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  1. "That's a night we want our hard-core fans to come out," Yormark said. "We didn't think it appropriate to put a premium on it." So I guess he's saying he doesn't care if the hard-core fans come to any of the other games and pretty much admitting this will keep fans away? If he doesn't think the hard-core fans will pay the premium prices for future game does he really think the average fans will???? These guys are truely re-tard-id
  2. My bad, I thought the 5 on 3 had expired and he scored on the reg PP, still a stupid move none the less.
  3. Wrong. That's the reaction Avery wanted, he wanted Broduer to do something like that. The dangerous/stupid part of it is that Avery could not see the play. What if Broduer had to come out quickly to cut down an angle or stop a shot, Avery would have no idea and Broduer would have had to jump right into Avery's waiving stick. Stupid move. Not to mention it probably cost the Rangers the game, Avery tunrned a 5 on 3 into a 4 on 3 by not joining in on the actual play.
  4. From what Cambell and Betmann said on XM it won't be allowed anymore this season. He looked like a retard and even the guys on XM said he looked "idiotic" and they had never seen anything like it. Funny thing is that it didn't help at all and Drury was trying to get him to stop, and they still lost the game
  5. You know it's bad when Tripp actually says on air something like he just said about AO. It really is just,,,, sad
  6. Yea, this is pretty sad. Gunna be hard for them to leave it all out on the ice with the way the calls are going. Guess I'll watch the Nash game if this continues, this isn't much fun.
  7. With all this said could someone please explain this to me,, If a player can be given a penalty for cursing/yelling at a ref,, why not a coach? Especially when he yells such things at a player, there's just no excuse for it. They're supossed to be professional. Granted most coaches are, but there are the few like Ruffles that need to be slapped when he does this stuff! I don't understand why they could not hand out an un-sportsman like penalty to Ruffles when he does @#$% like this. Would that not be great, his head would probably explode
  8. Someone should post this on youtube
  9. ,,,, and appologize so EVERYONE hears it and knows they made a mistake. The loss doen't bother me as much as the bad officiating. It's just no fun to watch ANY game when it's like that. Like someone else said earlier,, Florida won't be around long enough to cause any trouble for us, or anyone else. At least now they got their win against us, even if it took help from the officials. Maybe now they'll STFU. After this their whining won't do them much good so they better enjoy the win. The refs can't blow anymore calls for them with the hype that's stirred up now. There's no way the league could possibly review those calls and not see it for what it truely is, bad calls. Will be very interested to see what comes out of it.
  10. Most of the negativity is more those "fans" just being afraid of loosing to "newer" teams
  11. The salary cap is a joke and it will soon be back to teams that have double the payroll of other teams. Sure, right now it
  12. Did anyone else notice that when Neidermayer was told to come get the Cup he pretty much dissed Bettman Didn't look like he cared to shake his hand (could've just forgot with all the excitement) but he definately had no plan to stand there for a photo shoot with him, he litterly took it from Bettman, then Bettman was like "oh yea, go ahead, take it"
  13. It won't be long before the NHL will have to start making calls for INTENT. This is the only way to make all this stop. Alfie should have been given a penalty for that cheap shot, even though it didn't connect. It was his intent to hurt the other player, the same with Neil taking 6 huge strides to intentionally take a head shot on one of the Ducks the game before, once again INTENT. That was one lucky Duck, if Neil had connected on that one he'd prolly taken his head off.
  14. Ducks win it at home in game 5. Ott played well but no one can argue they were helped out, especially with the kick in goal. Like Hull said, it was called a non-goal in the Buff series, now it's ok to call it a goal, *edit*? The Ducks saw how it's going to be called in Ott and will adjust. I think if they do Loose Pronger at all the team will play even harder, just like last time.
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