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  1. Well the flyers have made a few upsets this year, and i dont know if you've noticed but the Flyer's have quite a bit of talent on their team even with Pete leaving, they just can't get it to fit. And maybe with all of Lavi's line changes we can't get the perfect fit. Our team is known for being inconsistant this year, and that isn't a good trait to have, but we have it... so let's think about that, and think about how rock solid we could show up against a team like buffalo or nashville if we had the chance... thats what hockey is folks, its not about stats or all of that other stuff, while they may be important, they definitely don't foretell the outlook of games.
  2. You know who else should be ashamed? Our fans & more specifically those people who keep saying we're out of the playoffs. There are 5 games left guys, can you please get that in your heads? And we're known to be inconsistant... we may play the worst game of hockey 2 nights in a row(one against the worst team in the nhl) and come back and absolutely kill teams like atlanta and tampa in the next two nights. So please can we get some positivity out here?
  3. I'm sick of everyone saying well the defending cup champions aren't making it to the playoffs. 5 games left everyone, the season isn't over. and sure, we're the defending champions, but we have an entirely new team, and the players who were with us last year are on different lines & playing with new people. we can't expect an identical season... Would you rather be Philadelphia tonight? Sure they won tonight, but they're 30th in the NHL. We once knew how that felt, be glad we at least have a chance for a playoff spot & we're still fighting for something. Thats all I'm asking... For the love of god, have a little faith.
  4. not to blame these losses on anyone, b/c it was a definitely a team effort ( or lack of team effort) to lose these games, but Williams looks terrible. He turns the puck over everytime he touches it, or at least thats what it seems like. At least he picks the opprotune moment to go into his slump... Oh well, can't make the playoffs every year (although this season is definitely not over). I am also interested to see what good ole JR will do in the offseason. I love these guys, but something must be done.
  5. of course Carolina is the most important then Calgary and Toronto
  6. i just played a game out on my PS2, the outcome was carolina 4 philadelphia 2... So let's see if this prophecy holds true. let's go boys.
  7. from my experiences, by far Buffalo. I was in section 307 for the playoffs and was surrounded during the ECFs. Worst few games of my life, except of course when we walked away with the POW. They were the most inconsiderate people I have encountered. There is honestly just no sense in it. I mean i guess the 15 hour drive down (aka a 15 hour beerfest) could contribute to the horrid reputations they have given to themselves. Oh well. It just made winning that round and not to mention the stanely cup all the more sweeter.
  8. there's nothing to say, except that it was a horrible game... no reason on dwelling on the past... they'll get it together tomorrow and rebound off of such a dissappointing game and turn tomorrow into an amazing game. go canes.
  9. Restaurant in downtown Raleigh. Lucky B's. Its quite good and a fun sports atmosphere. Went there a lot during the '06 playoffs. Hopefully I'll be able to continue that tradition this year?
  10. okay thats pushing it. have you been watching our last few games (minus this one) & this is an entirely different bunch on the ice, and we need to forget about last year & look to at least get in the running to win the cup THIS SEASON.
  11. I'm just glad to know we're an extremely consistant team with an incredible power play... and to see we our playing this like a playoff game. Maybe like a round 4 game 6 playoff game against edmonton. =)
  12. I usually yell back at the person. It starts a rally, but when the whole section joins in and they see their outnumbered they eventually shut up or better yet out of embarrassment leave.
  13. i went out there today & was very impressed with Commodore, Hedican, and Tanabe. Laviolette also. & Andrew. =) Commodore is an over all great guy, always stops, or sometimes (like today) forgets the car completely and walks down the whole line, Hedican was one of the first to leave, and I was at the very back of the line and he came all the way down and was extremely friendly. Tanabe conversates with the fans and makes them feel extremely important, and I enjoy that. As do the kids. Wallin also got out of his car today which was surprising. Staal is always disappointing. I've gotten him at the Rec Zone a few times, but he really speeds away at practices when they take place at RBC. And Whitney, such a funny guy, but not so much towards the fans. They all have their own lives as well though, Just remember that. (even though we are taking time out of our own lives to see them) Did anyone see Whitney putting his glove to his face today? What was taht about? Very funny though.
  14. He'll be back, I don't think it'll keep him from playing. I'm not too worried.
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