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  1. Some of you must know another SloJoe. I'm talking about the #63 one who in the last 14 games as a Canes has put up the spectacular numbers of 1 goal, 2 assists, a +/- of -5 with a whopping 20 shots on goal over 14 games. Anybody want to add his hits and face off success to this resume ? The #63 SloJoe I've been watching is taking up space, not playing the type of passion hockey we need for the rest of this season. The guys may like him (ok he;s a nice guy), but they like winning more. I'd rather not see SloJoe on the ice Thursday and Saturday. I'd like to see 2 Canes wins !
  2. I didn't realize it until I read the N&O today but John Grahame has given us some very good performances lately. Last 5 games he's had a 2.01 GA avg with a .934 save %. That's sharp ! I believe Johnny can cover the net tasks required for this needed stretch run, now that the pressure and the opportunity to do so is on him. I hate to see Cam hurt and out, but we don't have a net minder problem. 8 or 9 wins is definetly possible. KEY ISSUE is whether the Canes offense will show up and contribute their part of the deal. We need GOALS ... lots of them ! Will our $$$ forwards start hitting the INSIDE of net again ? Will Lavi tweak the PP line, ie try sitting SloJoe and Tanabe from the PP, just for a while anyway, and it starts to generate goals for the next 12 games. Rather than lithographs and player pictures, maybe a "SCORE GOALS" poster handout for the first 18,000 entering that arena tonight. I know that last part is a dumb idea, but many times I've wished I had that poster with me lately. Johnny be Good and a big win tonight IF the offense returns.
  3. Might be time to sit SloJoe in the box for a game or 2. Not much offense and no hits generated by him at all lately. At least Carter will throw some hits.
  4. This has got to be rock bottom for the powerlessplay; NO, I hope it can't get any worse ! 4 on 3 in OT with 4 fowards skating and NOTHING. That's bad. CORRECTION that worse !
  5. Got to face the facts, whatthep.... You don't get 2 points for effort, only for winning, which takes GOALS !!! Not just shots on net ... shots IN THE net.
  6. I hate it that Cam suffered an injury today BUT gold tending IS NOT the Canes problem. Cam and Graham's numbers lately are about equal. Cane's MAIN ISSUE is they can't score goals. I know somebody is going to say "they skated hard ... they were in the game for 60 minutes ... they were the better playing team today." NOPE ... the better team is the one that scores the most goals. Something the Canes are not doing too much.
  7. Shoot Out format is not the problem. The Canes poor offense results and NO powerplay IS the problem.
  8. Graham played very well. Canes just have no offense .. and absolutely NO powerplay.
  9. Great play all the way ... wish Wallin could get an assist for his efforts getting the puck inot the zone. NOW ... let's get a PP goal !!
  10. colesylarosefan says ... Keeping the 10 defensemen wasn't by choice, but because no one wanted our extra. Rutherford was asking for at least a 2nd round pick and no team wanted to give him that. HOWEVER I say There's always a choice ... JR just choose not to budge and got stuck with paying 10 Ds for the rest of the season.
  11. Good points 54. I too think I'm a good Canes fan ( I spend enough money over there anyway ), but a lot of decisions this year don't feel right ... > bringing Big Joe back, and then putting him out there on powerplays ! > putting Tanabe on powerplays, at the point ! (he's fast but not a sharp puck handler) > keeping 10 Ds instead of trading 1 or 2 for some offense help or at least for a draft pick > even Staal on the PP point position isn't working; he needs to be in front of the net. I hope we'll see significant changes tonight. With Cole and Whitney back, if Joe and Tanabe still make up the line 2 PP unit then the money I sent in for the first 2 rounds of the playoffs will actually be a downpayment on season tickets for next year. I'd rather spend it now however, and get a separate bill for next year.
  12. ynotagain

    please reply

    Ok ... now what do we all win ??
  13. As Bad Billy said at the top ... Canes will need to pull off a 2006 Devils win streak to be any better than 8th.
  14. I do beleive you're right ... The current 8 thru 12 will fight it out for the 8th slot. Tough motivation task for the Canes ahead. The need to play better than they have so far this season for the prospect of meeting the Buffaslugs in round-1 !!! Would be nice to be the team that knocks the Sabres out early though !
  15. Difficult to understand JR's logic in this decision. I admit, I didn't want to see Babs sent down. He had one of the best offensive stats (of the 10 D's) and we definitely need some offense put into this team if they're going to have any chance of getting in the playoff-8. So I like having him back. But why bring a 10th D into the roster now ? Even if Hedican is out for a few weeks, 9 is still too many. I hope Babs gets to play at least 15 minutes per game, starting Friday in DC ! Give Tanabe some rest from the powerplay lines, and put Babs back on the point, and let him swing !
  16. Yes a 6th spot woul dbe nice BUT I don't understand your Canes math here ... with just 14 games left now, even if they'd win out 73+28 = 101. I hate to say it but 90ish points is going to be a tough stretch for the Canes !
  17. I'd love to say that the Canes dominate today and win, BUT ... Cole and Whitney are out and I didn't see any announcement about bringing up any offense from Albany, SO ... Canes will dress 8 Ds, play Seidenberg as a forward, AND unless line 1 and 2 can get over their scoring slumps, Altanta will be 5 points up by 5pm. I hate what my fingers just wrote !
  18. Pete ... I heard Atlanta asked for the game to be moved from 12:30 to 2pm, so NBC put Phily-Pitt in the 12:30 slot and dropped the Canes-Atlanta game. Appears the local stations in Atlanta and Carolina didin't want a 2pm Sunday game either, so the Canes-Atlanta match-up is the only hockey game today NOT televised by anyone.
  19. Canes did nothing down the 3rd period stretch ... following JRs lead of doing NOTHING down to the end of the trade deadline today. So now we go into the last 18 games with a roster of 9 Ds when we only need 6 or 7 and not enough offense ... just like the 3rd period tonight !
  20. Why GeneHart2 ??? Why would you feel good about what's ahead ?
  21. Canes did NOTHING with the last day draft choices and NOTHING in the 3rd period tonight ! I feel a trend starting ( continuing ).
  22. N&O guy can't be correct here ... With Anton in the minors now, his spot isn't the problem. Carrying 9 D's on the Canes roster is the problem. That's 1 maybe 2 too many.
  23. I'd like this trade in, but I'd rather see Tanabe and/or Hutch traded away rather than Anton.
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