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  1. That might look too much like what a power play line should be. Lavi at times would put 4 or 5 forwards out there on a PP at times, especially vs a less then 500 team. Not Mr MO .. he plays a normal 3 forward 2 D line and CALLS it a PP line. WHAT A WASTED OPPORTUNITY ! Mo hockey is boring ( and its not working ) I HATE MO HOCKEY !
  2. ANYBODY better said EVERYBODY on this team should be trade bait right now. TRADE THEM ALL including Mr MO. MO MUST GO .... MO MUST GO. If you can't energize a team to protect a 3-1 lead with 10 minutes left in the 3rd vs the worst team in the division, then ya gotta GO ! Can you be packed by 6am Sunday ??!! Please.
  3. After displaying Kaberle so much in the game vs Buffalo last night, I really hope JR can find a place for Kabs to go. Why did Mo give Kabs over 5 minutes of PP time last night ? Kabs did NOTHING with the puck (other than hold onto it) or the opportunity all night. ZERO shots all night. He's better positioned in the press box than on the PP line ! Even better would be on some other team !
  4. I like your thought of TOI as payment for performance, except I'd like to take it to a further extreme. Poor performance not only reduces TOI but can wind up in a press box seat for a number of games, while you watch a hungry River Rat skate in your previous slot. Lots a non-performing candidates lately ... Williams, Corvo, Eaves, Bayda, Brindy, Mo and even Ward. Face it - this season is done. The team we just watched for the past 2 games can't compete with Buffalo Sunday night and then Boston Tuesday at the RBC, so we'll have another 4 game "L" streak. Make a statement and sit a group of non-performers for a while and bring back some of the top Rat prospects to play against NYI on 2/19 and Tampa on 2/20. Top it off by announcing Tom Rowe as head coach for the game those nights. The last 2 home games were embarrasing ... near full house each night and the Canes don't show up. Only enjoyment was to hear the "Mo must go again" chant in the third and the boo's at the end.
  5. Me too. When Brindy flew home during the west coast trip, I wondered whether the season might be over for him. Saw the Tkachuk words on tsn and had the same thought. His 17 goal rate could help ( that;s more tham most of the Canes ! ) and for a prorated portion of $940k, it could be a good deal. Canes need more goal scorers. Maybe a way to move Kaberle too ?
  6. Can't agree or disagree with your comment until I see which Rod shows up at the Thursday night game vs Florida. I would like you to be right ! But if it's like his last game, with a 3 of 14 FO success, another minus 1, and playing about 2 steps behind or a split second late then his 6 minutes could be like powerplay time for Florida. Again, I hope you're right, but I'm worried that just a few days rest has fixed much, until I see reality Thursday.
  7. My first thought when I heard the Jussi Jokinen trade annouced was that JR knows what many of us suspect .. Brindy is done for this season. So he acted fast and filled the soon to be officially open roster slot. Think we'll hear more about the captain's real status this week.
  8. WOW ... what a difference not having Brindy's next minus 1 in this game !
  9. The Canucks game marked another milestone for the captian ... another minus 1 game for a season total +/- of MINUS 30 ! A nice round -30 number ! Minus 50 looks very possible for the season. The captain has got to go ... he opens the game with a penalty, and watches Vancouver score goal #1 from the penalty box. Just watching him skate and try to keep up is struggling. He's 2 steps behind and falling back further. The playing logic has been "Brindy leads the league in faceoffs" ! Gotta have him out there for those faceoffs. Well thats gone now too, with a wopping 3 for 14 face off performance last night. Let's try something different for the SanJose game. Give Brindy the night off, totally off. Call it whatever you want, in the press box, healthy scratch, IR, a personal day, I don't care but lets try to play SanJose with 4 full healthy offensive lines rather than the 3.66 lines the Canes have been using all season. Brindy has become a liability on the ice. His 16 minutes of ice time is like giving the other team 16 minutes of free powerplay time. The MINUS 30 shows the result !
  10. The win doesn't reflect that the Canes are "fixed". Most of the comments in the losing streak thread still apply ! Yes, Cam looked very good in net, when he stayed in the damn net. Outside the crease he had a few puck handling near disasters. Brindy looked lost out there at times ... once skating left in front of Cam as the puck sat right behind, between him and Cam. His 16 minutes was still too much ice time. Toronto had A LOT of good shots, way too many defensive holes. Bottom line, an average Canes performance, very similar to the past few except good near 60 minutes of hustle and Cam had a big "ON" night.
  11. If they just squeek in at 7th or 8th, NO WAY do I extend my season ticket seats for playoff seats. Not worth watching a first round killing in public. I'll watch it on TV and drink cheaper. Now if they can turn it around, start playing 60 minutes per game, with heart and intensity, with the old Brindy or no Brindy, and some steady goal tending (from whoever !), and make a real run at Washington ... I'll buy my seats for the playoffs.
