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  1. I'm one of those that thinks that it take time for the pairings to gel. We have changed the defense so much this year, it is hard to recognize. So for now, I'll wait a few game to see how things shape up. One thing I'd like to see is more time for Babchuk.....see what the guy really can and will do for us this year. See if his head is on straight...attitude has changed....will fit in with this team. If not, cut bait and move on. We have more than him to make up our defense and they too deserve a shot if he can't or won't cut it !!
  2. I still have the hangover from the loss.....and the hope of the Cats to prevail in DC, but I was so grateful to see this post this morning. May I add a few comments.... In January I was ready to fold up the tent and call it a day.....then I watch the Rat Pack begin the long journey through February and March. Mix in the the trades...and we were back in business again. SOOOOOOO.....that's where I see our biggest positives. These guys played with a heart so big and I think, gave the veterans pause to step up thier game too. Walker did a fantastic job bringing in a line that is really exciting to watch with Bayda and Aucoin. Staal stepped up his game and with Sammy and Ruutu and Corvo, we started the big engines purring. Finally, we got to see what Lets is made of. He got enough ice time to show his value. Add Conboy, Jensen and Brookbank.....now we got something strong to build on!!! Sure, it's tough to see our "star power" go down to injuries.....but look what we gained. The off season will be a nightmare for management to figure out what to do with all this talent. ( and now is a great time to spread kudos to JR and RF for getting the trades we needed ). Perhaps this year we'll see retirements that will open up even more slots to rebuild the defense. But when I think of the Canes without the rock of Glen Wesley it will be sad indeed. Or the loss of Hedican and his hardnose play is not easily replaced. Lastly.....I continue to be grateful that we are fortunate to enjoy big league hockey in Raleigh.
  3. I second the dream of an all Southeast Conference final......!!! I say Caps or Fla will make the #8 spot.
  4. Stiller did the job for us when we needed it. If he's happy there, so be it. It frees up more money that we're gonna need for next season. As for Commie, I see no great loss. We have a plateful to sign for next year....and Sammy heads that list. As for the team make up next year.....I think quite a few changes lately will become permanent. I see the team playing it's best hockey since the 06 playoffs. Why would we want to change that. All the new guys have been an asset; the callups have rounded out the needs nicely. I pity the task JR has on his hands, BUT......it's a good problem to have!!!
  5. I think 6-2 will do it down the stretch.....loss to Caps and Fla on the road. I'll add this note to mine.....I think that either the Caps or Fla will make the #8 spot, but not both.
  6. I think the real proof of the pudding on the trades will come down during the playoffs. Commie and Stiller should have worked thier way into the system by then and we'll see if they still "have it". I'd like both to do well, but I think Commie was too slack and Stiller has finally finished a very nice career. JR will come out of this smelling good as Corvo continues to show his prowess in our line up. Eaves will soon have enough ice time to fit in and his contributions will be notable as well. Any way you cut the pie.....yeah, we won big time on this trade.
  7. The guys from Chi have made a big impact on this team......I think I'm gonna enjoy the show tonight. JR looks like a geniuos!!!
  8. Although he is a long shot......I hope he wins. Wes brings it day in and day out. He's a rock for this team. The league needs a special place for the nuts and bolts guys who play for years and never get any recognition.....Wes would be one of the leaders in that group.
  9. I think he just needs to get some ice time with the players...he improves each game. His shot quality is very good.....and when it starts to click....first or second line.
  10. I'm one who has insinuated that St Peter has problems.....as well as the rest of the coaching staff. And I'll not take any exception that the team is on a roll now, but I think so for a variety of reasons 1...JR gave a stern warning that no player is immortal (except maybe Staal) and would change things if play didn't step up. Shortly thereafter, Commie and Stiller are gone....and trade rumors were ongoing. I think the coaches and the team got the message. 2...Brindy's injury served notice that the big guns had to step it up....and they responded. 3...Enter the new mix of players in trades and callups from Albany. As for the coaches.....the style HAS changed...practice is much more intense. I offer the improvement on special teams as proof. The PK has done a 360.....the PP inching up notch by notch to being respectable. Cam has settled more in the crease, and gone back to his style of the 06 season, a much improved defense in front of the net has is finally showing up. Overall, the speed factor has been a noticed change....the "dump and chase" is beginning to work in our zone. Our transition game has moved off the wall and more centered to the point with in increase of shots on the net. Yup.....I'm gonna give St Peter credit for the changes. I think crow won't taste too bad...especially if I think it may be served in the Stanley Cup. But also, I think JR did a number with trades. The guys took a hard look in the mirror and the smell in the locker room just might be a bit sweeter these days. Do I still have problems with Lavi ? Yes I do, as well as the older team members. My reasoning is simple......Do threats and trades have to be the motivating force to incite the team to do the job they get paid big bucks to do? I like the new guys....but we had talent on this team all along. Why do we now see them performing? It doesn't take a mental giant to figure this out. Could it be that JR knew this too ? For those who want to take exception to how I feel, I have no problems with your opinions. In the end analysis.....the results are what really count and from where we sit on top of the division the view is quite nice!!! Thank you for indulging me time and space.
  11. A suggestion.......especially in the parking lot...... Look at the license plates of the sabre fans that are so disgusting.......I think you will see that they are transplants with NC plates. The group of sabre fans around us are from Buffalo and travel to see the team.....they use the horse arena parking lot for parking and tailgating. They are avid fans without a doubt, but we have never had the trouble I read about here inside the arena. Sorry as it seems, the solution inside will boil down to security taking steps to make better control the mess. RBC knows in advance when "block" sales are made. With that in mind, add the personnel to have the offenders assested and charged. After a couple games with heavy control, the offenders will get the message. Now, they just turn them out the door and the mess just moves to the parking lot.
  12. Yannoooooo....... Something good that is being overlooked here.....We have the luxuary of putting a player of equal strength on the ice for this situation now. This was not the case about a month ago with all the flu and injury problems. I think it's pretty much true at every position except maybe in the net. This is gonna be a huge plus during the playoff run if we have more injury problems at critical times.
  13. This is a great problem to have......but I see no reason to contemplate the future just yet. We have a lotta hockey to be played yet this year. Let's see what shakes out first and then do the "guessing" game. All I know is that I'm glad I don't have to make the decisions of who goes and who stays. That is gonna be one tough job.....good luck JR!!!!
  14. This game has no brainer results........three games in four days......the guys were getting tired BUTTTTTTTTT........it's two points!!! They looked good most of the night....give the Sabres some credit for playing a hard fought game. Miller was terrific....should have got a "star" for that effort. I've thought quite a bit for where the credit goes for this game.....and i think I have the answer. This game was a total effort....something I notice more and more of late. Sure, some guys get the points, but EVERY PLAYER did the work in this game. TEAM!!!!.....that's what I'm seeing! One last note......I think it's no secret that I've been highly critical of Kaberle. Over the last three games, I've seen a tremendous change in his play. For whatever reason, he looks like what I remember from the Game 7 Final. GO FRANK!!!
  15. The Buffalo games are some of the best hockey entertainment for our fans. I hope the guys have thier best on the ice tonight......and security has thier best game off the ice. Tough game.....I make it 4-3 Canes.
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