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  1. They are officially the "Eye Care Associates" Storm Squad
  2. We also need more organ driven chants during the game. There seems to be only 1-2 times per period where the organ is used to lead the crowd in cheering. Some of the other NHL teams have the organ working the crowd the whole game, and as long as we have a really good organist, why not use him more often than as filler music behind announcements and advertisements. The storm squad can only do so much, since there are a small group - but the Canes organ is usually very load in the arena.
  3. The goal horn button is up in the Canesvison control room at the game producer's console.
  4. The organ guy has nothing to do with the canned house music, nor with the goal horn.
  5. The RBC atmosphere is very upbeat and exciting. Music choices are pretty good, and Canesvision has added several new songs. I also like hearing the organ when we are first entering the arena and getting to our seats. Would like to hear more organ during the game instead of the Storm Squad guy blowing that irritating horn. Like the period highlights and the end of the game video also. Keep up the good work. Parking is always bad, but can't do too much about that and leaving the game can sometimes be a nightmare if there are cops who are directing traffic pattens that decide to go the unconventional (the way we aren't used to going) traffic patterns. And keep Holly and the little girl as anthem singers. They are both great (Miss NC stinks as an anthem singer) since they pretty much sing the song as written.
  6. Yeaah, Larry O does an excellent job playing all the pregame music as we are walking into the arena. I've talked to him several times and during the game he is controlled by the producers of the game for Canesvision. They usually tell him when to play a chant, but I've noticed his playing is limited to only a few of these a game. We probably need more of the organ cheers to get the crowd going in unison, since the jumbotron only drives a few and everyone cheers together and louder when the organ leads it. The Mean Gene horn is OK also. I think Canesvision tries to mix the modern music and the organ, but they aren't too successful in giving Larry O a lot of time during the game. I would also like to hear more of the organ to get that nostalgic hockey feeling back into the games. Sometimes the music is too much, and I've noticed more organ during the games for other teams. Maybe they will use him more during the season like the did during the playoffs. But at least there is a lot of organ music whan the fans are coming in - sounds pretty cool with a good mix of pop tunes and old standards. Overall I think he is probably one of best organists in the league.
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