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  1. Chip Alexander from the News and Observer said in his Wednesday chat that the 'Canes would not wear their black sweaters during the playoffs.
  2. Good point. I'm surprised he didn't use that against me in his replies.
  3. In a world that has become over sensitive, I am still surprised by people who are offended by such miniscule things.
  4. I like to look at the Power Rankings each week to see how the media sees the Hurricanes. I know they don't mean anything. It's just fun to see where we are ranked. Last week tsn.ca had us ranked 10th. It wasn't where I thought we should be, but ok. I was shocked to see us stay at #10 this week after the tear we've been on. I decided to e-mail the guy who does the rankings at TSN. Below is our conversation through e-mail. It's a little long, but kind of funny. By the way, I don't take any of this seriously. I just have fun smack talking with this guy. Me: Are you retarted? You kept the Hurricanes at #10 even though they are the hottest team in the NHL? I thought after winning 8 straight and 11 on home ice, they would move up a few positions this week. I remember why I stopped looking at stupid power rankings a while back. They 'Canes aren't an original 6 team and they play south of the mason dixon line. Why give them respect, huh? Scott Cullen (TSN): Yep, make it about geography, because my statistically-based rankings care a lot about where teams are located. Perhaps you'll note that I've consistently ranked the Toronto Maple Leafs lower than other rankings all season long. The Hurricanes just haven't done enough to pass the Flyers, who have scored 26 more goals than they've scored (as opposed to Carolina's plus-9). Being "hot" isn't enough. Me: If you have statistics based rankings, why don't you just use the standings? The Hurricanes just beat the Penguins and Rangers. Those are tough games against good teams fighting for their playoff lives. Keeping the 'Canes at 10 even after their streak of 8 straight proves you are biased against them. I don't care how you try to justify it. NHL network analyst have been talking about how the 'Canes are playing the best hockey of any team. I guess they're idiots, huh? Scott Cullen (TSN): Because the standings don't evaluate which team is currently better. Just because we disagree hardly means I'm biased. I'll happily put my hockey knowledge up against anyone, NHL Network analysts included. No one has to be an idiot for us to disagree. Me (after the 9-0 game last night): The Hurricanes read your power rankings and decided they would try to have every player on the team score a goal to try to impress you and move up your rankings. I'm sure you will probably move them down next week because they broke their goal horn. Scott Cullen (TSN): Yep, beating up on the injured Islanders, who are terrible even when healthy, is a real feat. Congratulations.. Me: You mean the Islanders who shut out Detroit at the Joe (The Red Wings home arena) less than 2 weeks ago and then lost to the Flyers in a shootout the next day. That is the same Flyers team you think is better than us, right? Yes, I guess the Isles have some injuries. Did you know our shallacking of them last night was accomplished without our best defenseman (Corvo) and 2nd line center (Cullen)? You were talking stats the other day. Here's some for you. The Hurricanes have lost only 3 times in regulation in the past 22 games (twice in OT). During that time, they have outscored their opponents 89-47. They are averaging 4 GF and 2.13 GA per game during that span (over more than a quarter of the season). That ranks them as the 10th best team??? As far as beating up on a weak team...shutting out a team while putting 9 in their net is an amazing accomplishment no matter what professional team you're playing. Even my grandmother known that...and she has Alzheimers. Keep impressing me with your hockey knowledge. Scott Cullen (TSN): Actually, that Islanders team had Mark Streit and Kyle Okposo playing, quite possibly their two best players, and they didn't play last night. Presumably I know that Cullen is out since I've listed him as a key injury for several weeks now. Corvo is good, but would he have put up more than the two points Kaberle had in his place? Here's a stat -- Even after outscoring their opponents 89-47 in that span, the 'Canes have still only scored 18 more goals than their opponents this season. The Flyers are at plus-27 and the Devils are at plus-33, yet it would be fair to rank the 'Canes ahead of them because the last 22 games have been great? I don't think so. I'll count all the games rather than start at some randomly-determined point in the season that is convenient to one team. Keep talking hockey with your grandmother then -- you probably like it better because she doesn't have an opinion contrary to your own. Me: That's what cracks me up about your stupid rankings. Power Rankings are about how teams are doing at the time. Yes, the Hurricanes struggled for a large part of the season. They were ranked appropriately during that time. As their play improved, they moved up. I don't think they should be ranked #1. I just think they should be higher than where you have them. They are averaging 5 or 6 on other sites' power rankings. I think that's about right. As far as Kaberle and Corvo goes, Kaberle has been a healthy scratch for quite a while. Corvo is the guy who plays Crosby or Ovechkin when we play them. What I'm trying to say is, I think it shows even more how talented and deep our team is that we have the kind of game we had last night despite our injuries. Do you move the Devils in