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  1. I went to the game today and had a great time.(during the second half anyway) That was just an amazing half considering how the first half went. I think the heat probably had a little to do with the Bears wilting during the second. The heat index was about 110. And they were in those black jerseys. I really expected to see those ugly orange ones. But anyway, I wanted to say how proud I was of the Panthers fans for this game. Everyone stayed for the entire game! That is very unusual. About 1/3 usually leave at the begining of the 4th. And we were LOUD during that 4th quarter. It was a great ending to a game I didn't think that we could win. Now we get Smitty back!!! Can't wait to see him running over opposing Ds this year!! GO PANTHERS!!!!!! 2-0
  2. I would love to join a league if anyone has room. I played last year and would love to play again this year. Thanks! I signed up with Raphaelprime's league. I hope that is OK. Thanks!
  3. My memory may be wrong but didn't they start the three As in 05-06 with K.Adams, Stillman as alternating As and Wes as the Permanent A? I think that would be fine with Staal as the pemanent A and Whit and Gleason as the aternating As. This is just MHO.
  4. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! I was alittle worried about Timmy! It was just taking so long. Great deal too!!!!
  5. http://www.nhl.com/nhl/app?page=ThreeStars...mp;service=page 1st star!!! WTG Joe!
  6. Get well soon David! I hope that the problems you are having clear up soon! But your health is the most important thing!! Trish
  7. Yeah, he had a couple of really good hits in the game. That one open ice hit was BIG.
  8. Does anyone know if there is anywhere online that is showing it? Thanks
  9. Yeah, and when he was talking to Legace and Manny told him to stop picking on the goalies, Bettman said something like you goalies are getting to big and Manny was like Big? I'm only 5'9 and then bettman said well your equipment is to big. ROFL You would think Bettman would know who he was talking to. Way to go Staal!!!!!!!!! Great Effort!!!! Keep it up the rest of the season!!
  10. If they have played much with each other it would probably be good to keep Aucoin and Nolan on the same line. Maybe they can bring the same stuff they have in Albany. imo
  11. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!
  12. I agree!!! Moore was great today! I know that we didn't have some of their starters but then some of our starters were out today aswell. I am still VERY happy with the Win!! And I thought it showed alot of class to let Vinny have the last snap since he is retiring. Now the guys have to get healthy and ready for next year. What do you guys think about Morgan? Will he come back next year? At least he didn't go down with another concusion. I know that he can be a BEAST when healthy, but one big hit and he is done for the year. Is he worth it? Also, I hope that the Real Julius Peppers shows up at camp this year and not that imposter that made the team this year. He was almost invisible. Anyway, GO PANTHERS!!!!! I can't wait for next season!!
  13. Stories like this are so great! Especially this time of year!
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