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  1. Thanks for posting that Icefrog....I didn't think Hossa snapped the stick - Pens fans are just complaining that it happened moments before that sweet backhand goal. @Canescandoit, the poster who said that Detroit wins games by BS....Hmmh, interesting spin on things, I guess you're watching the bizarro world NHL. The Wings have the $$ to spend, and their recruitment/farm system(Grand Rapids Griffins) have been able to fill in when the top money players get hurt. The guy Abdelkader, the 22yr who made two Penguin players plus Fleury look like amateurs, yeah he BS'd his way to that goal Oh and one more thing: GO WINGS!
  2. So the Pens beat the Wings no biggie they still came out of that game with a point and then get this won the next three....That game was the pens Stanley cup game but too bad it came too late. GO WINGS!
  3. But Chris did say that he would never try to beat Mister Hockey's record ... oldest player to play in the Playoff .. A real class act
  4. Lacking in originality but I do like the centerpiece much better than the flushing toilet
  5. How about "One Game, One Goal, One Stanley Cup"
  6. I remember Jeffy "I want a cookie" O'Neil and he was a decent player back in the day but....I wouldn't be surprised if an offer is tendered because this organization has the tendency to bring back old washed up players....Why nostalgia? Oh yes I can't wait to see all of the Gatorade spilled on his jersey or who could forget all of the black face paint walking around the concourse...Our team our tradition=Don't make it with our team don't worry we'll bring you back after a couple of years. Hey maybe they can bring back Bates Battaglia and then they can hang out at the Office together and Jeffy can get arrested for urinating in public
  7. NP...yeah who is that guy on your pic? I was up in Boston over the fourth and saw plenty of Bo-Sox games on television. My buddy from the Army called the last three guys (typically in the batting order) the blackhole....I think one of them was the guy in pic....I remember the last game I paid attention to, against the Yankees the bases were loaded with no outs and then the black hole came up to bat...It was pop up, strike out, and ground out...And that was the end of the game
  8. The hockey gods man what did you do to piss them off? I believe I foresee an trip in my future...That would be totally awesome to see both of my favorite teams in Chicago
  9. Joined the Army in 1986 did a brief stint at Ft Jackson then Ft Benning and then Home to the Airborne, Ft Bragg...Married a local gal( I was 23) divorced her three years later....Married a mountain girl (when I was 32) then divorced her after seven years....As far as being on this site, I enjoy discussing hockey regardless of where I find it....I'm also on the Redwings site also
  10. No big deal guys I was just bustin your chops - you can root or dis any team you like....It's one of the rights bestowed to all hockey fans....I tend to hate on everyone except the Wings and the Hawks (Grew up in a divided house maternal Grandparents from Chicago paternal from Grand Rapids). Now that I think about it I tend to gravitate to the Original Six Teams - Except the Rangers I really hate the Rangers (About as much as I hate the Yankees - Tigers fan it's in the blood).
  11. Leave it to the haters Bigbander & Can-Av to make a big stink about this - Go Wings!
  12. Geez, couldn't that Newborn hold it? What's wrong with this children today no self control.....I'm sure that is not the first time that this has happened(reported anyway)....And of course it'd have to happen while a Wings player had the cup....First it was dented and now this (at least it gives people something to talk about). A quick wipe down with a handi-wipe and it is as good as new.
  13. First the Senators take him (sorry but they got the short end of the stick on that trade) and now the Blue Jackets. Maybe they saw those photos of him in his robe and thought "Hey we could use a cool guy like that on our team"...Please note sarcasm
  14. I'm not upset about this trade but would have been happier if they'd lock in a steady Goaltender....But with Hossa they have a good shot at scoring more goals than the other team and that is all that matters. And besides, Hossa said he's wanted to play for the wings.
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