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  1. Thanks for saving me all the keystrokes, couldn't agree more!! Ditto!
  2. This sucks. But Versus is going to broadcast Nashville and Columbus, woohoo! Let's hope that FSN can get all the games broadcast in HD this year!!
  3. The Rats bring us good luck, and by the Chinese Calendar 2008 is the Year of the Rat! It all makes sense now Go Rats!! Go Canes!!
  4. I couldn't agree with more! Kaber-luh is worthless in my eyes. I can think of better ways to spend his big salary. And while we are at it, what is up with Whitney? Trying to be too fancy I guess, cannot finish. The boys need to get back to basics. They need to play a forechecking, crisp passing game like they did earlier this season against the 3 Canadian teams on the road. They looked awesome then!
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