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  1. The Canes have got to figure out how to beat Tampa this year .... by no later than November 23rd when the Bolts visit the RBC. ( any chance Cole's 7 to 10 days rest will be over by then ? ) Tampa only has ONE scoring line, and they embarrassed the Canes last night. That line needs to be focused on, hit and stopped. Canes line 4, modified with Tanabe skating as a forward doesn't need to be on the ice with the Bolts line 1. Appears that even Lavi had problems last night (along with the D the goalie and lack of real shots) Last 2 games against Tampa have be a disaster. Looking forward to 11/23 !
  2. I'm shocked ... watching the gane at the arena it felt like every time someting bad happened Tanabe was on the ice ... but now I see he was "even" on the +/- stats for the game. How can that be ??? I saw him turn it over in front of me just before Tampa scored. How did he get off the ice that fast when he can't chase down a puck that fast ?? It's time for David to hit Albany !
  3. I hope this is not true. A self-proclaimed traffic-oligist talks hockey !!! Wonder if he'll have his 71 cameras for this too. I can't stand Mark Roberts. I watched the WRAL morning show until Roberts came on; then I switched to NBC-17. Chuck doesn't need any help from this guy.
  4. I've had a bad feeling in my gut that this was going to happen. Yes, DT has made some nice plays over the years ... BUT for every one of them, he makes 3 or 4 bone head moves or turnovers. I tense up every time he touches the puck. I hope JR sends DT to Albany for a while. If we need a D-main, bring up Borer; he was impressive in the pre-season. Appeared that he played with a lot of heart, not something Tanabe has shown for the past few years.
  5. Luke at the N&O wrote a few weeks ago that JR was considering a D "shake-up" trade that had Wallin offered as the candidate out. And no one is sure yet whether Hedican is going to be able to play this season. Last I heard, he was still traveling to some Dr. out west with Pete to deal with his nagging pains. If the answer is NO, and he retires, we'll see some JR D action for sure.
  6. I'll be in the lot when it opens, both nights, 300. East 1000 spot. Where do I get some of that anti-melt power juice ?
  7. I wish I had some of what you anti-melt guys are drinking or whatever.
  8. Please let Tanabe and Slo-Joe go away. Carter was a short timer and is done a NC Wallin has a long term ( 4 yera ?) contract & Cole (@ $4 mil a year) is here for a while. I hope we can keep Whitney and Walker. Bret and Wesley - THANKS for those great years and I hope you enjoy your retirement in the Raleigh area. Crackers - I think he'll be back for the 2nd year of his contract to back up Cam again. And Cam will be a great long term tender !
  9. ynotagain


    starting with "& they pissed away alot of time & games ...." we agree.
  10. ynotagain


    I agree c3po .. when JR didn't make any moves before the trade deadline, I think it sent a clear signal to the players and the fans that the team didn't have what it takes to make a run this year, and it wasn't worth throwing $$$ that way. And, the team played that way down the stretch. Yes, the cup run last year was a blast, a super achievement, and something I'll never forget being there to enjoy. I don't like this year's results. But last year was worth buying tickets since 1997 ! And I'll be back in my seats next year.
  11. Is it just me or do Tripp and John sound disgusted (maybe just really disappointed) with the effort they see today ??
  12. TERRIBLE ! I started my pre-game "activities" at 1pm, but I can't drink this effort pretty.
  13. SO what's your point Tangled ? Tanabe kept the puck away from St. Louis by helping put it in the net for Vinnie ? Since he's only got a 1-year deal, I'd rather see him gone next year. I like Tanabe's energy and effort, but he just doesn't seem to think past the immediate play, and that gets him into a position of creating problems. Those "Oh-NO" reactions as soon as the puck leaves his stick.
  14. You say "re-sign Tanabe in the off season" !!! WHY... just 'cause he helped Vinnie L score his 50th Friday night. I doubt JR will resign #45. I truely hope he remembers why he let him go in the first place. He's a good skater but not a play maker, and not that good a defenseman; not if you help the best guy on the other tem score !
  15. I'm OK with physical, BUT .... I want goals; Pucks in the damn net. The canes are just passing the thing around. The objective is put to in the net. It's not happening.
  16. Ya'll just melted for the year. Stick a fork in it; you're done for the season. Hope Tampa will beat the Slugs in round-1. Probably not !
  17. YES, sit iceburg and let Babs play. The season is over; lets play for fun and next year. The 3rd period tonight was a disaster to watch. No D
  18. Depends which Canes team decides to show up for these games. The team that dressed for the past 2 roads games will LOSE the next 5 games. The team that dressed against the Sharks will WIN the next 5 games. 3 games at home ... 5 Wins are possible against Tampa, Florida and Atlanta. But not by the team we watched on TV the past 2 road games !
  19. Big Joe had his best production of the year last Saturday in NJ ... 1 goal (on his only shot) 2 assists and a +1 ... and wasn't that the first day Lavi assigned Joe to line-4 and desinated Larose as the new line-3 center ? Rosie answered with 2 goals of his own, and remained as the line-3 center Thursday against the Caps. Having Big Joe on line-4, at times called the energy line or the checking line, sounds strange considering he shows little energy and doesn't hit, BUT it's seemed to work for the past 2 games. While I've not been a fan of #63 I have to admit he's played better the past 2 games. Maybe Lavi's recent shuffle has finally gotten Joe going. Hope so.
  20. I'm dissappointed. I like wins, not we played good but lost to a good team. I hate making good net minders look very good. I'd rather see Staal, Whitney, Cole, Sillman, SloJoe putting that damn puck in the net. How many games have we gone without them doing so ? Score golas and you win .... make their goalie look good and you play golf in April.
  21. Goal tending IS NOT the Canes issue. Offense wins games, and the Canes don't have much of one at all lately. I'm not impressed with 40 SOGs and only 2 go in. Another net minder had a #1 star game against us. We make a lot of goalies look great. I'm sick of it. When's the last time Staal, Whitney, Cole, SloJoe scored ? Lack of pucks in the net is the Canes issue, NOT tending the net.
  22. I can agree with you partially colesylarosefan. Cole and Larose are talentaed hockey players who play with a passion to make something happen, to score, to win. But I can't agree to be stuck with playing SloJoe, just because he's one of the 4 official centers available. There's lots of options ... one would be to move Craig Adams up to line 3 center; Lavi likes to play 7 Ds for the big games, so we might see that Thursday, which would then let him do his double shift thing to fill the line 4 center slot. Just an option. NO I haven't changed my opinion of Tanabe, and NO I can't agree that he's doing better as you say. We've seen his ice time drop some (18 minutes yesterday) and we saw him used a lot less on the PP Tuesday. 2 steps in the right direction.
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