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  1. Well, perhaps Beauchemin is now expendable. He only makes $1.65M and is signed through next season. The Ducks will probably want Ladd for him though. Still, might be worth it just to hear his name being said at the RBC Center. It's so fun to say. Try it. Francois Beauchemin!
  2. If we pick up Recchi, here's what could then go down. We deal Ladd to Anaheim for Beauchemin. Makes sense for both sides as Beauchemin is a PP quarterback and can make that outlet pass from the D. Scottie Niedermayer coming back makes Beauchemin expendable. Ladd, sort of, replaces Penner for the Ducks. He needs more ice time to get better and even if we do keep him, there's no guarantee we'll have the money to re-sign him, since Stillman seems to be heading for a big pay day after this season. Of course, if someone else picks up Recchi as I'm typing this, this all becomes moot.
  3. Melrose generally has good things to say about the Canes. Probably my favorite ESPN commentator. He says we play exciting hockey that's fun to watch. Can't disagree with that.
  4. Manzato is not coming here. http://blogs.newsobserver.com/canes/index....p;tb=1&pb=1 Seriously, did no one see this?
  5. Guys, this is just for the starters, (3F, 2D, 1G per team). Fans only vote for the starters, meaning it's a popularity contest, nothing more. We need to vote as many Hurricanes players as possible, as often as possible. But the sampling pool for the rest of the roster is the entire league. If Stillman, Whitney, and Brind'Amour keep it up, they will most assuredly be in consideration for the ASG. Heck, the way things are turning out, regardless of who the starters are, half the team will be Ottawa and Carolina players.
  6. Penalty Killing! Penalty Killing! Penalty Killing! Penalty Killing! Penalty Killing! Penalty Killing! Time to start working on...can you guess? ... Penalty Killing! Every team is going to get bad penalties called against them, and that's really when the penalty killing needs to step up. We have not been getting the penalty killing we need. Not in any game so far this season. I don't even know if there was a game where we didn't give up a PPG. We have two days until the next game. One of the practices needs to be dedicated solely to the PK.
  7. Take a look at how much T. Kaberle makes. Discussion over.
  8. I was actually reminded of Eric Lindros, who was diagnosed with a rib injury but later turned out to be a collapsed lung due to internal bleeding. Hopefully, the docs in Pitt know of that incident and checked for that.
  9. Don't look now, but Eklund has us as a possible destination for Danny Markov. Also he says we're talking to the Sharks regarding a trade.
  10. Nice to see the Caps lose one finally. I wouldn't say that they've come out with guns blazing. Their style seems to be more shutdown, clogging up lanes, type of thing. Watching them play, they remind me a lot of the Devils and the Wild, employing that minimal offense with strong defense/pressure.
  11. The Sens have good reason to respect us. Didn't we also end their undefeated streak during the 05-06 season? We all know how that season ended. A good omen perhaps...
  12. A good win, and those last couple of minutes should keep the Canes from getting too ahead of themselves as they prepare for a re-match with the Habs. Still, this game was labelled as the hardest test thus far for both teams and it's nice to see the Canes are the ones to pass.
  13. We're getting a considerable degree of respect from both the Sens and the league. The Sens rested Gerber for us. Everyone's saying this will be the hardest test so far for both teams. Let's try to be worthy of the respect. Go CANES!
  14. Here's what another Floridian had to say about the Canes' logos:
  15. On that play, he moved to the middle to prevent Kozlov from splitting the D. Kozlov just made a great pass and OV an even better shot. Grahame saw the shot all the way and just missed with the blocker on a perfect shot by OV.
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