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  1. with his NHL numbers, we could use him ON THE ICE!!
  2. I agree! Lack of backchecking by our forwards on Lavi's post Stanley Cup years is legendary.
  3. "dangling dust it off 5x" LOL Is this the Happy Hands???
  4. thanx tsa....class act by a classy player
  5. Great posts. But as I always say...as Cam goes, so do the Canes. Without strong, consistent goaltending, you won't go far. I am really excited about this upcoming season!!
  6. I agree, more heavy hitters! But I never considered Brindy a "bruising" hitter (or much of a hitter at all). MTC Go Canes!!
  7. 1. Cam to play as well in regular season as the playoffs ( and end of season) 2. Captain to rebound. 3. The guys who sit in front of my (season) seats to sit back in theirs. 4. More replays on the jumbotron. 5. Ron the Ref to turn down his microphone. 6. Eric Cole to up his offensive #s 7. A power play that works. 8. Consistent officiating. (you listening, Brad Watson???) 9. Early playoff spot with 4 home games each round. 10. Sweep the slugs.
  8. We definitely sneaked up on some teams this year.....let's do it again (hehe)!!!
  9. Great job!!! Already looking forward to next season!!!
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