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  1. WOW ... I watched it at the RBC tonight ... it wasn't a massive hit ... a rontine check into the boards ... but apparently in a bad position for Brindy. I'm sorry for Brindy and I hate it. BUT it makes me again question ... why are so many Canes players getting hurt and sick every year ? What kind of proactive training and conditioning program is Pete Freisen running ??? How many man days lost does Detriot have this season ? Closer to the southeast, how many does Tampa have ? Meanwhile the Canes seem to lead this stat EVERY year ! It was great to see the AHL kids step up and play tonight BUT .... I think we need a new proactive health and physical training program next year. The one the Canes have today isn't working.
  2. I'm really starting to question the Canes lack of physical and health conditioning. Wouldn't you think a professional sports team would have some kind of PROACTIVE plan for dealing with these things ? Isn't that part of Pete Freisen's job ? Every year the Canes seem to have more physical injuries and overall health issues to deal with than most other teams. They start the year with 3 or 4 groin issues and as the season progresses knees, shoulders, etc. problems kick in. Then the flu comes along, not just once but twice this year. Based on JR's mid-day called announcement, we'll now have 5 Albany River Rats in the line up tonight. FIVE !!! It's time for these NHL pros to suck it up, step it up and take some personal responsibility to be in shape, physically and heathy wise, for the PLAYOFF DRIVE. Or maybe they really don't want to win the southeast !!! The weather is nice here in April for golf. And by the way JR ... Lower level AHL tickets cost about $6 .... maybe you're going to give me a partial refund on the two $85 seats I've got for tonight, since 25% of your line up tonight was in the AHL last week ?? YES, I'm frustrated; I'd like the Canes to win the SE !
  3. I'm on Time Warner watching the game on Fox-50 with John and Trippe; not in HD tho.
  4. I keep checking the web, looking for JR's next announcement, and hoping it's a significant multi-player deal. Really wishing it all happens TODAY and whoever is involved could be here by the 6:30pm warm up skate. THEN REALITY sets in ... no annoucement yet, anywhere, other than Casey has been given a better opportunity to play in a winning game tonight with Albany. SO I'm now down to my back-up wish list ... WIth the D-guys apparently all back tonight maybe Lavi and JR will send a necessary message at sit Kaberle in the press box tonight. Please !!
  5. CORRECTION ... he's let in 17 in the past 3.3 games (so far) ... 5.15 GAA
  6. A large portion of the "fault" tonight is definetly Cam ! Yes, he's on a HOT streak ... letting in 16 goals in his last 3.3 games for a wopping 4.85 GAA. I think I'd rather play empty net tomorrow.
  7. You'd think a bunch of PROFESSIONALS would get soooo mad over that missed call that they'd step UP their game intensity and GET EVEN. No, not this Canes group ... instead they wine and stop playing. I rather see them just walk off the ice and forfeit than half-*edit* play. I
  8. Well now it's 4 - 0. How about pulling him now ?? Granted the rest of the team's poor play put Wardo in a few one-on-one situations, but Ward lost them both. I'm willing to watch Barasso play in the third !
  9. Not just the defense ... our offense, PP, PK, goal tending AND coaching is all painful to watch. I can't drink fast enough to make this group (wish it was a team) look good.
  10. I am ready for JR to do something .... TODAY !! Playing like they are right now and doing nothing is insane. Every day lately I'm watching this board to see the trade announcement. At this point I'm open to any decent shake up, asap.
  11. This ONLY works if Cam stops puck and put up WINS. I repsect Forslund's opinion, however ... I'd rather ride the HOT goalie not just the guy who was signed to be the #1 goalie. If neither can handle that role, go get one who can do better. I pay good money for my seats at every game; I expect to see a 100% effort by all, and more wins than losses. Period ! (unless the team wants to start refunding us some amount for losses and lack of effort ) Contrary to some of my previous posts blaming Cam and the Canes tenders for the results of their poor play ... the PowerPlay defense is a worse current problem; it's a disaster again, and must be fixed asap. Last place in the NHL, and they solidified that spot tonight letting in 2 on the PP and 1 more a second after the PP expired. Lock them in a room to watch the reply of every damn PP goal they've let in ( 52 or so !!). Define who missed what assignement on each one ... what should have been done ... what's the plan to correct this condition in the future. Then hit the ice and practice, practice, practice PP kills. I'm sorry if I've rambled beyond the bounds of this topic thread. I was irate last night so as a control measure, I turned off the computer then.
  12. Only TV option I am aware of is Center Ice. NHL.com also has an on-line Center Ice link but it costs about $169 to connect for the rest of the season.
