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  1. Well, like most people here, I'm terribly disappointed with not only the result but with last night's effort. We came out smoking in the first period and I saw a glimpse of the team that beat NJ and Boston. When Cullen scored that first goal I was sure we had turned the corner. What a confidence builder and what a huge boost from the crowd....Then came Gleason's turnover and Malkin's goal and it seemed like all the air got sucked out of the Canes. . The Pens gained their confidence and we lost ours. The mental aspect of the game is huge. Where is that mental toughness we saw in the first 2 series? Anyway, I still love this team and I'm so gratefull for the excitement and thrills they gave us during these playoffs. As I told my wife when we won game 7 in NJ, this is what you live for as a sports fan. There is nothing like the thrill of victory especially close, well contested games. The other side of the coin is you also have to experience games like the one tonight. Hey, I'll take that bet and I'll be back on Tuesday hoping for another thrilling victory! Go Canes!
  2. I think we carried the play in the 3rd. Hope we'll get rewarded in overtime.
  3. Gotta get more traffic in front of Brodeur. Thats the only way we're going to get the puck by him today.
  4. That was a great strech. That puck was almost in. But almost only counts in...
  5. Ok, here we go. Third Period coming up! I forgot to put on my Jersey for the first two periods. Fixed the problem...Mojo on! All set for the final push. Go Canes!
  6. Pretty darn good for a guy that probably had to put his skates on in cab from the airport!
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