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  1. Stumbling? I'd say we've fallen and can't get up. Bright spots: The team will get a chance to get healthy over the summer. My bank account will appreciate not having to pay for all those playoff tickets. My waistline will appreciate the lack of beer and tailgating.
  2. I played squirts through midgets on elite teams. I got taken out by a knee injury and didn't pursue college hockey although I played on par with a few guys that went on to play Division I. I also played defense in front of a guy that became a hall of fame goaltender for squirt through peewee. I've played adult hockey for the last ten years although an couple of injuries have had me out since December. I find it hard to believe that 18% of the respondents have played at a higher level than high school hockey. They must be counting adult league, which is as far from organized hockey as you can get.
  3. Funny. I'm listening to the game over the internet and I heard "Penalty to Belanger" and my first thought was "Another penalty kill?"
  4. Don't look now, but.... the power of Beep Beep worked!
  5. There was a series of those commercials. The best was when the goalie was in prison and kept writing "I hate Brindamour' on the wall.
  6. Forslund just confirmed that he'll be back tonight. Looks like Babchuck is headed to the minors.
  7. PK/PP time doesn't count in +/-. Staal has a solid case of O'Neil disease. He's gliding on the back check, and in the offensive end he'll put it in the net if it ends up on his stick, but he's not moving his feet to create opportunities. Staal is a center. He has to play hard at both ends.
  8. ...And he has a no trade clause.
  9. He's pretty expensive -- didn't he sign for a big contract with the Blues?
  10. I often hear that explanation of the rule, often from players that have been playing the game a long time. It's almost part of hockey lore. Many refs at the amateur level even think it's a rule. Except that the rule doesn't exist. Rule 91 defines tripping as: "A minor penalty shall be imposed on any player who shall place his stick or any portion of his body in such a manner that it shall cause his opponent to trip and fall." The closest it comes to saying that if you touch the puck first it's not a trip is NOTE 2: "If, in the opinion of the Referee, a player is unquestionably hook-checking the puck and obtains possession of it, thereby tripping the puck carrier, no penalty shall be imposed." Touching the puck doesn't give you carte blanche to take your opponent's legs out from under them. You have to actually get control of the puck and have the trip occur incidentally, not just knock the puck away while you check at the knee. The rule specifically does not mention poke checking. If all you had to do was touch the puck first, why wouldn't every play consist of touching the puck and then taking the other player's legs out from under them with a trip? That's a lot easier than having to body someone off the puck. In the case of the Cole takedown, clearly the Leaf player didn't get control of the puck, he just knocked it away. And he shoulder checked at the knee, which frankly I don't see how you can interpret as anything other than intent to injure.
  11. I read the thread title and thought it was about the team's lack of effort on the ice....
  12. I haven't seen any news on anyone getting sent down?
  13. Never, ever throttle back. I don't even buy Thomas' line of reasoning in a C-league game, but an NHL goalie complaining about a team going hard the whole way? Puh-lease!
  14. He's still looking a bit sore (tonight against Boston). From the way he's skating, I'd guess a back strain or spasm. That's one tough guy to be skating through something like that.
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