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  1. #45 will be out of NC by mid February ! Maybe by 2/1.
  2. Canes had 7 Ds on the ice tonight. I wasn't aware that Wallin might be out BUT I'd rather see Hutch play, the Canes with 6 D's and Tanabe in the press box Saturday. St. Louis will have a field day with #45.
  3. he was - 2 tonight ... after being on the ice for 4 Caps goals !
  4. I doubt we'll see anyone pick up Kevyn's "A" fulltime. Canes already have Wesley and Stillman wearing A's. They were the exception with 3 alternates. Now back to 2 like the rest of the nhl.
  5. There has to be a problem of some kind going on with him. At times he just seems to be going through the motions, without the heart he played with previously. Tired ? Hurt ? Personal ? Cole and Adams showed good effort last night, with Staal dragging up the ice last. I didn't see him even try to earn/take a spot in front of the net until late in the 3rd. Maybe a few nights "rest" with a seat in the press box will help him get his head straight and motivation back. Could start in Pittsburg Tuesday; let him watch his brother play like he should be playing. YES, we epect A LOT from Staal; his contract $$$ says so !
  6. ill4mation wrote ....Every time Tanabe touches the puck, I wince a little.... ME TOO ... a feeling like a bad pass, missed play or turnover is about to be set up somewhere near DT. He only skated 1:41 last night. Maybe coach is getting that same wince feeling ?!!
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