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  1. I'll try not to repeat anything G105 has already reported. I was on the trip as well, I made a full week of it with husband and then 8-year-old son. I also blogged about the trip for Canes Country, a few of the articles are linked here. http://www.canescountry.com/section/what-happens-in-helsinki Also a photo album, embarrassed to admit two years later it hasn't been finished (perhaps that's a - sigh - lockout project): http://www.flickr.com/photos/jbk-ltd/collections/72157624966319386/ 1. I would not hesitate to recommend the Radisson Blu downtown Helsinki, I found them very accommodating and convenient. Within walking distance of a number of sights already mentioned, and also convenient to train and trolley. 2. If you're going to stay for a few days, the train station can sell you a multi-day pass good for bus, trolley, and local train service. 3. Hartwall Areena is a short train ride away (I'd take train vs. cab, cheaper) and it does have a Jokerit team store. 4. Don't miss Suomenlinna. The Finnish military island fort is a quick ferry ride away, and even if you only have an hour or two to visit, it's worth it. The trip over is beautiful and so is the island. 5. You catch the ferry to Suomenlinna at the dock at the Kauppatori market square, which is a bustling market area where you can sample all kinds of local fare and also purchase souvenirs. Here's a link to what the area looks like when 100,000 Finns gather to celebrate their team winning the 2011 World Championship. http://skyview.virtuaalikuvat.com/ 6. Two things on my must-do list to check off while I was there: sauna and reindeer. Every hotel has sauna, and you must take sauna if you go. Quite an experience. Highly recommended to help you recover from jet lag. The reindeer is delicious, usually served over mashed potatoes with ligonberries. One restaurant I highly recommend is Raffaello, which is an Italian restaurant (if you're in the mood) but also serves traditional Finnish meals. Walking distance from the hotel. 7. A number of art and history museums are a short walk away. 8. Finland is a very wired country so mobile service and wifi are no problem. You will need converters for all your electronics. 9. You didn't mention when you would be there, but their winter daylight is shorter than ours and the summer daylight is longer. Hope this helps. If you're on Facebook, I follow a couple of Finland/Helsinki tourism sites and if you're interested, I can send you the links. Don't miss the chance to go to Helsinki. It's wonderful. Enjoy.
  2. Some of you may not be aware of this, but the reason Brind'Amour is "part time" behind the bench is because he had made a previous commitment to coach his son's junior team this season and therefore doesn't want to take on extensive travel with the team at the expense of that commitment.
  3. I visited Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, my photos are not complete yet but what I have posted so far can be found here: 2011 Hurricanes Prospect Conditioning Camp
  4. Cam's jersey was auctioned off at Casino Night. Chad's was the in-arena auction last night. Not sure about Staal or Skinner or Cole, although I imagine that K&C may be holding them back in case they need big ticket auction items for the playoffs. It was my understanding that the game jerseys would be auctioned off but the warmup jerseys would not be. The Wesley warmup jerseys were given to the players, I suspect that was the case for Brind'Amour night warmups as well. The Flyers auctioned their warmup jerseys on the NHL auction. They didn't go for nearly the prices that the Canes jerseys went for, but they weren't personalized either, and of course not technically game-worn since they were only worn in warmups. We bought the one Ville Leino wore, it has his autograph, and that and the interior label are the only way you know it is his, and it also has Brind'Amour's autograph. I don't have any gloves, but I do have a few sticks, and I have one skate. I think all of them are special in their own right. I think it's an incredible opportunity to own something a favorite player once wore or used in a game.
  5. The ones for the Charlotte players were listed as game-issued, not game-worn, and they do issue a fair number for the most likely call-ups in case they are needed, they did the same thing for Wesley night. I got Jussi's jersey. And yes the price was up and up and up. Love the Skinner skates, JB. ETA: Oops, JB. Just saw your note about Harrison's jersey. I'm the one you should be looking at about that one too.
  6. Twitter is now my FIRST source for information. I rely on it extensively, especially when I travel, which is a lot. It is by far the fastest and easiest way to get instant updates and information. Even my son (who is 8) uses it to stay in touch with me. I also love the quick personal analysis and opinion. I've been a voracious reader of blogs and message boards for Canes information for many years, but I have found in the last six months to year that my online consumption has decreased substantially with the quick information available on twitter. Extensive discussion is better served by blogs and message boards, with twitter used to perhaps initiate the information and then lead to the blog for more detail. If you can't get your point across in 140 characters, it's best published somewhere else. The Canes organization, IMO, does a VERY effective job in the way they use twitter, by sending out timely updates and links back to the website for additional content. And I really appreciate the humor and personality of the different tweeters. If you're having difficulty following twitter, and you're just using the twitter web page or perhaps have mobile alerts set up, you may be better served by downloading and using one of the free twitter management applications like UberTwitter (for Blackberry or iPhone), Seismic (for Android or Blackberry) or one of the desktop applications (I use Tweetdeck but there are many). The applications allow you to better categorize and filter twitter content so it's more manageable.
  7. Hey Sandpiper? Do you get a royalty every time you mention The Pioneer Woman? If you don't, you should! Not sure why it took me so long to finally start following her!
