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  1. when sitting in class you put the players in order numerically, then alphabetically by last name, and then first name due to boredom.
  2. sure i'll take photos of it tomorrow and post up here....the only one i really have are the getty one... http://imageshack.us' target="_blank">[/post] and that's me looking cute in my glasses
  3. what of the Ray Must Stay sign i haven't taken a photo with it yet...or catch a picture of him looking/pointing it out BUT someone told me they caught it at the end of Hurricanes Live with my sign and him looking at it...i CAN take a picture of it and put it up here sometime tomorrow....my "Dear J.R.......Ray" sign i can take a photo of that one as well (even though someone stepped on it and it stuck to their shoe and accidentally ripped it)......but someone said that was in the N&O...but i'll take photos and put them up here tomorrow......i can do my signs from Spring Break as well....and the Raymond/Chad LaRose sign...
  4. I read into it....and I read a YES...cause he did it with a smile on his face!
  5. lol no my fault....i just found another board stuck with it and literally forgot about this one
  6. lol THAT WAS MEEEEEE! i still have my sign with me and it shall NEVER be thrown away. it shall be forever known as the sign that made me partial to Ray Whitney..to this day i can not go to a game without making some sort of sign with Ray Ray in it, and getting called out by him for hit. He did call me out about that sign the next day at practice FYI....literally pointed me out and gave me grief for it...but laughed it off and said he <3'd it. If you saw a sign on Friday night that said RAY MUST STAY and him pointing to somebody on ice during warmups..it was me *gave a thumbs up to it BTW* and Saturday night i had a sign that said "Dear J.R., Pay Ray lots of $ to Stay and Play." said he <3'd that one the best of all the signs this year and is looking forward to the ones next season. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...................i'm done lol
  7. lol yay for me working in a Pharmacy IN Greensboro. It out broke in Moses Cone the hospital and they said they quarantined that sector of the hospital......but being in the pharmacy i'm trying to wash my hands after every customer haha.
  8. "North Raleigh/Wake Forest Barbie" This yuppie Barbie comes with your choice of BMW convertible or Hummer H2. Included are her own Starbucks cup, credit card and country club membership. Also available for this set are Shallow Ken and Private School Skipper. You won't be able to afford any of them. they shouldn't have Wake Forest in there...that's more Wakefield than Wake Forest.......but hilarious nonetheless
  9. if anyone gets any doubles send them my way please being in greensboro all we get is this lame news paper called the "news and record" that has BARELY ANY hockey coverage at all.
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