the rankings because they got owned by a terrible Toronto team? In fact the Devils are 12-9-1 over their last 22. You dropped them from 2 to 4? If you want to rank teams by their statistics for the entire season, stop wasting your time. They already have that. It's called the NHL standings. Scott Cullen (TSN): Power Rankings are about how I would handicap a series (it's actually stated on the rankings). That you place so much importance on blowing out a virtual minor league team is absurd, whether Corvo was there or not. Yep, the Devils will continue to move down with the loss to the Maple Leafs, who aren't nearly as terrible as the Islanders. If you think the NHL standings are a more accurate measure of a team's current value, then read them, but since my rankings are consistently different than the standings, I won't worry too much about duplication. But it's touching that you're concerned about how I spend my time. Me: I know your Power Rankings are based on your opinions. That's why I started my original e-mail with: Are you retarted? Our e-mail conversation confirmed my original notion. I used to prefer TSN's website for Hockey coverage, but since conversing with you I realize the Hurricanes will not be considered a top team by you until they win ANOTHER Stanley Cup. I mean, what do they have to do to receive a little bit of recognition...tie a franchise record for 9 consecutive wins? Oh wait, they've already done that. Keep looking stupid by ranking them where you do. I won't be wasting my team reading your comments anymore. I would rather go to ESPN or NHL.com where their analyst know about hockey. You should try watching the games instead of basing your opinions on a team's stats throughout the entire season. Scott Cullen (TSN): Have you ever considered that people can disagree without someone being retarded? As for a little recognition, have the Canes not moved up ten spots in the last five weeks? That would seem to be recognition. But, if you prefer other rankings, I suggest you read them. I'll happily put the depth of my analysis up against any of them. Me: You've already proven to me your depth of analysis. It's not good.
  5. I like Bayda, but I think Brookbank has brought a toughness to this team that was missing earlier in the season.
  6. The possibility of getting these guys back is something I've been thinking about for a while. It may be unrealistic, but can you imagine forward lines of: Samsanov Staal Cole Williams Cullen Whitney Walker Eaves Ruutu Larose Letowski/Aucoin Brookbank I'm not saying this is what the lines would be. It's just fun to think about being able to build 4 line with the talent that we will have before too long (hopefully).
  7. I have a horrible feeling about the game tonight. The Panthers are going to be rested and extremely pumped about this game. The Panthers webpage intro marks this as the biggest game of the season. The Sun Sentinel has an article up (http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/hockey/panthers/sfl-flspskolnick20sbmar20,0,3053068.column?page=1) with these quotes: Vokoun compared this to an "eliminating playoff game." Campbell called it a "good test." Cory Murphy referred to it as "the biggest game of the year for us." Jokinen? He has played 559 games as a Panther and leads the team in scoring for a fifth consecutive season. Most important game he has played? Considering he has never made the playoffs? "In the National Hockey League, probably yes," he said. "I've been in a lot of big games in my life, but most of the big games have been in international competition." I have no doubts we can win this game, but we better come prepared. I will be there in Sunrise cheering our boys on. Tonight we may need to conjure up some past "whatever it takes" emotions. The arena is expected to be a sell out and I'm sure the crowd will be hyped. We need to shut them up eary!
  8. Cole...took a knee to knee shot. Appears to be ok, though.
  9. Nevermind the announcers just answered my question. Yes. :angry:
  10. I live in Florida and have to have center ice to watch the Hurricanes play. After watching other teams broadcast of the game (center ice doesn't always show the FSNS feed if there are two netsworks televising the game) I feel like I'm getting a treat when I get to watch FSNS. Of course John and Tripp are going to biased towards the Hurricanes, but they try to stay neutral and talk about both teams. The other broadcasting teams only talk about their teams most of the time. If a Cane gets injured during the game, there's no chance I will hear any updates if it's not FSNS. John & Tripp always try to get updates when someone gets injured from the other team. One of my biggest gripes with other broadcasters is they never show the line pairings for the Hurricanes. FSNS shows both teams. I really like the job that John & Tripp do and feel fortunate when I can watch the game listening to them.
  11. In the past Direct TV will not put a game on their program schedule if it's not being shown. I'm not saying it will be on center ice, but the program guide makes it look like it will. If it were on NBC it wouldn't be listed in the 700 series channels. So that makes me think it's not that the program guide is just listing it because it was supposed to be shown. I'm still crossing my fingers.
  12. I know this probably doesn't help most of you in NC, but I have NHL Center Ice because I live in Florida. My programing guide says it's being shown on channel 765. Do the sports bars around there have Center Ice? If so, you may be able to go there and watch it. I hope this helps.
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