  13. On the way home I put on 99.9 b/c I wanted to hear .... On the way home I listened to 850 the BUZZ ... their guys seem to understand hockey a bit better than the changing 999 guys (hell they started the season with the traffic dude ). Anyway, the dominant topic was Cam didn't show up in the 3rd ... he let in 3 of 7 shots .. and has let in 9 in the past 2 games. Bottom line ... it's time to let Leighton have some playing time. I don't care if goalies have sensitive egos and need to be cutteled ... I WANT TO SEE SOME WINS AT HOME. PERIOD ! PLay Leighton until he gets beat .. then play Cam until he gets beat etc ......
  14. The flu bug impact is GROWING ... After watching the final 9 minutes last night I felt sick to my stomach. Several others in my section appeared ready to throw up (or throw something !) I hope I can get back in shape for the next home game. Unless the Canes can pull off a few road wins this week in Canada it's going to be tough to be in a positive mood by Friday when the Oilers come to town. There goes my stomach again !
  15. I don't think I saw the game you're talking about. Similar to the start of this thread ... Cam was very good in the 1st; mediocre in the 2nd and a disaster in the 3rd. He let in 3 of 7 shots in the 3rd ! I don't care how bad you may think the defense played, but even if there was no defense I'd expect a NHL tender to stop more than 4 of 7 soft shots. I agreee that trading Wardo would be insane right now, BUT I'd like to see more of Leighton for a while and less Ward in net. I was surprised Lavi started him last night. NOW he's let in 9 goals in 2 games. Someting is not right with his play.
  16. WOW ... now that's a great hockey story. Cory is one of the best. Thank you Mike for sharing it.
  17. I agree. He looked good in the preseason too, and I was disappointed when he got sent down and JR signed Tanabe. When the healthy times return, I hope JR will have another awakening ... sending Tanabe to Albany and keeping Casey here in Raleigh.
  18. I admit I'm not on a good mood tonight ... are you bragging about the nine saves or as frustrated as I am about the lack of goal tending we have ???
  19. It's time to sit Cam, send down Graham and bring up Leighton (or let Trippe Tracey have a chance) ... Canes goal tending is a disaster. Unless Graham will move up in the crease and use his 6-3 size, he can't stop a beach ball from the blue line or closer. And tonight Cam showed us that he just doesn't have it right now. Letting in 5 of 14 shots !!!!!!!! The Offense showed up with 4 goals on 30+ shots ... the defense only allowed 14 shots and the goal tender could not stop 60% of them. If there was NO defense on the ice, I'd expect a decent tender to stop 80 %. So .. JR ... it's time to make a goalie change NOW !!! Send Johnny down, bring Mike up and sit Cam for a few games and see what happens. You have to do something ! If you do nothing and expect better results .. well that's the definitiion of of insanity.
  20. I hope this team had a knock down, players only, closed door meeting (and possible fist fight) after the disaster last night. Where's this team's passion, intensity, desire ??? Instead we're seeing poor passing, turnovers, very few hits and minimal soft shots. Rosie led the team in shots with 4 ... and it seemed like he was the only player willing to mix it up, push a few big guys around and play hockey. If the others played with Rosie's passion, they'd be unstopable ! Graham just doesn't have the talent to see many pucks lately ... he's looking right and the puck is going into the net left of him. Not sure why Lavi left him in past 3, but Johnny needs to be relieved of duty somehow for a while. I guess he just needs to clear waivers for a trip to Albany ? Shouldn't be a problem. Staal was minus 6 last night !!! On the ice for 6 of the 8 Buffalo scores, while only taking 1 shot on goal all night ! One shot !!! Major intensity and passion totally missing from his play lately. I for one have seen enough of Tanabe playing as a line 4 winger. WAKE UP LAVI ... he's not a winger, and is NOT adding anything positive in that position. Either keep him in the press box or send him to Albany and give one of those guys a chance to play hard in the NHL. Unless we see a dramatic turnaround during this road trip, I hope JR is burning up the phone lines with trade options.
  21. You're correct ... Cam should never have let those first 2 goals in. The first looked like a lack of effort and he just didn't know where the puck was on the second. He's a better tender than that. And YES most of those 41 shots were no where near scoring chances. 41 shots sounds like a lot of offense but I didn't see much real offensive spark tonight. Rosie, Walker and J Willie had their positive moments, BUT it was a poor night overall.
  22. Kaberle was less than invisible tonight. He just stood there in front of the net as Hatcher banged away at Wardo. Kaberle never made a move to try to do anything while Hatcher was banging, and finally scored. MY WISH IS ... as soon as Commie can return, put Frankie next to Tanabe in the press box. In fact why wait till then ... let's bring up a D-man from Albany for Friday vs Washington and give Frankie a rest in the box.
  23. I enjoyed Tanabe's performance against the Bolts last night. Hope he gets to play the same "position" tonight in DC. So far this year, I don't think the Canes have lost any game when #45 was playing in the press box !
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