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  1. You got that totally right. Put Mediocre Mo in NJ and the Devils become a 500 team at best.
  2. You may not be an expert but you are definitely correct about something being broke. I continue to think it's Mediocre Mo's poor leadership that's the problem. He's a career 500 leader and it appears that's all he knows. In his mind, he GAVE UP the Chicago game before it even started, so he starts Peters against the defending cup champs and demonstrates to the team that it's OK to drop this one. WHAT AN IDIOT ! Canes will need to win at least 10 of the remaining 16 games ( 91 points minimum) to just have an outside chance at making the 8th spot. Unfortunately, I don't see 10 wins happening ... probably closer to 6, and a season ending 9th at best. I hate that I'm feeeling this way, but with Mediocre Mo at the helm ... that's all they'll ever be ! MO GOTTA GO !
  3. Mike Commodore has cleared waivers and has now been officially assigned to the Springfield AHL team ( tho it doesn't sound like he's made the trip there yet ). His $3.75M per year salary is way over his true pay rate, but at the re-entry rate of $1.875 would JR make a pitch at bringing back the red head and his bathrobe ? Here's a link more info ..... http://www.foxsportsohio.com/01/10/11/Where-will-Commodore-end-up/landing_bluejackets.html?blockID=388804&feedID=3725
  4. My expectations are to play to win. I pay for a ticket for every home game and YES ... I expect the team to approach EVERY GAME to WIN IT. And YES ... every season my expectation is to reach the ECFs. If I only expected mediocre or less, I'd have Carolina Panthers season tix.
  5. The rebuild results seem to be stuck at roughly .500 and I don't see much chance of it getting much better than that with Maurice at the helm. After 1000 games, his entire coaching career results continue to be stuck at just below .500 ! What makes anyone think he can suddenly be better. He's basically a mediocre leader with 50/50 results. He and unfortunately his fellow assist coaches are doing just as JR tells them to do, and you see the variable results ... another season below .500 and 2 or 3 spots out of the playoffs. The coaching staff needs to either begin to lead this team in a specific direction, with a specific game plan and on-ice style or be fired. Everytime I hear Mo talk about "the team needs confidence" I wonder why the hell he doesn't see building that confidence as being the key part of his job. I'm so sick and tired of his lack of confidence excuses. He sure hasn't built any confidence in me as a fan !
  6. Joe Corvo is still an available FA and would be a great fit back with the Canes.
  7. I don't think so ! Since he's turned the "C" over to Staal, Rod has added another -2 to his league leading worst which has now hit -25. Even when he has a goal, he's still -1 for the game.I was yelling at the radio during the last 50 seconds vs Phily ... Canes are skating with a man advantage, Cam is gone, and why in the world is speedy Roddy out there on the ice ? WHY ? I know, a bunch of you are going to say how good his faceoff % is, and we needed to win that faceoff. THE BIG PROBLEM is after the faceoff, Rod being on the ice negates the Canes man advantage, EVERY DAY this season ! MO the hockey czar is giving Rod way too much ice time. Canes will do better if Rod watches from the press box for the rest of the season.
  8. I'm right there with you on the FIRE MO and STAAL SUCKS lately. "Welcome to Mos" NO offense and NO defense game plan makes for the most boring hockey in the league. And it doesn't work, if you see scoring goals and winning as the measure of working. Staal is skating with the game desire of Jeff O'Neil, waiting for someone to make something happen or to get him the puck. At his pay grade, he needs to make something happen. But you are dead wrong about A Ward. He's a waste of space lately on D. He's had more careless turnovers, more half-!++ plays, made more mistakes than any other D we've had out there this year. JR made the right first step putting him on waivers, but he didn't follow thru by sending A Ward to Rat land too.
  9. I've been a season ticket holder of some form every year and a full season ticket holder since 2001. The tickets reps I've dealt with have been GREAT. Karen Prince, as mentioned by others, and even more PJ Avetta have provided consistent, timely top quality service every time I've called. The addition of the account manager systems just about lets you be your own ticket rep. I've only needed to use the box office for turn in tickets and the vouchers, and have had no problem at all with that. In fact, they arranged 8 tickets together for me just before Christmas via vouchers and turn ins. A SUPER JOB. I wish the team on skates could perform as well as their sales team does!
  10. If Mo keeps Brindy ( @-23, ranked 788th and worst in the league ) on the ice when Aaron Ward ( @-17, ranked 781st in the league ) is also out there on the ice, then chances are very verygood @ -40 so far this season that the opposing team WILL SCORE. This combination when played for over 6 minutes per game just about predicts the Canes a loss and THE spot at THE BOTTOM of the league.
  11. For those who don't agree, I'm not sure what you've been watching this year. I've been watching the same old same old, game after game, no offense game plan that we've come to all know as MO HOCKEY. NO emotion, NO leadership, NO energy, NO fun .... I can not understand why he is still standing behind the bench ! It's NO MO time ! MO gotta go !!! (again) MO gotta go !!! (again) MO gotta go !!! (again) MO gotta go !!! (again) MO gotta go !!! (again)
  12. I'd give it to #13 for the rest of this year. Ray leads the team in many ways right now, much more impact withthe players than Roddy.
