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  1. Roberts won't help the Pens any more than Ronnie helped Toronto in 04. 3rd liner there at best !
  2. N&O says ... "Moments after Eric Staal left the penalty box for an interference penalty, he collected a pass from Grahame and shot the puck ahead for Williams .... then poked the rebound (of his own shot) past a sprawled out Lehtonen..."
  3. Just saw that Cory has been activiated for tonights game. Might see 12 forwards now !!
  4. In addition to the 5th round pick Canes also picked up the remainder of a $2.5mil contract, so it's not a cheap move ! I don't think JR is done for the trading period yet; I hope not. He's still got excess Ds for another swap, or to help offset the cost he just added. Maybe something is still possible with Phily.
  5. Take Big Joe and Tanabe off the powerplay line, forever. And please put 11 or 12 fowards on the ice for the rest of the games. Showing up with 8 defense and only 10 forwards IS NOT going to work in the next 5 games vs. Atlanta twice, Ottawa twice and Pitts. If you want to give Seidenberg some playing time, rather than using him as a fill-in forward, let him play in Tanabe's place for a few games.
  6. I admit I've posted a few anti-Tanabe coments, but I wouldn't say I'm a "hater". Something about his play makes me tense up at times when he's got the puck. He's made some great plays, only to follow it up with a dumb move. Like my golf game -- one great shot followed by an "Oh nuts" !! I commend his hustle, but question his play judgement a lot. My frustration is that he's getting so much playing time. He and Big Joe on the powerplay line is terrible. I don't see proactive offensive flow with either of them, and hate to see either take a powerplay slot. Today's N&O at least mentioned Tanabe as the possible man out if JR can trade away excess D situation. Reading it gave me hope ... I don't really know why though !
  7. When he was a Cane, Danny Markov took a hard head first hit into the boards left of the Canes net (at the RBC), and came up bleeding bad. Pete came running out with the towels, and Danny skated off. Before play restarted Pete came running back onto the ice with a plastic bag, and picked up Danny's 3 teeth !! Danny was back on the ice 5 minutes later ! I thought that was the toughest thing I had ever seen. Well on Feb 15th at the RBC, Brendan Shanahan was apparently hit by the puck in front of the Canes net; trainer came out with the towels and Brendan skated towards the bench, BUT turned around to go back to the net area to pick up his tooth ! THESE GUYS ARE TOUGH !!
  8. Here's a few more comments from this morning's N&O ... Hurricanes general manager Jim Rutherford said it's unlikely any reinforcements are coming via trade. As the NHL's GM meetings wrapped up in Naples, Fla., on Wednesday, Rutherford said teams are demanding such exorbitant prices that even if the Canes were running away with the Eastern Conference he might not make a deal. "At this time of year, you usually pay a premium, but this is an extreme premium," Rutherford said. "At this point in time, we really aren't close to anything. Certainly we'll make a deal if it makes sense for us, but it doesn't at this point in time." The deadline is 3 p.m. Tuesday, and the Hurricanes continue to be linked with any number of players -- most prominently Anson Carter of the Columbus Blue Jackets and Kyle Calder and Geoff Sanderson of the Philadelphia Flyers, who visit the RBC Center tonight. So far, it's all smoke. With the Canes carrying only 10 healthy forwards, a call-up from the Albany River Rats of the American Hockey League is possible, but, as far as the trade equation, Rutherford said Cole's injury changes it slightly and that unless the market changes before Tuesday, the Canes probably will be bystanders. "I don't see us replacing him," Rutherford said. "We might be able to grab a player who can play in our top nine [forwards], but paying a little higher premium is one thing. Paying through the roof for the remainder of the season, we're probably not interested."
  9. Maybe this will give JR the incentive to trade off some of our excess Ds for some help up front. Seems like he's been holding out, since it wasn't to the point of being critical yet; BUT I think it's there now ! Get well soon Erik !
  10. Seidenberg played forward Tuesday night, NOT D. When Cole got hurt in the pre game skate, Lavi had no choice (since JR hasn't dealt with the excess D situation yet ) other than to play a D on the wing. Yes, it looked strange to see 3 Canes D-men on the ice together, and Yes Dennis appeared totally lost at forward. N&O said the Canes dressed 8 Ds and 10 forwards; most teams go with 6 and 12, while the Canes have had some success at 7 and 11, but not with a D playing forward.
