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    Also: how did all of those Bills Super Bowls work out for you?
  2. Wow...I do always love seeing your pics after games, but damn you, you're getting me closer and closer every day to buying that Canon EOS!
  3. Yeah all two of us Canes fans in Charleston! But hey, got to start somewhere...
  4. pelkins


    Scored in practice?? In that case, I'm off to NHL.com to start some all-star voting.
  5. The one time my brother and I actually had front row seats we were RIGHT behind Lindy Ruff at a Sabres regular season game...I mean they told us to stop banging, but come on, it was LINDY RUFF! I had to get my licks in...
  6. During the playoffs last year I had to be drinking Beam and Coke during the games. When we scored, I had to take a swig. When the opponent took a penalty, I had to take a swig. I think generally I was also allowed to take a swig during any moment of the game. If I was at home in Raleigh watching and we scored, each sitting position was observed so that my brothers and Dad all retained the successful positions. It was down right surgical! Also since Caniac42 and I met up tonight to catch the game and we WON on a brilliant Brindamour talley, I think we may have to get together and watch each and ever subsequent game from now on.
  7. Let me also throw in my disappointment that the game isn't televised. But having worked at a Fox Sports Net affiliate TV station for 2 years (Comcast SportsNet in Washington DC) I know the real reason. FSN has a national college football schedule that they are airing on every Fox Sports Net across the country tomorrow (I'm sure there are a FEW exceptions). Texas Tech at Oklahoma game is the one they are pushing to air on FSN at 7EST. So it definitely has nothing to do with ticket sales, lack of an exciting game, or any of that. It's simply a decision handed down by FSN programming months ago to push college football to a national audience. Down here in SC they give us the damn Atlanta Thrashers on a different channel, but it's simply the FSN South broadcast from that the Atlanta audience sees, and they have been mentioning that the Thrashers Saturday night game is ALSO not televised. So its just an across the board thing.
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