  12. AMEN ! I don't care that he leads the league in faceoff %, Rod's game last night was typical of his poor play this year ... another -2 for a season high -29 (also leading the league); kills the Canes first powerplay in just 2 seasods with a trip (because he can't keep up with a speed game) which quickly became the Slugs 1-0 lead; and ends up with just 1 SOG for the night. Limiting his time isn't working ... IT'S TIME for Rod to get OFF THE ICE for a while. If JR wants to limit further embarassment to Rod and the team, place him on IR for about a month, and let Rod watch from the press box wearing his C up there. PLEASE !
  13. With the streak today at 4 games, get ready for it to be 8 games soon. Based on the Canes current 4 game performance of letting in over 5 goals per game, overall lack of desire on the ice, lack of goal tending from Wardo (he really should have stopped 3 of the Leafs first 4 goals) and NOTHING performance from the Brindy line, no matter who skates on the line with him, can't see any wins coming from the road stretch at Buffalo, Toronto, Pitt and then Rangers ! Next team we play of our calliber is Tampa on January 29th, and they beat Phily last night. PLAYOFFS .... are you kidding ? Don't even think it !
  14. I commented during that game last night that Rod looked to be playing a bit tougher against Phily. Good energy. Officially the stats say he had 4 hits, and a few good ones in front of us rocked the glass. BUT in the end, Rod was another -2 ( as he's been for 4 out of the last 5 games) for a near league leading* minus 22, including a loss of the last face off which ened up being the unassisted game winner. OUCH (* actually the nhl stats show Rod's +/- league rank at 731st ! With ~24 players on 30 teams = 720, that 731 spot is way down there ) Maybe the captain needs to take a week of IR rest, and see if that helps return him to his former form.
  15. It's my understanding that Melicar cleared waivers a week or so ago, so with no takers moving him to Albany was set. Maybe that move will wake up Babs ... let him see that he could be next in line for the same path. I sure would like to see Brookbank put on that path as well. I realize he's the biggest guy we have and so he's the chosen protector, but in reality HE's NOT. Yeh he'll throw the gloves down once in a while, but he's not a fierce checker and not much of a forward. (wasn't he a D-man previously ? )Canes won't miss his fighting (in)abilities and lack of offensive skills.
  16. YES it is time for JR or the owner to ACT ! November is slipping away, just like it did last year. Hey JR ... are you going to just watch it like you did last year OR are you going to do something this year ? Something BIG has to be changed NOW. A coach, a big player in or out, a BIG SHAKE UP NOW ! SEND A MESSAGE ! Or, we just keep doing the same mediocre thing and miss the playoffs AGAIN, for a 3 year streak. And if that happens, my 8 year season ticket streak will end too. The last 2 games were wins given away, since the Canes didn't show up for either game, except for a few minutes. Embarrasing !
  17. With Dywer, Helminen and Ryan returning to Albany. Helminen has looked too good to just send him back to the AHL. Line 3 with him, Rosie and Ruttu has been the most offensively impressive line for the past several games. I'd rather see the Canes sit Brookbank for a few games ( or even waive him back to Albany ... he's not adding anything to the team so far this year ) and keep a spot for Helminen for now.
  18. Glad to hear JR comments. I agree. I've noticed that several other teams have added a flexibility, massage therapy trainer to their staff. I don't think Pete does much in that area and that's a void I feel needs to be filled asap.
  19. No way ... not for round-1 ! Let's plan for the Canes taking on the Rangers in round 3, OK !! Unless they're gone (hopefully) by then.
  20. Hey Iceman ... I think you checked stats on the wrong Ruutu. Tuomo has played in 60 games this season with 6 Goals 15 Assists and is +3 Granted this is not the tpye of trade I expected to see the Canes make today (still waiting to see a 2nd line center show up in time for face off tonight). Sure wish JR had talked to the Habs about Huet too.
  21. I'm shocked. Luke's blog shows the following line up for tonight .... OFFENSE Whitney Staal Cole Ladd Cullen Samsonov Bayda Aucoin Walker Brookbank Letowski Conboy DEFENSE Wesley Corvo Hedican Gleason Kaberle Wallin IMO ... line 4 offense is A JOKE ! Granted Trevor has looked decent lately, but two AHL D-guys means a lot of double shifting for the guys on the top 3 lines. JR needs to act on getting a forward or 2 fast. Canes need a big W tonight and especially Saturday. Will be tough skating with just 3 offense line.
  22. This move makes you go Hmmm ...??? Why would you bring up a 4 point contributor when you've got Brandon Nolan sitting there with 23 goals and 48 points in 45 AHL games available to come back up ? I must admit though ... with the way Samsonov is contributing, it's hard to question JR's logic these days.
  23. Some personnel move in has to happen ... With Brindy gone and Cullen iffy at best, no action by JR tells me he's given up on a playoff run of any kind. And it can't be a trade. Canes don't have enough healthy guys to give anyone up. JR has to open the check book and bring in a top quality UFA forward for the next 22 games. Otherwise, I don't see many of us paying the invoice for the first 2 rounds by March 1st.
  24. Lots of people are getting the flu - even those that got the shot. Poor physical conditioning? I don't think so. I agree Brindy is the poster child of physically fit but I still think that Pete Fresien needs to expand his scope from just "strength and conditioning" to include HEALTH and FLEXIBILITY. I can't accept this all as bad luck. It's bad, but has nothing to do with bad luck.
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