  11. I left the arena upset and totally disappointed last night, however I think it's way too early to give up. Canes have got to make the playoffs. BUT SOMETHING HAS TO BE CHANGED FAST or it will be too late very soon. Something that will help put a jump into an erratic, sluggish offensive effort and some stability into the defensive pairings. JR has got to make a few personnel changes, fast. > He must address the excess D's, maybe 3 of them, for offensive help. > I'm still waiting to Lavi to sit Tanabe for at least one game, and let Iceburg play ( on Defense, not forward like last night ) I'm sorry but Tanabe's game is like my golf skills ... one great play followed by at least one or two "nuts" ones. > I'd like to see the game plan focus on putting more shots on the net, less passing around behind the net, move the game to in front of the net and put more bodies in front of the net ( at least one !!) to get more rebounds INTO the net. Over the next 2 weeks the Canes have Atlanta 2 more times (both away) Ottawa home and away and the red hot Pit Pens home. Last nights line up and game plan won't be enough. They didn't just have a 3rd period problem Tuesday; problem just became larger in the 3rd.
  12. why is he playing on the power play ??? He has no speed, no intensity, doesn't use his size to establish a position in front of the net, doesn't hit .... WHY is he even here again ?
  13. you missed the point ... why did JR put the Canes in a position of being short of forwards tonight ? That was poor personnel management. And you have to admit ... the overall effort tonight was poor. 5 on 3 for 45 seconds and NOTHING ... and then Tanabe and Big Joe hit the ice for the 5 on 4. WHAT A WASTE !
  14. The Raleigh area Time Warner TV guide menu lists the Capitals at Pittsburg game at 3:30.
  15. YES ... Cole makes it a 2 goal lead. Now sit Tanabe and lets win this one !!
  16. I "thought" Seidenberg had been playing well, and I'm also one of those who tenses up a bit when Tanabe touches the puck. BUT ... I just looked at a sort of the Canes D guys, by +/- and was SURPRISED by the facts: Year-to-date Tanabe +6 (also with 10 points) Wesley +5 Wallin +4 Hutch ( with 13 points ), Commie ( with 19 points )and Kaberle all at +1 Gleason 0 And on the negative end ... Seidenberg -6 Babs -6 ( with 14 points ) Hedican -7 SO ... my perceptions are not supported by the numbers. Ouch !!
  17. I don't see the logic in this move ! Belanger played with energy, hustle, etc, with a good face off %. Joe hasn't shown any passion in his game here or in Nashville, earning a seat on the healthy scratch bench a lot lately. We've got extra D-guys and JR makes a trade that lowers the net skill and energy of the forwards ??!! I don't get it. Would have made sense if he had traded a D for Joe, but not Belanger.
  18. Without a trade, this was the only way to make room for Frank to play tonight. I think Babs is the only D who could be sent down without going through waivers. JR says he backed away from 2 deals yesterday, BUT he still needs to make one or two soon, to address his excess Ds. I hope we'll see Babs back soon.
  19. Center Ice has the only game broadcast Tuesday night, but it will be in French only. Most of the local sports bars have the Center Ice package. Or find a friend who has it at his/her house, and listen to Chuck on the radio. TV pic and radio timing isn't perfect but it's better than French.
  20. Watching last night, it seemed like Tanabe was on the ice A LOT even power plays and kills. Then I see today that his 21+ minutes was tops for the 7 Ds dressed; over 5 minutes more than any other D-man. I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY ! With 9 healthy Ds, 2 sitting in the press box for this game, WHY does Tanabe rate so much playing time ? Is Lavi helping JR shop this guy with extra play time or does Lavi really think he's his top D-man ?
  21. I keep hearing ... "it's not the goalie's fault, the team played bad"... BUT letting in 4 of 18 (stopping 77%) is bad too.
  22. I too would like to see Tanabe and crackers gone, but you won't get much in return for those 2 trades. I'm not ready to throw in the season. I hope JR isn't either.
  23. YES, it is time for JR to make some tough decisions. I think we'll see at least 2 Ds and a forward packaged to go, maybe more(and unfortunately 2 of the 3 probably will be fan favorite types) in return for 2 forwards. It could be a shocking trade, but something has to be done to shake things up. I just hope JR moves quick ! At the current performance rate, the Canes could be out of the top 8 by super Sunday.
  24. After tonight, it appears ANYONE is fair game for JR to trade. There is no one star holding anything together right now. I hear the Canes folks talking about a Cole trade as a good possibility and maybe even Wesley and Hedican Ya gotta put in good to get good. And we need offense !!! Shake it up JR ... for the rest of this year and the future.
  25. Karen just sent out the line up for tonight ... it lists Wallin but NOT Gleason. I thought for sure we'd see him back tonight. Anyone see the morning skate or hear if something happened there ?
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