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  1. http://www.canescountry.com/2009/8/26/1003206/no-red-white-scrimmage-this-year' target="_blank">http://www.canescountry.com/2009/8/26/1003...mmage-this-year[/post]
  2. the funniest part to me is that the canes are on in Canada 3 times on TSN: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=684 Note: I do not think ESPN helps the league. not showcasing the top teams on VS is just plain dumb, and does hurt the league.
  3. Luke has been awesome. one of the best writers covering the league. Please indicate an article..
  4. do to the canes not being able to get home ice for round 4, they have time after game x to send them out... This is goodness!
  5. Folks really should have gotten in a 12 pack for the year.. you would have been ahead at gate prices if they go all the way, and got to see more games. For this season - I cant speak for the future.. My seatmates and I opted for quality vs. quantity and got the 12 pack in the club corners.. $74.50 per seat x 12 = $894 You actually get 14 games so that is $63.86 per game My playoff tickets pricing at the offer: round 1: $75 Round 2: $90 Round 3: $90 Round 4: $90 looking at max costs, assuming all games all rounds: $75x3=$225 $90x3=$270 $90x3=$270 $90x3=$270 TOTAL: $1035 Looking at gate prices for all rounds coming to comparison total: round 1: $100 (I think) round 2: $120 round 3: $175 Round 4: $320 $100x3=$300 $120x3=$360 $175x3=$525 $320x3=$960 TOTAL: $2145 So if the canes can go all the way to game 6, Ive saved $1110 ($2145-$1035) which completely covers the $894 I paid for the regular season.. Go Canes!!
  6. this compilation video has kaiton's call of the final goal at the end.
  7. Lexus is just the sponsor.. they don't own the seats. They are probably way over priced for the current business market to afford. Note, that per the pricing brochure, they are indeed the most expensive priced seats at the gate. with the exception of Row 1. $200 champions club preferred. $180 champions club As compared to Row 1 seats = $200
  8. he should be. Making $1M to play in the AHL is a great deal anyway you slice it.
  9. wow. you sure have a fine crystal ball. 4 games in and you have decided the fate of the whole team. This team is on the upswing, with the exception of one period. I think you need at least 20 games to make this type of broad sweeping statement. let's see where the team is Mid-January..
  10. oh the love for the coach that took the canes to their first stanley cup finals.. At this point just about any coach is better than Lavi...
  11. canesice


    no. digital does not equal HD TV. I would not except any dramatic increase .. But I sure will be wishing for it!!
  12. not a fan of her, but she has been at hockey games before..
  13. JJ is pretty popular. still to early to tell. need 2 more seasons..
  14. there is difference, Id compare in person if I were you. they have all 3 at the eye now - black, red, and White - if you are in Raleigh..
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