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  1. I haven't seen this posted anywhere. These are the U8 Advanced players where we have embraced the new ADM model this year and it's been very successful! Looking forward to this, my son will attend and is VERY excited. Phil
  2. My son and I congratulated Scott Walker at the Factory in Wake Forest tonight before a minimite/mite pickup game. His son was doing a Power Skate, I believe he is a Mite.
  3. I've spent a lot of time out in Tempe (I watched game 7 of the finals in 2006 out there) Caffe Boa used to have Center Ice but I don't think so any more. (The Tavern?) which is right next door is a sports bar and will probably have Center Ice. A bit further out Philly's sports bar is pretty good on the way up to Scottsdale. As is the Tailgate Sports Bar on Broadway just off Priest.
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    Interesting to read the comments, some very good insight. Let me just add a few things. I would not want to change either commentator. I have Center Ice and some of the other commentators make me cringe. The Buffalo one for example (can't remember the name). John Forslund is ver good indeed. And I do like Tripp. Last year for example the commentaries were so good to listen to. And to repeat, the only problem I have is with the over-praising of the opposing teams and (it seems) 90% of the time on a marginal call he'll go with the opposition. I enjoy listening to his insight on the players and he seems to know their wifes, parents, parents dogs and parents dogs friends even /shrug, but as a number of people have pointed out, we are lucky to have them both. Bok
  5. Well, I'm in the Raleigh area and it is showing on Center Ice! Just watched the face off. No blackout I'm hoping this season common sense is prevailing in that they show the games that aren't on the local channels..
  6. Forsberg mentioned it on thursday night and if you scroll through the guide on TWC you can see it...
  7. They said the same thing to me.. I ordered it anyway! If it's not on I'll watch one of the other games without sound I guess with the Canes on the radio..
  8. Will the CI feed be blacked out in the Raleigh area ?? I thought they blacked out the local games on NHL Center ICE ?? If not I'd sign up in a heartbeat. Was there on thursday night which was awesome..
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