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  1. Ive said it before but b/c we keep having these threads ill say it again. I knew nothing about hockey when i started watching it at the beginning of the 05-06 season, but by listening to Tripp and John i was able to catch on and enjoy the game. Not everyone knows everything about hockey, so by Tripp "stating the obvious" he is actually teaching those of us that are still learning. and plus, the 2 of these guys together are halarious!!
  2. Here it goes...it just wouldnt be the same if we didn't have Tripp haters starting a thread about how annoying they think he is I think the man is halarious and it just wouldn't be the same without him and John!!
  3. What did you type it? I couldn't find it
  4. ummmm wow. they are online today. Its called patience
  5. I have a feeling that stuff was said b/c Tanabe hasnt done anything JR has asked him to. Nothing about his "injury", just that he doesnt seem to want to follow any of the rules. I think everyone is frustrated b/c we all want to know what is going on with him.
  6. HAHA dude i really dont care. just go watch your game
  7. the kitty cats HAVE to win!!!!! and whats up with all the Capital fans over here???
  8. is anyone else having problems with Center ice? I can see every other game but the Caps one!!!!!
  9. kind of sucks to see Ladd go, but Tuomo Ruutu is pretty freakin awesome!!! I hope he can come it, stir things up, and kick some butt!!
  10. He is so funny!! at least he wasnt reading off a paper like poor Larose did lol
  11. Does anyone have any pictures they want to show?
  12. How many different threads are yall going to start talking about the same exact thing??????????? It is getting very, very old
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