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  1. This matchup works out for us better than Philly, so that is good. I really like how the team played against the Devils this season, being 2 fluky bounces away from sweeping the season series. Devils may say that they are balanced, but against our defense and goaltending, which was essentially the same throughout the season (except for Leighton in for Ward this last game), our team held them to only 8 goals, exactly 2 per game. There's an argument to be made about us not facing the real Devils team since Brodeur didn't play in two of them, but the offense was still there. I'll go with the Canes in 5.
  2. Goal differential is the 4th tiebreaker. In order: 1. Whichever team has played fewer games (and therefore has a better opportunity to get more points); doesn't matter once all 82 games have been played. 2. Whichever team has more wins. 3. Whichever of the two teams that are tied has the greatest number of points in the head-to-head season series (basically just the head-to-head record of the two teams). 4. And finally, goal differential It does not get down to that very often, and there are many other "shoulda, woulda, coulda" scenarios to worry about if we get knocked out on the fourth tiebreaker. Lamenting the few empty net goals from the season scored against us (not worrying about the free ones we have scored) is really stretching it.
  3. My response to that: he is holding a microphone from CanesVision with a Carolina Hurricanes logo on it. He knew what he was saying and who he was saying it for.
  4. You mean in the past? Because Staal's line has included Samsonov and Ruutu basically all season. Not just since Mo came back.
  5. I've never really been a fan of his, but it gets rid of some of our dead weight. I can't see this making a huge difference to us. Salary differential isn't huge, so it only adds a little for us.
  6. Bingo. Look for the smallest skilled forward and you will find our draft pick. Count on it.
  7. I don't think that's the reason. I'm pretty sure Forslund's number 1 priority is the Canes, and then when there isn't a Canes game to be broadcast he can do some national games. If he's available Versus has been taking him, which really says a lot about how good our beloved play-by-play man is. And to hag: is it really the Hurricanes' responsibility to pay to broadcast the games in HD, or is that on FSC? I assumed it was on the channel's job to get that done.
  8. Great news. Didn't even know he had gotten hurt.
  9. There's no way Ottawa is that dumb... right? It would be great for us if it happened, though.
  10. Hilarious. Very worth reading. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?
  11. Trade for a guy who has trouble staying healthy? Don't we have enough guys like that?
  12. That's putting it nicely. To seriously suggest putting Wade Brookbank on D and having him get a decent number of minutes over just about anyone.... well, that's why I'm glad fans don't coach.
  13. Yes, it is all Maurice's fault. This would've never happened under Lavi, especially with the team we have this year. I mean, this couldn't have happened in Toronto this season already. Only difference is we had less of a lead and were able to barely hang on with a healthier roster against a worse team.
  14. I can understand the very last part of your post... but this thread is about Avery for Samsonov, not Samsonov in general. For Avery it is a big, fat NO. Ask the Stars if they're happy they signed him. He apparently can get under the skin of his own team as well as the other team. And if you think that wouldn't happen here, then I don't know what to tell you. Scott Walker would have to be traded in order for there to be even a remote possibility of that happening. He plain hates the guy, as do I.
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