  8. Thanks for the kind words TSA. I have a Nikon D300S and two Nikkor lenses: a 70-200mm/f2.8gVR and a 24-70mm/f2.8g. It's pretty decent equipment for shooting hockey photos, close to the low end of what the pros use. I'm not gonna lie to you, it's expensive camera gear. That being said, almost any DSLR and telephoto lens can give good results if you're realistic about what you're going after. You need a wide aperture and fast shutter speed to capture full-on fast motion, but lower settings can give you very good still shots, shots in the faceoff circle, goalie shots, crowd shots, etc. If you're buying a new telephoto lens, within your budget price range, I would place a higher priority on the aperture (the lower the f-stop number the better) over the focal length. If I could make a suggestion, try this... Set your camera to aperture priority and dial it down to the maximum (ie. lowest number) f-stop your lens can accommodate. Then set your ISO relatively high, say around 1600. Set your metering mode to matrix metering, which I have found to be the best Nikon setting for light metering in most arenas. Then, fire away and see what the camera and lens can do for you in terms of your shutter speed. If your shutter speed is around 1/250 to 1/320, you should start to be able to get a few action shots like battles along the boards, players skating before and after the puck is in play, etc. Use that as your benchmark. If your shutter speed isn't fast enough, set your ISO higher, like 2000 or 2400. You need a shutter speed of 1/640 or 1/800 (or higher) to capture really fast motion, so keep increasing your ISO and see how fast a shutter speed that gives you. I've found that it's easier to keep most of the settings consistent and make changes to only one or two parameters at a time to watch their effect on each other than it is to try to manage a lot of variables. I think that's a good exercise to get you started, and the more photos you take and the more you see what the effect of one parameter is on the other, you will begin to learn what settings you can apply on your camera to increase your chances of success. If I could give one piece of advice, I'd offer what Wayne Gretzky always said, you miss 100% of the shots you never take. Oh, one other piece of advice. The best money you can spend on photography is the money you spend making yourself a better photographer. Good photographers can get excellent shots from their Blackberries and iPhones. It really isn't as much about the equipment as it is the person behind it (spoken like a true equipment diva). Here's my Canes collection on flickr (there's also a link in my profile if you click on my screen name). If you click on a photo and select "Actions" and "View EXIF data", you'll see what camera settings I used for a particular shot. As I always say when I post my links, don't re-use any of my photos anywhere else without first getting permission from me. Thanks!
  9. I'm sorry I'm just now reading this. A couple of days after the 5k I wrote an article that's posted here, along with a photo album from the event. Hope you had a chance to see it already, if not, it was a great event! (Mods feel free to delete if link not allowed)
  10. I don't believe any preseason games are included in the 26-game plan except for the free on on 10/1.
  11. I'm seeing an issue similar to the one that was reported earlier. In this FAQ forum, the button reads "Start New Topic", but in the Hurricanes Talk forum, beside the "Watch this Forum" button the new topic button is disabled and replaced with one that says "You Can Not Start a New Topic." Message repeated at the bottom of the screen. My post count and start date look okay if that's a criteria for enabling new topics. I'm running Safari on a Mac that is less than a month old so I'm running OS X (10.6.4) and whatever the current version of Safari is (5.0.1). Edited four minutes later to add this: Whoa. Either y'all are real fast or you have to post once on the new board before you can start a topic, because after I posted this I went to Hurricanes Talk and now the "Start New Topic" button is enabled for me. Anyhow, never mind.
  12. Thanks, TSA! For some reason my browsers have multiple issues when I try to do anything more fancy than copy/paste a link. Hopefully that will be corrected with the next conversion. FYI for those who don't have access to Facebook for the back story, the logo for the back of the t-shirt was written (obviously) by our Helsinki (Vantaa) native at the Caniac Cookout and is the Finnish translation for the phrase "What Happens in Helsinki Stays in Helsinki!". I know the timeframe for placing orders is tight, coupled with the board conversion, so if anyone is interested in an order do leave me a message here (which will go to my email) with your contact information and I'll get back with you directly. And as previously mentioned I'll be at the AAA meeting Monday night if anyone wants to place an order there.
  13. Sorry, I have issues posting pictures here with this board software or I would post them for you I will be at the AAA meeting Monday night and will have samples of the [unprinted] shirts so folks can look at the sizing. I'll be taking orders there as well. Shirts are only going to be available to be ordered through Tuesday, 8/31, in order to get them printed and distributed in time for the trip.
  14. Justin Peters was the other goalie that was in net this week along with Cam. And for Nash ^^, practices are just during the week, Mon-Fri, none on the weekends. Here's the list of who was there last week (a roster is handy although they don't necessarily wear their own gear): Brett Carson (27) Erik Cole (26) Joe Corvo (77) Zac Dalpe (wearing #19 on his helmet although he'll be #22, Tlusty is #19) Patrick Dwyer (39) Matt Kennedy (45) Chad LaRose (59) Kyle Lawson (68) Jon Matsumoto (18) Jamie McBain (wearing no number on his helmet) Riley Nash (23) Justin Peters Bryan Rodney (33) Sergei Samsonov (14) Bobby Sanguinetti (24) Jared Staal (34) Cam Ward
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