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  1. I've posted here before but for some reason I can't post anywhere else on this forum. It appears I need to have one post in this forum so the new software recognizes my userid. Hopefully this works and I'll be able to post elsewhere...
  2. [quote name=remkin wrote: Physical play: Cheap Shot. Two different things.I completely agree with that statement. I guess I'm in the minority that believes Alex doesn't go out and try to cheap shot everyone all the time. I think he gets himself into such a frenzy when fighting for the puck he gets a little out of control. I don't feel he's doing anything out of malice towards another player. super-dave-1]Same stuff, different day. I've never understood why a fan would joinanother team's message board just to justify what their player did. Not sure if that was directed at me at all or not, but I didn't join the board because of this incident. I've been reading and (very rarely) posting here since mid-2006 when we moved to Raleigh. I just wanted to offer up some opinions from the other side and not try to come off sounding like a troll in the process.
  3. I'm not sure why my fellow Caps fans would hang their heads when that video is mentioned -- It's not like they're doing the fighting. Semin isn't a tough guy, he's a skilled puck handler and goal scorer. He probably hasn't been in too many fights in his hockey career. Now, if Ovechkin did that, that would be another story. I'd feel bad for Alex as he's such a physical player. I personally find the video quite funny. I really hope Alex keeps to his word and doesn't change his style of play. Have some of his hit been questionable? Sure. Is he the only one in the league that does it? Nope. Is he the only one who gets a pass sometimes? Unlikely. To think he goes out and intentionally tries to injure another player is ignorant. I don't think there's one player (well...maybe Tucker ) who would want to see another player injured like that. For one, there's always a chance they could be teammates at some point in the future and two, they wouldn't want the same thing happening to them. Being from the D.C. area, I was at Ovechkin's first NHL game. In his first shift he checked someone into the boards so hard the glass shattered. He's played fast and hard his entire career and I wouldn't want him to ease up now.
  4. As a Caps and Redskins fan...this slump is a minor hiccup for the Canes. Teams turn around eventually.
  5. I have no idea about the Green report. I had only seen screencaps of Sports Center mentioning it. It wasn't on their website. Put another checkmark down for ESPN's top-notch hockey reporters. I haven't heard anything else on "Bitegate". That would be tough for the Rangers to prove if it did indeed happen.
  6. Brashear has been suspended for six games and the Caps are looking at either Clark or Nylander to take his place. It should be an interesting game 7.
  7. That's the reason I don't like them. I don't care one way or another for Tortella. I'm just glad he's not our coach. Funny...the team that plays in an arena where the entire fanbase will chant "A--hole!" during a game is complaining about cussing at players. I've never been to a hockey game at MSG but I did go to a Yankee game several years ago. The stuff that flies out of their mouths directed towards the other team is amazing. Although that any of it happened is pretty embarrassing to me as a Caps fan. This is the stuff that happens in Philly, not my hometown. LET'S GO CAPS!
  8. I'm not sure that's necessarily true. I've gone to a few Caps/Canes games and been on the glass while purchasing through Ticketmaster.com.
  9. Same seat, just messing with the zoom. The first three I took from the concourse before the game and the rest I took from my seat.
  10. As a hockey fan, I'd love to see more SE teams get in the playoffs as I think there are some good rivalries around here and some great talent. As a Caps fan, I really hope we're the only SE team going to the playoffs. I don't know how I'm going to handle this final stretch with all of our SE division games. Most of them are too close for my liking as these match-ups tend to bring out some great hockey on both sides - Especially when we play the Canes. Oh well...can't say I'll wish your team luck in the final push... ...so, good luck to the beer drinkers.
  11. Thanks. I ended up taking around 75 pictures but most are of the same series or players. I think I'd bore everyone if I posted every photo that was in focus and looked good.
  12. I'll be ain a black Ovechkin jersey, 2nd row behind the Caps bench. If we start losing, misery loves company...but that won't happen, right? Here's to a Caps win! I really want to see one Caps win at the RBC Center. Hopefully this will be my first.
  13. I'll be there with the wife cheering on the Caps. LETS GO CAPS!!!
  14. That's the D.C. area. I've lived there my entire life until last May when my wife and I moved down here. It's a Redskins town. The Caps, Wizards, Mystics, United, and Nationals aren't the primary focus. The only two times I can recall such a strong Caps following was when everyone jumped on the bandwagon during our Cup run to the finals and when we signed Jagr. So, take the terrible record and add that most fans need to leave three hours early to attend games (most live in the VA suburbs) and you have a lot of "Do I want to spend that much time there just to see them lose?". When I lived there, I was 40 minutes from D.C. in one of the VA 'burbs. I really had to leave three hours early so I could see the opening face off on weeknights. You had to invest a lot of time to catch those weekday matches. The attitude and attendance during the match last night I'm sure stemmed from total frustration with the team. I've been a Caps fan my whole life and some of these recent games had me seeing red I was so frustrated with the team. If you want to see die hard fans at a Washington sporting event, go to a Redskins game. 90,000+ sold out each and every game no matter what our record is. Last time the Caps went to the playoffs and played the Lightning, we couldn't even sell out the quarterfinal games at home. There are a lot of good fans who try to encourage the team with support regardless of their record. You just need to look for them. I'll be at the RBC Center on Friday night cheering on my Caps. 2nd row behind the Caps bench wearing an Ovechkin jersey if anyone wants to buy me a beer.
  15. I was surprised to see it on Center Ice. I checked the feed and really wasn't expecting to see it.
  16. Gah. Didn't see this section of the forum. Thanks for moving it. Thanks & yeah...I hear that a lot from her.
  17. No, that's not typical. We've been getting Center Ice for years and that was the worst broadcast I've ever seen. Granted I didn't watch it too much (I was waiting for the Sens/Leafs game), but from what I saw at the beginning and the end -- I imagine the middle was just as crappy.
  18. Last night was my first game at the RBC Center and I couldn't have planned a better trip in or out of the arena. We're new to the area and weren't sure what time we needed to leave to avoid traffic. We left around 5:20 or so, came in the Edwards Mill entrance and parked in the West Lot. We were standing in line waiting to enter the arena at 5:57 (the wife asked what time it was). Leaving was pretty simple for us as well, but I guess it depended on the time we left the game. I'm a Caps fan so we left immediately after the final buzzer. A lot of folks were still in their seats cheering. We hopped in our car and were home in about a half hour. It took us about 5 minutes to leave the parking lot. I take it that experience isn't normal for this venue? We used to go to Caps games all the time when we lived in the D.C. area and would have to leave about three hours early to make sure we saw the start of the game. We were relieved when we found we could make it to RBC in 40 minutes on a weeknight. We'll be at the game on Saturday as well (wife is a Pens fan). I overheard two of the security guys talking and that game is sold out. I guess we can definitely expect some traffic headaches before and/or after the game? (BTW...to the fans last night...thanks for not rubbing it in while I was walking up to the concourse and out to my car. It was appreciated. That loss was terrible)
  19. I'm a recent transplant from the D.C.-area and a Caps fan. I'll be there...and "Let's Go Caps!" Hopfully it will be a great injury-free game for both teams. And if you see a guy in section 104 wearing an Ovechkin jersey...buy me a beer.
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