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  1. That one has me stumped too.. I've checked every lyric search engine I can find and no dice. Great song though.
  2. I don't know what was more impressive, scoring the TD on a Statue of Liberty play, or going for 2 to win the thing. Simply amazing!!! This will definitely be shown on ESPN Classic for years to come.
  3. I agree! I was happy to see Gleason finally drop em. Now if he'll start finishing checks and using his body the way he has in past years with other teams, i'll be thrilled.
  4. I think the whole 'nervous cop' thing kinda makes me nervous.. hehehe But i guess with a job like that, I'd be nervous too.. :-)
  5. I have 100% confidence that we'll make the playoffs... I'm skeptical however, on making much of an impact in the playoffs. If Buffalo and Anaheim don't suffer any serious injuries or setbacks, i see them being the guys playing for the cup this season. They are unbelievably good.
  6. Is it just me or is that kinda scary in itself..
  7. Well are we only counting people that played for both Hartford and Carolina? Because Rod has 25 career SHG
  8. Born in King, NC Raised in Walnut Cove, NC Currently in Winston Salem, NC (pulled a 3 year stint in Raleigh from 1999-2001, 3 of the best years of my life)
  9. I'd never thought to do that before.. and seeing has how my birthday is August 26th, I'd have to say mom and dad got jiggy with it on christmas. LMAO!! Dad must have bought her a hell of a gift that year. I'm 32 BTW
  10. Erik Cole The answer is... Dave Tippet. How many did he have?
  11. This dude knows what he's talking about!!! Best idea ever!!!! I think we need to petition the team for this though.. I did notice that there were no Porta Johns set up for the 12/2 game against Boston. We had to walk all the way up to the main entrance Will Call lobby to use the bathrooms.
  12. Is it a definite that we won't see him play tonight?
  13. I gotta take OSU in this one. It's gonna be a great game.. Anyone know the spread?
  14. Hello guys and gals. I'm Vince. I was born and rasied in the triad area of NC but I did spend about 4 years in Raleighwood between 1999 and 2003. I've been a hockey fan since 1988 when I discovered minor league hockey in the form of the Carolina Thunderbirds of the ECHL. Never cared for the NHL very much but I did keep tabs on the stars of the time like Gretzky, Lemiux, and Hull. That is until the Whalers packed up and moved down south. I am now a huge Hurricanes fan, have been since they arrived. I was a STH last season but I backed off and only purchased the friday and saturday home games this season. I'm also a big fan of the Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, and Virginia Cavaliers. Yeah I know, I'm all over the place, but I'm true to my teams so whatever. Looking forward to talking hockey and go canes!!
  15. I predict we make the playoffs with at least a 5 seed.
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