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  1. [quote name='Faceoff-ch1 wrote: Carolina-Thunderbirds']I hear Corvo is next.. Source please? Sorry but I cannot divulge that information..
  2. [quote name='TSA wrote: Carolina-Thunderbirds'] Anyone started doing this at the home games yet? How would you feel about fans doing this? Is that the Washington National ballpark?Could be.. it was a Google image
  3. Once again, I appreciate the responses. I didn't mean to turn this into a fan hate type of thing and I really didn't expect to hear violence creep into the discussion.. I mean really.. we're hurricanes fans, not sabres.. reality check if you will. but I get it.. the internet is full of big talking tough guys, no harm , no foul while sitting in front of a computer screen. So back on topic. It seems like everyone has they're own way of showing displeasure with the performance of this team, some by posting on a message board, others by yelling at the players on the ice, some probably make signs for the game, while others choose to brown bag it. I think the biggest thing is, why would anyone take a fan showing displeasure with the team personally? You are not on the ice playing nor are you a decision maker for the team. It has no bearing on you whatsoever. if anyone is pleased with the effort this team is producing then by all means, make your signs telling them how great they are.. come to think of it, in this time or team turmoil, that might send the message even more loud and clear.
  4. ah yes, violence.. lovely.. so what section, row, and seat should i request super-dave?
  5. I appreciate the responses.. I don't understand a few of them, the ones that would call a brown bagger a bandwagoner for starters. I have been a season ticket holder off and on since 2001. Now that I live outside the Triangle I make it to 10-12 games per season. I am strongly considering brown bagging my up coming games. I will still be wearing my jersey, as I do to every game I attend. I am by no means a bandwagoner fan. I ride the wave of wins and losses just like the rest of you, but I for one am appalled at the game we play that is being passed off as NHL Hockey.. Brown bagging I believe is the best way for a fan to show displeasure with the product that we are paying our hard earned money to go see.
  6. My only problem with the whole thing is the way it's been put out there.. will he be the only player that doesn't go? I doubt it. But whether you go or not, why say all of those things in the media? Why say anything at all? Just tell the team you have a prior engagement and go about your business. Sounds like a selfish cry for attention, "hey look at me, I'm gonna show up the president!"
  7. I would like to go on record stating that I love the Carolina Hurricanes no matter who is on, behind, or above the bench. Kudos to the organization for making a change, lets all just hope it's the change that was needed... time will tell.
  8. How could you not put Doctor Octopus in goal?!?!?! Who's gonna score with 4 blockers and 4 gloves..
  9. I'd like to join up on the PS3 but for some reason when I try to play online with any EA NHL game (08 or 09) it's extremely choppy. I can play Madden and any other game online with no problems but NHL gives me fits. Anyone have any ideas on how to correct that?
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