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  1. I'm loving this trade! Ruutu is definitely a keeper!! He has shown to have better offensive skills than Ladd not to mention he's as gritty as they come. This is going to to prove to be one of Carolina's best trades IMO. Give him time to learn this system and I'm willing to bet there will be Ruutu Jerseys all over the RBC Center in a year or so.
  2. Going back to read this thread after the game made me LOL!! Glad some you guys aren't coaches..
  3. You should seriously check out Dredg. Leitmotif is an amazing album and they're newest one, Catch Without Arms is pretty great too.
  4. Best news I've heard all year.
  5. I thought Holmvquist had a fantastic game. Some of his saves were nothing short of amazing. Anyone other than him in net last night and I think the outcome would have been different.
  6. I personally never liked the guy. I used to be a penguins fan before we got the Hurricanes down here and my single favorite moment in hockey to that point was the night Kasper KO'd him with an open ice check. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gtFWSL5Cgos
  7. I'm not sold on the Flyers being that great of a team at this point. Definitely play Cam against the Pens and Cracker against the Flyers.
  8. Can't wait for these guys to hit the ice. Has anyone seen a roster yet?
  9. So back to the topic at hand.. looks like the right call was made for Cam to start against the Habs. Now lets see if how they choose to set up the back to back games.
  10. I think Cam starts at Montreal and Cracker is in net against Philly. You must have faith in your net minder.. He's going to give up some goals this year, thats a given but the offense is producing now so that will help our goaltenders tremendously
  11. 1. Whitney - he scores 2 goals including the gamewinner 2. Ward - big game 25 saves 1 GA 3. Brind'Amour - his 2 assists to Whitney is enough for him to get the 3rd star.
  12. I haven't messed with it yet but looking at the video posted on NHL08.com about it, it looks pretty sweet You can try to instigate a fight by pressing the triangle button to slash. Sometimes you get called for slashing and sometimes you'll start the fight.
  13. Why on earth would you use Staal to fight... My only gripe is the the cut scenes don't match up to whats really happening on the ice. Example, cut scene shows Rod moving into the faceoff circle but when gameplay starts, Staal is there. I'm really liking the new skill stick system but checking is a pain in the *edit*.
  14. Trevor Letowski - 61 games played - 2 goals - 6 assists - 69 shots - .029 shooting percentage. Buh-Bye Craig Adams - 82 games played - 7 goals - 7 assists - 71 shots - .099 shooting percentage. Likeable but need to produce more than that. I like Gleason but he needs to produce more. He should be hitting more and being a force on the D side. I'd give him another season and see how it goes.
  15. I think our best bet is to win the division. We are still very much in contention for the division title and that is our lock so thats what we shoot for.
  16. edit: all I can find is the pillow fight..
  17. here's the one posted earlier in another thread. I would assume the new jersey would look something like this...
  18. I thought Seidenberg played fantastic against the thrashers saturday night. He was hitting hard and finishing checks (although the thrashers did a good job of avoiding what would have a been some very punishing checks), and I thought he used his stick very effectively in breaking up some scoring opportunities by the thrashers.. I think this guy could become a top D man for this team. So far I'm glad he's here. Hope he keeps it up.
  19. Good call! http://www.myspace.com/scratcher
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