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  1. 42 Shots to 16 and we are down 2 goals Cam has sucked tonight and most of this season (awful stats) WE BETTER GET ONE HERE! I'm so mad
  2. I was raised in Minnesota as a big hockey player and hockey fan. I had no history of teams in my family really because everyone liked the Minnesota NorthStars who were defunct when I grew up. My uncle from North Carolina sent me a 'Canes jersey for Xmas the first year they became a team and then from then on I loved them. My family went on to move to North Carolina in the year 2000 and I've become a fanatic since then. I now go to Western Carolina Univ and love my 'Canes as much as ever
  3. Nice to see you join the boards man. I'm from Hibbing, Minnesota which is not far from Thunder Bay. Ever been down to Hibbing?
  4. *edit*! The game is not on FSN here and on Yahoo TV for my area it says it will be. Anyone else having this?
  5. We need to sign Todd White and trade Wallin for Pitkanen. I'd also be in favor of keeping Anson Carter(although that will not happen). I'd also like to give Bobby Hughes a crack at making the team and getting in some valuable time. Then we could roll out this beauty of a team: Stillman - Brind'Amour - Williams Amazing line that will be tough on D and pour in a ton of goals Whitney - Staal - Cole Another amazing line that will score in bunches when they get hot Ladd- White - Walker A perfect mix of new NHL hockey. Ladd can develop with the leadership of Walker and White and I could easily see White put up 25 goals on this line Adams - LaRose - Carter A grinder line which can also score some goals. Larose can be a player and Hughes/Sutter could see some time in the next year or two and replace Adams and Carter down the road Pitkanen- Commodore Great scorer in Pit and a sound defensive player in Commy Kaberle- Wesley Another scorer/stay at home combo Gleason- Hutchinson I really like Hutch and see him as a future power play QB for the team. Every time he plays he does well, he just needs a chance Seidenberg- Hedican I would dump Hedican, but I don't see that coming Ward- Grahme Solid duo
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