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  1. Oh, forgot, Sabrefan----- YOU won't be sending anyone a picture of the Bananas with the Cup. But, don't worry, I will send YOU a picture of Teemu Selanne lifting the Cup. With the Canes out of the playoffs, I will be Anaheim's biggest supporter, and can't wait 'til Buffalo is home crying while Anaheim lifts the Cup----- :mrgreen:
  2. Ok, first off, is the "it's miller time" a reference to that skinny,unwashed, joke of a goalteander you losers have, or is that a beer joke because you losers must be drunk to enjoy watching the Flying Bananas and that crybaby sorry a@@ed Briere???????? Next, here's my thank you list:Rod---- for being the best Captain in the league, and for showing what hard work and class look like. Kev Adams--- miss you as a Cane, you were awesome. Cole,Ray, Willie----thank you for playing your *edit* off each time you stepped on the ice. Cam and Grahame ----- you are both great goalies and thanks for keeping your cool in a season of foolish moments(by other teams). To the rest of the team---better luck next year, thanks for whatever effort you gave us. To Commie------- you throw down like a beast,you are such a great guy, better season next year. And last but not least--- Lavi---- always a show of class and dignity, what a great coach, and next year your game plan will rock the Eastern Conference. Thank you Canes for making this long time hockey fan proud to be a Canes fan..........
  3. How sad are those Florida losers? Belfour is old enough to know better and to be out to injure our guys makes me sick. I hope our guys slap them around and make them ashamed of themselves. And why single out Cole? I still hold my breath a second when he takes a hit. If they spent half the effort trying to play well and have some class that they put into trashtalking the Canes they might have had the satisfaction they hope for by laughing while our guys have a long summer and they chase the Cup.......oh well, losers guess there will be another season next year.......... :roll:
  4. Ovechkin can barely speak english. Alex's english is worlds better than last season, and he is a riot, I love that guy.
  5. Well, I don't watch very many Pens games but even I have seen him following after the officials when he didn't get the call he wanted. Not saying he's the worst ever, but my opinion is that he does indeed whine ,,,,,,way too much, for his talent.
  6. yeah, cried OFF ICE. as in he didn't hold up the game running after the officials to whine and pout out that huge bottom lip of his to get attention. And Alex has learned to take care of business himself these days since every star can be picked as the guy to hit all night simply because of his name, it happens, and Alex may not like it but he handles it himself,,,,,maybe it will develop for Crosby too,in time.........
  7. Careful now, Gerber got called for diving in the playoff series vs. the Habs. :wink: Gerber must fly under my radar then, because few goalies get me as mad as Roloson. I understand the goalies are tired of being ran over but try to react to only the play near you not across the ice or before a play has even happened.
  8. The only one in a Buffalo uniform I would want to see in a Canes jersey would be former Cap, Dainuis Zubrus......he is terrific and would be great in a Canes uniform,,,,,,hated to see him go to Buffalo. And, he's already been on a team with Brindy, so they can play well together.
  9. Give me Ovechkin anyday!!!!!!!! Yeah, Alex has Brashear but he rarely uses him since Alex can do his own hits and fighting.........and,I've never seen the officials helping put Alex's equipment on him........
  10. It is about da@n time!!!!!!!! And can that rule apply to goalies as well? Please! Because if it works on goalies then they need to put Dwayne Roloson on the watch list as well. Not sure who annoys me more between the two diving kings- Roloson or Briere.......both are sad and pitiful.
  11. I think it will be a three man effort. Rod, Ray, and Willie. They seem to play very well together, and when healthy are nearly unstoppable.
  12. Ok, now this game is not on CI. No Canes? I could do with some Rod today, but guess I'll live. As long as the Anaheim game is still on tonight then I'll be ok. Guess, I need to find a game to watch until later.
  13. I have this game listed at 12:30 on my Center Ice channels.Does this mean it will be on? I hope so. Well, anyhow, good luck today guys. Sorry to hear we are without Ray for this one. Sure hope Cole is back soon too.
  14. Great game from what I saw on Center Ice. The night was physical, and the Canes shut down the Crybabies, I mean the Penguins, when they needed to. I did , however, realize just how right I am in my opinion of several players last night from both teams. LaRaque is the big , talentless chump I always believed him to be. What a sorry, desperate hit he laid on Rod. Crosby crying like usual when the calls didn't favor Pittsburgh, but at least he did up his own equipment last night!! :roll: Jordan was great, and loved seeing the effect it had on Eric!! Malkin had an off night, good for us!, and their goalie will hear about it on their boards,I'm sure. But, as usual, I was very impressed by Willie. I was also a bit , ok ALOT, upset to see that Rod's face looked like it went through the cheese grater after the LaRaque hit,but very awesome to see how Rod came back and fought hard on the plays all evening. Great night ,Guys! Iknew you could do it!!! And now, if we can just get Cole and Ray healthy and back in full , we'll be great.
