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  1. Heck you watch any NFL game where it's close in the last two or three minutes and some random guy will lie on the field long enough to give his teammates a break to finish the game strong. Then he gets up and either a. jogs off the field, b. limps awkwardly away with a trainer using alternating feet because he can't decide which leg to fake a limp with, or c. gets his leg rubbed down in a disturbing manner by a trainer. Sometimes the trainer and player look like they have read the kama sutra together. Say what you want about legitimate/illigitimate injuries but this DOES happen often.
  2. No one has mentioned the fact that Carolina has already played two or three more games than those teams just above us or below us in the playoff standings. THAT should give you some cause to worry about us making the playoffs. I know we can make the playoffs, it's just that we've already played more games than people within a point or two of us. We will make or miss the playoffs by one or two points if we keep losing every other game.
  3. Someone in my section always flips out when a goalie rushes to the bench on a delay penalty and will be like, "Shoot the puck, the goal is empty!!!" or "This coach is an idiot!!!! WE NEED OUR GOALIE!!!" Then when they realize no one else is yelling, they sit back down with a dumb look on their face. Last time this happened the person had a Ron Francis jersey on. Pretty embarrassing.
  4. yeah, nice to see us actually winning the fights we get into.
  5. That was an awesome fight all around. I don't care what anyone says. There's something to be said for retaliation when your captain gets hit like that. On replay, no it wasn't the dirtiest hit I've ever seen, but when you're playing one of your top rivals at home and it's a close game, and your captain gets hit late like that, you retaliate. Don't think every game should be like this one, but every now and then the whole team should get in on the action.
  6. I laughed when I read this one. I go to LU and on rare occasions I find myself at Jerry's church. I've gotten up to leave early many times when it begins to feel more like a fundraising campaign rather than church and no one stops me at the door. But yeah, fans that leave like last night for the reason that they were disappointed in the team are pretty lame. Would you leave your child's school play if they screwed up their lines because you were disappointed in them? You stay and support your kid. A hockey game and school play are two different things, but the idea is the same. You stick around when things aren't going too well. Work and getting kids in the bed for school are good reasons for leaving early, but if you can, avoid joining the early exit to the parking lot, especially when there is reason to think your team can at least tie the game in the last few minutes.
  7. that's sick. If MJ could ice skate, that would be him.
  8. I would say I concur with Melinda's points. There has been a difference in the overall feel of the board from a year ago until now. Talking about fair-weather fans: I was still in high school when the Canes went on their first cup run against Detroit. I didn't really give a hoot about hockey. But that year alone turned me onto hockey when I went to my first Canes game and when the playoffs were on, I went to the "ESA" (who remembers that???) to watch the games at the outdoor tents because I couldn't get tickets inside, and when I would go watch away playoff games on the big screens inside the arena. I guess you could say then I became a bandwagon fan after that even though we lost, but I did stay on the wagon through the miserable '02-'03 season because I got hooked and have been on ever since. It is frustrating to pull for a team through thick and thin and watch half-hearted fans come alongside you and criticize every little poor move or bad decision, and then when the team wins something, everyone rushes out to buy the team's jersey or cap like they have been lifelong fans (EVERYONE at school had a Red Sox hat the week of the World Series and the weeks after they won a few years ago, but back to hockey). I DON'T post very much, because compared to several people on this board, I don't have the depth of knowledge and background that they do about hockey in general. I feel a little more able to comment on the team, but even then I don't unless something really impresses me. As a general rule, I do try to find the positive. I also find I can learn a lot from the observations of the "tenured" members on this board. On the other hand, it's annoying to see "------- SUCKS" every third message or "OMG ----------- IS SOOOOO HOTTTT" But really, I just ignore those.
  9. Thanks again for all the input, I have PLENTY of information from just this forum to use as a source. Everyone contributed something I can mention.
  10. Considering the Bruins PK% is now 20th in the NHL at 81.4% (it was lower before last night's game), and we went 1/14 on our PP, I'd put a lot of blame on our special team play(we're 25th in the NHL on our PP). It's night and day with our PP from last year to this year. There are other things you could pin the blame on too, but things usually go better when you score on your PP's you know?
  11. Thanks for the input so far! I know people like Elton John that I mentioned earlier aren't in the exact circle of musicians like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, but I was trying to get an idea of whether or not musicians on that "softer" end of the spectrum had an impact on those earlier generations as well. I'm not really asking if that softer music interested you, was it very prominent in the culture? I'm meant to focus mostly on those bands that have already been mentioned though, so thanks very much for the responses! I'm pretty familiar with Queen, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones. Not so much with everyone else. I have a friend who is lending me some Zeppelin tomorrow. Thanks again!
  12. nope I got kiprusoff with a 4th round pick and an older prospect in the minors who had been playing well. I thought it was a little easy to get him.....yeah my computer runs a little slower with the trial version, but I don't mind waiting < 1 minute, which is about as long as I've ever waited. Interesting to hear feedback from people who have known the game from a few versions ago. I think it's funny you can set a player's setting to "beserk" and encourage them to fight. They usually get 12 game suspensions of course.
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