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  1. I live on The Crystal Coast and the canes are my favorite team thus my name was born. It was fun to fly my canes flag from my truck while driving on the beach. Not many people new what it represented.
  2. I think I like him better with his "fro". lol
  3. Snowing here on the Crystal Coast even as I type! "Only a small dusting" the weatherman said and it will end by midday. Still, its pretty while it lasts.
  4. Sorry to hear of her passing. I've been a fan of hers for some time now. A real great coach and role model. The sport of Womens basketball is missing a star now.
  5. Loks like the test patern you see on tv. Takes a real secure man to wear those uniforms lol
  6. Been AWOL for a while glad to be back "home" chating with fellow Caniacs!
  7. I hope it is not another black jersery. Seems as if everyother team has a black jersery. Why can't we be originial and have another red one only with a different type of theaming or number style on it.
  8. CrystalCoastCaniac


    Canes about to announce a suprise trade?
  9. Congrats on your newest bundle of joy! Hoping all goes well for mom and baby! And you too of course
  10. Wow!!! She is one amazing lady! Her work ethic is one to be admired as well!
  11. Congrats to Kristi! She was unbelievable in her routines. Showed grace and poise at all times. she proved to be just as much a competitor as her husband.
  12. Yours is the only boat flying a canes flag at Shackelford Banks.
  13. "It is best if one keeps ones mouth closed and thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." - Ben Franklin
  14. "He who goes up a one way street the wrong way has everything coming to him."--One Confused Coastie
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