  13. That about sums it up. Brindy started ... played about 8 minutes ... Canes lose 4 -2. Hope #17 goes back to the press box Friday in DC !
  14. Happy Thanksgiving to all you Caniacs. I'm glad to see so many of us stayed up to watch the Canes vs Ducks last night. Fox 50 liked the game soooo much that they broadcasted it twice ! I guess they were impressed with the new franchise record of 12 road losses to start the season. Best part was Legace's post game comments that "It seems like we played that third period not to lose. You've got to go out and play hard." At least Manny doesn't like the MO Hockey Game Plan. He'll be gone soon; can't have the team talking bad about the coach's game plan ! So, on this Thanksgiving Day, we can all give thanks for the good year the Yankees had and look forward to a Canes top NHL draft pick next July. Until then we can just chant ... MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! MO GOTTA GO, Again !! ( 12 times, in respect for his ongoing 12 game road streak )
  15. A 12 game road losing streak isn't news worthy, even though it's a new franchise record. Losers don't earn top PR status, only winners. Makes no sense for any business to waste the money traveling to watch another loss, 3000 miles from home. Are any of you making plans to see a Canes road trip game this year ? I was, but not now. Much cheaper to see that performance on TV, or not at all thanks to Fox Sports schedule this year.
  16. I hope Mo sees what every one in the arena sees, and realizes that the best thing to do with Rod is continue to reduce his minutes no matter what position or line. Then if the Canes ever get healthy, put Rod in the press box whenever possible. Even with just 10 minutes last night, his inability to keep up allowed the Leafs to score while he was on the ice. -18 now !
  17. Brindy was noticably absent in OT last night vs the Leafs. Box score shows his TOI was finally dropped to 10:14, and most of that ( 7:19 ) was even strength time. THIS IS A START at limiting his impact. Unfortunately he had 2:29 PK TOI and was another minus one for the night, padding his league leading worst position. @ -18, 4 worse than his closest competitor !
  18. It's time for a point blank meeting between Brindy and JR. No agents. JR starts the conversation saying something like "Rod, we're both professionals with a job to do ... You've been a great assett for this team, but RIGHT NOW, your play is not helping, in fact it's HURTING the Canes. You can't keep up with the pace of the game any longer. I've made financial commitments to you, and I will honor them all. BUT I need your salary cap room to start making some serious changes to this team. You need to stop playing. Now what can we work out ? " There are lots of ways this can happen where all sides win.
  19. In the eyes of this fan, and I assume many others, Mo's job can not be safe. Just as ONE example is his dumb decision to put old speedy Brindy out there in the last seconds of OT Friday ... just so he could take the faceoff, watch the turnover and then get to the net 3 steps late, after NYI put in the game winner. If Mo had any guts, he'd put Brindy in the press box for the next few games, and then start a rotation of underperforming vets to the press box. THIS SEASON IS DONE for the Canes, unless you really think they can win two thirds of the remaining games for about 95 points and maybe grab 8th spot. NOT !!!
  20. Time to end the re-run. Mo Hockey didn't work in 2003, 2004 and it isn't working now in 2009. NO team spark; NO team offense, NO consistent defense, NO positive game plan, NO player passion, NO Speed, NO NOTHING. It's time for NO MO ! It's a coaching problem. The problem between the players ears is the coaching staff's fault. MO Hockey Must GO !!! MO Hockey Must GO !!! MO Hockey Must GO !!! MO Hockey Must GO !!! MO Hockey Must GO !!! ASAP, PLEASE !
  21. I sick and tired hearing about CONFIDENCE being the Canes main problem. BS !! They are skating slow, passing sloopy, shooting at the net but not taking aggressive scoring shots, defending a step late, which is then putting pressure on a net minder who drifts between excellent and mediocre. Rather than talking about CONFIDENCE lets start focusing on DESIRE AND WILL TO WIN ! If MO mentions lack of confidence one more time I'm going to throw my wife's beer at him. OK Canes ?
  22. I agree. Rod should be assigned to signing in the runners and handing out water. We don't need another year like the last one !
  23. You've hit THE KEY PROBLEM. Our guys who should be scoring aren't even shooting much ! Cole - 1 shot Ruutu - 1 shot Sammy - 0 shots Brindy - 0 shots Yes it's nice to see Ruutu bang the Devils into the boards and it's nice to see Cole's power move down the right side then bend in front of the net BUT that's not the objective ... Ya gotta score to win and ya gotta shot to score. And they're not shooting. Game 4 needs to have more forwards taking quality shots up close and less defenseman throwing up those long range bombs. And speaking of long range bombs ... game 3 had tooo much Kaberle PP time and not enough Babs PP time. Come on Mo, the guy had 4 of the 7 PP goals vs the Devils in the regular season. He should be out there every possible PP second ! How about end the Kabs experiment for now ? He has a better impact from the press box.
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