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  1. why cant i start a new thread??? i want to talk about sutter why is he not getting the minutes? power play minutes?
  2. Jeff from vancouver, im a returning member to the new forum. oh, and pretty upset they didnt show up to the game on sunday...... i was getting worked in the stands! go canes!!
  3. They just have no offensive "talent" of course they're all professional players, but just not great.... no creativity, i just dont like the style. I say unload the veterans at the deadline, and just start fresh next year, give the young guys a chance, it works, look at chicago, L.A. We just need somebody to step up, and just light it up offensively. Make something happen boys!!
  4. i dont think the team is very defensive minded... maybe just brendan morrow, and the Defensemen, but those forwards are pretty offensive minded.... in my opinion anyway. the talk up here in vancouver is about phaneuf, boumeester, and ryan smyth not making it. everyone seems to like staal on the team. Huge excitement up here! jeff
  5. Umm, its called excitement, and probably a little boredom. Whats the big deal?
  6. I think we finish second in the SE, and make the playoffs 6th or 7th. My two cents about Maurice and all coaches: Why does it matter who the coach is?? your playing a professional sport, because your a professional player.... play hard!! Is Detroit good because Babcock is good? Is Pittsburgh good because Dan Bylsma is good. Im sure some of you will disagree but hey, this is my opinion. I hope Rodney makes the team this year, the games that he played last year really impressed me. I feel like some of you, we need a defensive Dman. Besides Gleason there is noone else. Keep Corvo, and Babs, having offensive Dmen is an extreme bonus. Our team is fast, offensive minded, and we have a great goalie. Thats right, I said Ward is a great goalie. I really hope he makes team canada, as Im going to a few of those games up here. In closing, if we add some toughness, we're gold. jeff
  7. This is an excellent re-signing. Larose gets better every year! I love his work ethic and energy. Go Canes!! Jeff from vancouver.
  8. This thread is killing me! what do you guys want from your goalie?? You try making a save while being screened, try making a save while a 90mph shot changes direction right in front of you. Try making a save while your D and Forwards arent doing their jobs! Its everyone on this team not doing their jobs to help, not just Ward! Ya he lets in a few softies, but all goalies do. Come on get over it!
  9. wow, some of you guys in these threads are pretty harsh, its just a game!! We won the cup in 06, you saw how awesome this game is. Support the team, dont threaten to get rid of your season tickets! I always like to compare with the canucks because Im up here in Vancouver, the team has been mediocre, and horrid in the playoffs since 94, but we sell out every night, there is a wait list for season tickets, why? because of the game!! hockey!! ok, now, I watch the canes play, and they are just out muscled, out hustled on most nights, mostly at home actually. Eric Staal..... lunges at the puck, instead of hitting the guy. We need to just get bigger and meaner, it has nothing to do with the coach. I take a look at our young guys and the boys in Albany, and I like our future, just dont blow it fans by not supporting the team, and not buying tickets, hang in there, go to the games, and enjoy the game, the atmosphere. Dont hate me, its just my opinion. I would love to live down there, you guys get a bunch of rain too, right? jeff
  10. great post! what a playoff run! I'll be honest, after that game 5 loss at home in OT, then the slaughter of game 6 in Edmonton, I thought the canes wouldnt recover! It takes a great team to come out and win that game 7, what a game!! jeff
  11. Hey Great Post! I have recently thought that Staal needs a superstar with him to set him up, or visa versa. Most players are like that, some arent, look at Kovalchuk, hes good on his own. We cant get mad at Staal for the season hes having, ya most nights it looks like hes not trying, and just "poking" at the opposition, instead of hitting him, but he needs someone to make plays with, or a power forward to open the ice for him. As for trades and signings, I want to see more youth, and more physical players. Dont hate me for saying this, but Williams, Walker, Cullen gotta go... I really like this Rodney kid, hes gonna be great!
  12. They need team toughness, some of you have said it already, but get mad, when the goalie makes a save and hangs on to it with a guy standing in front of him, knock him on his *edit*! and do More hitting, better passes, and play Sutter more, I really like that kid. I like Cullen, Williams and Brindy, but they just get pushed off the puck too easily, you know? Stay supporting them people and keep showing up to the games, I wish I could be there, but up here in Vancouver, I have to pay $100 upper bowl tickets, and $8.00 beers to watch the Canucks, who are playing exactly like us right now by the way.
