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  1. I began watching him when he was a Canuck. But went off my radar when he was became a coyote. When he made it to Columbus he quickly became my favorite player on the ice. I was heartbroken when he was unable to come to an understanding in Columbus this summer. Hard worker. Full of energy. On top of all that rediculously nice guy. Had the fortune to talk golf with him on a couple of occasions. Glad to see two points since coming back from injury. Well deserved!!
  2. At least all of you have options to see the games in person, center ice . . . On most nights Carolina plays I can be found sitting next to my computer listening to the feed from nhl.com. Talk about nerve racking! No showing carolina in columbus ever!
  3. Great! I'm in Columbus. Hard to keep track. nhl.com did not have him listed on the stats sheet during the game. Go Trevor Go!!!
  4. Great to see Trevor getting back on the ice Tuesday! Why is he not playing tonight :?:
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