  15. Great pictures, Matt. Thanks for sharing these, they help bring the action back and help if you focused on another player and missed someone else's play. You really caught some great action. And if someone finds LaRaque's head laying around after the guys find him in the parking lot after the game, please take ALOT of photos! lol.
  16. Hi Everyone! I'll be watching this game soon on CI. I can only imagine the lashing the guys took from a VERY angry Captain last night after the game! I mean, Rod was so angry he left the ice to head to the locker room before the game even ended! Hi Deanna, can I get some munchies and wine over here to help get me ready to cheer our team? Well, come on Canes, no time to waste tonight, play with the heart that took you all the way last season and you'll do fine.GO CANES!!!!!!!
  17. Matt, great photos like usual. Thank you so much for always sharing them. We all look forward to seeing them. Or at least I do since I'm stuck here in Indiana for now.
  18. Help? Canesgirl22, that is very polite of you........
  19. i think the only ones are vasicek, ladd, seidenberg, and gleason. based soley on the bios and that i haven't heard rumors that they have girlfriends, so i could be very much wrong Hmm.... Well then if I had to choose someone who wasn't taken, I would pick Ladd. Definitely. Good luck with that ,TH. Please, begin dating Ladd and discuss the fun of losing the unibrow--- PLEASE!!!!!!! I like the guy,but even Rod wasn't rocking that much of a unibrow in his early years in the league! But, gotta agree with you on Jordan Staal,,, goodness, if he were about 15 years older, he'd be on my hotties list..........
  20. Crosby is pretty good looking...he is also closer to my age, so I guess that makes him more attractive too. The Penguin I prefer is J. Staal though *le sigh* hahaha Hah, Oven Chicken...don't let Canesgrrrl see that post, she will fight to the death for him! LMAO No need for fighting,TH24, Alex is my third choice! As long as Teemu Selanne or Rod is around then they are tied for number one with me. Too bad Teemu is a happily married man. :roll: Anyhow, all of you young ones crushing on Crosby- :hunf: don't worry, girls, there are real MEN in the NHL, you can find them all over!!! :wink: lol.
  21. Hope everyone who's going tonight enjoys the game. And that you scream loudly and cheer on our guys! I 'll be watching at home on Center Ice as usual. Deanna, cheer on our Captain for me, will you? I'll be cheering from here but guess Rod can't hear from a few states away. And now that Vitaly Vishnevski is a Pred now, maybe the boys won't get creamed by heavy hits. Strike out at Lehtonin early and the game is yours ,boys!GO CANES!! GO ROD,RAY, WILLIE, and Cole!! Good luck to Staal too, hope he gets another goal!
  22. I didn't mean to say Justin was selfish, maybe I worded it wrong, but he is doing great this season. I just hope we are able to keep our guys this year, with trades expected throughout the NHL in the next two weeks, I'm getting nervous who stays and who goes.....for all my teams.
  23. Justin has really come into his own this season, and the fact that he has matured a bit and seems more team oriented ,plus the long hair, have made him fly into my radar. I love him in the new NHL on NBC commercial.....that is the best commercial yet from the NHL.
  24. Sorry to the men around here first off. Yes, it is either you think the guys are hot or you scratch your head saying" *edit* are these women thinking?". I am among the women who think Rod is ,indeed, a very sexy man. But, I'm thinking Ray Whitney is awfully attractive too. And the fact he is very funny, and extremely good on the ice makes him even better to look at. And, please Willie ladies, do not hurt me, I do NOT want your man, but he is beginning to grow on me. Justin with the long hair is quite easy to look at,,,,,,especially after he scores a couple in a game! So glad the guys are fighting for the playoffs standings, good luck guys. 8)And,RW have you suffered a recent fall?Crosby? Well, anyhow , to each her own and it isclear how I feel about Crosby,but then, I'm a Selanne and Ovechkin girl myself,,,,,,,at least when Rod is busy...LOL......
  25. Great night for the Canes!It was nice to see them look like they enjoyed being out there again! That was missing there for awhile. Craig played great, and it was great to see the way Staal,Cole, Williams, and Cam brought the game last night!!! Not to mention the night Rod had! Guess you can judge a game by the way Lavi chews his gum,eh? lol !!!
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