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  1. Given 4 days off, facing the team you're chasing, at home, in what amounted to the first playoff game of the year, we drop this church fart. Playoff chances rapidly approaching zero.
  2. Ellis to start. When was the last time a healthy Cam sat back to back? Hope the fire has been lit.
  3. For 7 years we've purchased 4 seats, sideline premier, full season tickets, along with every accompanying playoff round. Calling this afternoon to cancel and demand a full refund. I'm done with this Mickey Mouse league until adults run it.
  4. Given the abject lunacy of the contracts given to Parise and Suter, the big winners of the FA period were 1) Suter and Parise, 2) future UFAs, 3) every other team in the NHL that didn't yoke themselves with not one, but two decade and a third $100m contracts.
  5. You know what they call the worst Stanley Cup champions in league history? Stanley......Cup......Champions. Period. Full stop. Call it a fluke all you want. 2006 may be the worst team to ever win the cup. I don't care one iota because, you know, they won the cup.
  6. You're welcome to believe that the coaching change that occurred on Nov. 29 had nothing to do with the ownership deal that was finalized 3 weeks prior. I'll continue to maintain that a coaching change was not going to happen until the ownership was signed, sealed, and delivered.
  7. Dissent. The reason to start the season with Mo was because of management, or lack there of. The season turned around immediately after the ownership situation stabilized. If we'd pursued a coach like Mueller in the off-season, it's unlikely they'd have signed a long term deal with ownership completely in flux.
  8. One huge difference in us/Edmonton...we've been back to the Conf. finals since we beat in in 2006. Skinner didn't take 2-3 years to contribute. You add good young talent via the draft, and you bring in veteran talent by trading veterans or signing them. You don't trade top 5 picks when you're rebuilding. How'd that work out for Toronto?
  9. Nothing personal, but trading our pick - likely a top 5 pick - is the opposite of building for future success. We need to be the team seeking to acquire draft picks, not give them away. I'd be stunned if JR moved our #1 pick.
  10. This is a great question, and one that I think cannot be answered easily. As you've seen from this discussion, opinions vary substantially on the degree in which ownership issues were an issue, and whether or not we as fans should pay any attention to the proverbial man behind the curtain. I cannot speak for anyone else, but for me, getting an NHL coach and fundamentally changing the way the team plays was enough. I've seen a dramatic enough difference since the coaching change that I'm satisfied with the trajectory of the team since the ownership changes were announced. It feels like we're moving forward instead of sideways. Others are not convinced, or do not think the ownership instability was an issue at all. YMMV. It's made even harder by the public statements by the team. Look, we all know no GM in the league is going to come out and say the team is in a cost cutting holding pattern until minority partners are found. It seems clear to me that the team was doing just that, but the GM can't say it. He's got to walk the line between cost control and competitive until the situation above him is sorted out. If Maurice were stil the coach and we were talking about long term plans with Mo, I'd be reconsidering my STH situation just as others are apparently reconsidering theirs now. As I said earlier, that's the beauty of a market. We all get to vote.
  11. Evidence suggests otherwise, as the long sought after, local minority investors were identified and bought in. Whatever they saw with regard to the business, they liked, and I'll hazard a guess that they 1) saw more of the business details than you and I are privy to, and 2) have a little more experience running successful businesses than most. You're more than welcome to your opinion, and you're more than welcome to vote with your dollar. That's the beauty of a market. If you think you're right and that's enough reason for you to not purchase, then don't purchase. If other people think like you, they are free to make that same choice, and the Hurricanes absolutely will respond. How and in what manner they respond is out of our control, but respond they will, assuredly. You solicited opinions, and I provided mine. Was I happy with the product on the ice in 2011? Absolutely not. Am I satisfied with the direction and management of the franchise over the duration of the time they've been in Raleigh? Enough so to continue to buy full season tickets? Absolutely. By any objective measure, the list of better run franchises is very, very short. How many other teams have had 3 conference finals appearances, 2 SCF appearances, 1 Cup, 1 ROY, and 2 Selke winners in the last 12 years? You want poorly managed, talk to fans in Atlanta. Or Phoenix. Or Long Island. Or Columbus.
