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  1. If we had gotten Pat O'Sullivan, then it would have been the FIRST TIME a NORTH CAROLINA resident played for the CANES! he is from Winston-Salem!
  2. we could use more aggressive players so yes Avery would be a welcome addition only for his presence and pest-factor. its about winning games by any means, not popularity contests
  3. Yes, respect the US National Anthem for sure. Maybe there should be a Hurricanes Anthem written? Or a pledge of allegiance to the Canes?
  4. Three things, Pride: He responded to Eager's challenge...thats what men do..he felt threatened so he defended himself. Entertainment factor: Hockey is a form of public entertainment dating back to the Roman Coliseum times. Ever heard all the cheering after fights? Raw Emotion: No other sport has it quite like Hockey. Did Gleason's absence for 5 min affect anything? I say no. Its nice to see a decent fight instead of a C Adams hugfest. And you can bet your season tickets Eager and Gleason had a beer together after the match. HMMM...reminds me of rugby...
  5. bring back BOULERICE! Give him a chane to produce offensively and fight a little to bring some spark! Bayda? Willis? They're REAL intimidating
  6. http://www.startribune.com/1330/story/864211.html read the 8th paragraph...
  7. Good evening Palmetto Caniacs!
  8. Hoyle, Well said dude...very good point. I was under the impression that he was somewhat productive offensively as well. I say if the Wild can afford to save a space for him and still compete then they're lucky. Chemistry is key.
  9. Some coaches, such as Carolina's Peter Laviolette, almost have a no-fighting rule. "I have a common-sense rule that says, 'Don't get into useless fights,' " Laviolette said. "I'm trying to make that point. We can win a game on the scoreboard." Boogaard pointed out that lately there has been an epidemic of dirty hits to the head, something he says enforcers could deter. Just found this in the article....I guess this explains it. Good point on the mental toughness aspect. I think the Canes possess high levels of mental toughness...usually keeping their heads and calm even when behind a few goals going into the 3rd, Cardiac Canes anyone? Lets face it, fights bring an entertainment value like no other sport can. These days, fighters need to produce in the points department along with their intimidator role. Boogard is a great example of that and the Wild are fortunate to have him.
  10. Sweet...do you have any Picasso or Van Gogh?
  11. thanks for that bit of fine art...you'll never have back those 12 minutes you spent copy/pasting that
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