in 2005, I'm bringing tomatoes to throw at Gary !
  13. Bettman and Fehr need to both get their heads out of their rear ends and realize that we the season ticket holders and long term fans actually pay all their bills and WE ARE NOT IN FAVOR OF ANY DAMN LOCKOUT. So, get your greedy butts in the chairs across from each other and get your paperword business done so we can see hockey on time on schedule in October ( camps open by 9/15/12 ) OK !
  14. WHAT ?!?! Which Staal "stepped up" to what last night ? Are you talking about the Penguins game or Mark Staal helping collect toys for kids on the NBC Today show yesterday ? The Canes Staal that I watched on the ice last night was terrible ... minus 3 for the night with only 3 shots on goal and an overall lazy on the ice attitude ... and he admitted it on the 99.9 post game show. Ok ... so I'll give you this ... Staal stepped up to the mike on the post game show ( or was thrown out there by the coach and told to do so ) and admitted he played terrible. He took the blame for the loss. Not the kind of "stepping up" I'd be proud to have on my resume ! While he's saying he won't, I hope JR is listening to every and all possible trade offers for Staal. Canes could get 2 or 3 decent veteran players in return and get rid of JR's next white elephant contract ... the 9+ mil he's agreed to give Staal down the road. We'd be better without Staal !
  15. A question ... what happens IF JR puts Kabs on waivers ... he clears with ease ... JR says you're off to Charlotte or The Everblades ( echl ) and Kabs refuses to go ?? If Kabs won't go and instead says he'll play in the Russian league ? Can he do that ? Does that let the Canes out of his $12+ Mil deal ?? I don't know those rules.
  16. I know he's got a 3 year $12+ million contract and no other GM will take any kind of trade from the Canes that includes Kabs based on his play so far this year. HOWEVER, the bottom line is that the team looks better on the ice when Kaberle IS NOT on the ice. SO ... either you sit him in the press box or you put him on waivers, which he'll clear, and you send him to Charlotte or to the Everglades. He's going to cost this team $4+ million this year either way. But when he's on the ice he's costing losses too. GET HIM OFF THE ICE NOW !
  17. Yep ... Mo has got the Canes strongly positioned @ 14th in the Eastern Conf. now, holding at 20 points. I'm soooo tired of hearing him say the same thing after every loss, and sooooooo tired of seeing ~$12 million do NOTHING on the ice. Time to address the team's BIG problems ... Mo, Kabs, & Staal SUGGESTION ... Fire Mo NOW. Put Kabs on waivers and tell him where he can find a nice hotel in Charlotte for a while. Sit Staal in the press box for a few games and let him get his head back together. Sticking him with Skinner and Ruutu has weaken their impact.
  18. I just got home from the coast; haven't had web access today. I can't seem to find the expected announcement about Mo getting fired today and the trades. Hope it's just a personal computer problem. What's going on JR ?? 10 loses in the last 13 games, embarassed in Montreal and all you do today is call up a rookie d-man !!! Action needed NOW.
  19. Yes ... The PA announcer worded his request very well, asking us all to show respect for the NA and sing along with KK. Well done Canes management and the large portion of the fans attending. Thank you.
  20. Canes are currently playing up to their coaching capability. Mo Gotta Go again, NOW.
  21. Reality has set in ... After a poor pre-season, the Canes continued in the home opener vs Tampa as they have for the past 2 years ... with no PP, erratic PK, erratic D, no real offensive, beyond the first period, and then a total 3rd period collapse following a dumb penalty. It's deja vu all over again ! Look at the schedule and tell me ... after the 0 and 6 start when do you see tha Canes getting their 2nd win. Might take 11 games or more ! Ouch.
  22. IMO they look like a typical MO team so far ... 1 win vs 5 loses in the preseason ! Average score over the 5 loses was 1.4 for the Canes vs 2.8 for the other teams; not scoring much and giving up twice as many as they score. NO real offensive game plan or desire to score. NO powerplay, as usual for Mo ! SO ... they have to still rely on outstanding goaltending just to stay in any game. Until JR realizes that he has a MO problem, I'm afraid we're stuck watching this team perform poorly.
  23. With the Sabres now 3 points up in 8th I think the Fat Lady is warming up her voice at the RBC ... the Canes will be playing golf on April 10th ! Canes have a tough ending schedule ... with 10 games to go they've got Tampa 3 times, Detroit, the Caps, Buffaslugs and Montreal each once for 7 of them. ( yeh I'm dumb enough to assume they should beat the Senators, Islanders and Atalanta, but who knows !! ) I don't see the Canes gaining ground on their current 9th slot. I figure they end 3 - 5 - 2 at best, so there's a better chance of 10th or 11th. They are done playing hockey after April 9th. I just wish JR could see beyond his rosey colored glasses to make the coaching changes required to allow the Canes to become a winner again someday. It will never happen with Mediocre Mo behind the bench. NEVER ! MO GOTTA GO, ( please ) !
  24. OK ... it's Progress Energy Power Failure time ... The Canes Line-One PP crews hits the ice ... Staal loses the face off ... puck is cleared ... the Canes first offensive rush down the ice finally starts with ~ 1:26 left in the PP ... Staal gets the pass at center ice ... he's still upset for losing another face off and tries to make up for this by trying to do it all himself ... ( opposing team has watched the films and knows he's going to do this ) so Staal gets triple teamed, and the puck is cleared down the ice again ! One line combination change I'd make is to take Staal off the starting PP line. Put Jussi out there to have a better chance of winning the face off and supported by Cole, Skinner, or Ruutu at least have a line that can play together. I know Staal is a good player, but too many times he tries to do things all alone. PP time is a team sport.
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