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  1. Don't count on it .... sth priority was ignored last year when re-sellers were given their choice of club level first row seats and others.
  2. I recently saw an ad on Craigslist selling tix to a 'canes game at the "Arby" Center in Raleigh - had to laugh at that one.
  3. I have no doubt at all that this year, prior to Select-A-Seat, re-sellers were sold numerous 'choice' seats - tossing aside STH's account priority. It happened in our section and I've heard similar stories around the arena. Knowing first hand the status of the open seats, they should have been available for the 1st group at SAS - nope, not available and now they are all being sold by the ticket brokers ... No, I didn't have to move over a few seats but dang it, it's the principle of the thing!
  4. Yeah - something's rotten here. I know positively that the 3 seats next to our 2 were not 'owned' last season - so we went to Select-A-Seat this year to move over a few seats. We were in the 1st group to select and were quite surprised that none of those 3 seats were marked as available - and now I see, as others have noted, those 3 are being sold through the national resellers. Ain't right for the Hurricanes to be selling the seats before select-a-seat, but lots of sure money speaks loudly.
  5. I got 6pm on July 18 ... that's the first group to select. We'd been in the 2nd group for a few years.
  6. I'm not ending up at the Flames site anymore - I think you fixed it! Thank You ...
  7. Anyone else? - Consistently, signing out of the Hurricanes Message Board sends me to the Calgary Flames homepage. (shouldn't matter, but Windows XP and IE)
  8. I second the motion on the cowbells & tinkerbells ... though by now I'm probably 14th or 15th. Off with the heads of the jumbotron people, too, - same ol' stuff game after game and much too childish with the sound-effect voices 98 times per game. Pre-game music painfully loud. And, no, it's not time to take Geritol.
  9. um .... mentioned it cause of the 'fins to the left, fins to the right' (finns) as in Ruutu, Jokinen & Pit. I like songs that are "appropriate" for the moment - rather than the constant sound effect type voices. More ... Heartache Tonight .... "somebody's gonna hurt someone, if it takes all night ..." and Gunslinger .... "I think we need a gunslinger, somebody taught to tame this town. I think we need a gunslinger, there'll be justice all around".
  10. In honor of the Finns, how about some Buffet for the Bruins: "Can't you feel 'em circlin', honey Can't you feel 'em swimmin' around You got fins to the left, fins to the right And you're the only bait in town"
  11. soon ... fantastic seats - no one blocks your view!
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