  13. Its comments like this that get me going, I just dont understand, are you not watching every game. He makes some unreal saves, so yes he keeps us in the games, hes not perfect, but who is? You can tell he got frustrated when he broke his stick in the ottawa game, i bet he was frustrated because the TEAM was playing horrible in front of him.
  14. it blows me away that you guys bash ward so easily. I just dont get it. He is a good goalie. Give aways, odd man rushes, screen shots, you try stopping those. He let in one softy tonight, big deal. I dont see any threads started here that said "great job by ward tonight" when he was standing on his head during our little win streak. Wards fine
  15. I couldnt have said it better myself, and good for you for posting this, well done!! Game 7, he scored the first goal, which ended up what we won by! He has played well for us, come on cut him some slack.
  16. what happened to sutter was not anyones fault, it was just a hit, a hit that happened to catch Brandon with his head down in mid ice. I dont know if any of you have played hockey, but its extemely fast as you can tell from watching the games, but playing it, theres no time to react. Weight just wanted to hit him cleanely, which he did, but at the last second Sutter put his head down, and had his arms in an awkward position. There should be no discipline, its just a hit. I really hope Sutter can recover because I like the style of hockey he plays. jeff
  17. has there been an injury status on Brandon Sutter? or is he good to go? Jeff
  18. you guys are missing the point from my posts about having two good goalies. IF and only IF a team has something that we need at the time of the deadline, then JR will do it, Im not saying its ward, it can be either one. Look at a few years ago when San Jose had Toskala and Nabokov, two goalies sharing the duties, both great, one was traded. How about in Minnesota a few years ago, Fernandez and Roloson. Come on think like a GM here. ONLY and ONLY if it makes sense for the team. For now, lets keep playing both, and win with both. Im done with this topic.
  19. Wow you guys are hardcore about the goalies. I hope you guys arent calling me crazy about the post I made, because all I meant was if they are BOTH doing great at or around the trade deadline, and we were in a serious push for the playoffs, and we needed a forward or defenseman, and another team made an offer that is GOOD for the canes, then JR would do it, thats all. Thats business. Of course its good to have two solid goalies. Most of the Great goalies are off to a bad start this year: Luongo, Kipprusoff, Turco.... its like being in a slump in baseball, they will get out of it. In closing I believe Ward will step up and be the number one.
  20. two scenarios, if they are both playing really good, and the canes are in the playoff hunt, at or towards the trade deadline, you trade one of them for something that is needed at that time. Other scenario is if one is playing better than the other, than one is the starter, one is the backup. Go Canes! jeff
  21. just wanted to throw in my two cents as I read through this thread. I think our defenseman look pretty solid so far(They could do a little more hitting though..). remember that all forwards have a responsibility on D as well. Meaning hustling back, and not giving up too many odd man rushes, which is still a problem that I see. This is the first year that I can finally watch all the canes games on the package that I bought up here in vancouver, so im Very Excited! In closing, the D-men look pretty solid, so does Cam! jeff
  22. Ugly as in?? his he sick? or coming off injury, I dont get any coverage up here... Jeff
  23. I didnt search this thread for the answer, but is Corvo injured?
  24. Its amazing the amount of Ward bashers there are on this forum. The guy makes highlite reel saves, ya he lets in some soft ones, but most goalies do. He is still young, but his poise in net for his age is outstanding. Look at the 06 cup run, how cool and calm he was, even the broadcasters noticed that. By you saying that we would have made the playoffs with an average goalie the last two years is ridiculous. Defense was an issue, Penalty Kill, even shorthanded goals were an issue, and lots of odd man rushes were given up. Bottom Line is, we have alot of talent on our team, so if we stay healthy, and our defense improves (and on paper it has) then we should be fine. First place this year, and top five in offense. Go Canes!! Jeff P.S. Cant wait for the February 3rd game against vancouver!
  25. I was a huge whaler fan back in the 90's, but I rarely saw any games, as they were never on TV up here in Vancouver. I always relied on the highlites. Kevin Dineen, Pat Verbeek, Adam Burt, Mike Liut, and of course, Ron Francis
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