  12. We can agree to disagree, and that's fine. But I'd caution against separating the hockey from the business. The hockey is the business. Grow the hockey, grow the business. Fail at the business, fail at the hockey. Which Free Agent acquisition is weighing us down? Poni? Kaberle? They've been moved and are no longer a problem. As someone else noted before, the GM signed players the coach wanted to coach at prices he could easily move if things changed. They weren't hits, but they weren't problems, as evidenced by how readily we shed them. As for what good has come out of the last 2 years, an absolute ton of good. 1.5 years ago, our ownership situation was questionable, we had a coach nobody else in the NHL would employ, and we had zero young talent. The last 1.5 years has seen 1) the emergence of Jeff Skinner; 2) stabilization of the ownership group; and 3) dramatic improvement at the head coach position. That's not winning the Stanley Cup and I'm not trying to sell it as such, but it's a darn productive 1.5 years and very far from awful. Awful would be still employing Maurice, ownership group still unstable, and half a dozen albatross contracts that we couldn't move if we wanted to. And make no mistake - a lesser GM could very well have panicked and made moves that unintentionally sabotage the organization for years to come (Redden, Wade; DiPietro, Rick; Gomez, Scott; etc.) I fully expect this offseason sees the signing of a legitimate winger to play with Staal. What's changed this year over previous years? The makeup of ownership.
  13. He did exactly what he had to do in order to make purchasing shares attractive to a group of minority partners - keep cost down, period. Mission accomplished, and a group of LOCAL business leaders bought in, literally, to the team. Do not underestimate the importance of that development, and of the importance of keeping costs/obligations low while seeking and finalizing those partners. If you've noticed what's happened since those partners were announced, the team has moved on from what looked like an interminable holding pattern to getting serious about hockey again, namely by hiring a well respected coach coveted by many other teams in the league.
  14. Agreed. Our top pick this year shouldn't be included in any negotiations. I thought that was a given. You don't trade a top 5 pick. As for guys on the team, there are 5 that we all best get used to, as they're not going anywhere - Staal, Skinner, Sutter, McBain, and Ward. Those three youngsters and two veterans are the cornerstones. I'm willing to bet a substantial sum of money that those guys are not going anywhere. Everyone else is available to the highest bidder, including fan favorites Jussi, Ruutu, Gleason. After a series of real head scratching moves by JR all centered around Maurice and "his style" of players, it looks we've found the bottom and are starting to dig out, which is where you have to start. Getting rid of Mo, Kaberle and Kaberle's contract are three big steps. The more I think about the entirety of the situation over the last few years, the more I sincerely think that JR asked Maurice to essentially fall on his sword/take one for the team. Karmanos and JR knew they needed minority investors, and they knew it would take some time to find them. One way you make your product very attractive to investors is keeping costs low, which is one reason we've seen such low pay rolls recently. And to Karmanos' credit, he did find local investors, which is a big damn deal. Once those guys were brought on board, things started changing quickly. Mo was fired, and we've shifted from what looked like an interminable holding pattern to actually making hockey moves that make hockey sense. Maybe I'm crazy, but that makes a ton of sense to me.
  15. Agree w/ most of this. The Poni and Kaberle signings made zero sense when they happened and they make much less than zero sense know. Give them to anyone who'll take their salaries. At least Poni comes off the books at the end of the season. Disagree re: LaRose. He's not making much (by NHL standards), skates his *edit* off, kills penalties, and is a fan favorite. While he's certainly not a guy you build a franchise around, he's a great role player. If someone wants to overpay for a grinder with Cup experience let them, but moving him and his salary has to be a low priority. It's a small enough salary and he's good enough at what he does that he's more part of the solution than the problem imo. Speaking of the lightning in a bottle team, I was lamenting last evening with a friend who's new to the Canes how much fun it was was 17 and 11 play alongside each other. Full strength, PP, PK....the two of them moved like unit most of the time. Hated to see Williams get hurt - he was a favorite of mine.
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