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  1. I think the quick answer on why not to do this is simple: Bean will be an NHL player as evidenced by receiving the Top AHL defenseman award this year.. He is behind a current backlog yes, but he looks like money "in the bank" to be a top 6 blue liner for someone in the NHL. Reasons not to trade: 2008 - 1st Round 14th overall pick = Zach Boychuk. or 2011 - 1st Round 12th overall pick = Ryan Murphy So its not impossible to envision you may end up with Zach Boychuk/Ryan Murphy for a Calder Cup winning, AHL Eddie Shore Award winning (top defenseman) defenseman. Suddenly it looks a little less apetizing from where I sit. Trading Bean for current assets (already in the NHL or in a package to get a top 5 draftee) is something I could stomach. A 14th? No way in my view.
  2. He is going to be a strong addition long term. As awful as Jake Gradiner has been this year we will need it. I am dismayed how gaffe prone he has been and as much as last night has prompted me to comment, I have seen it basically all season in him. I can live with an "offensive" defenseman not scorin, but a blue-liner that does not seem to see the ice or the play developing is another. If I didnt know better I would say his mind is anywhere but in the game (Gradiner). At $4mill a year he is leaving the team short.
  3. Yes 21 years ago the Hurricanes did attempt something similar which was also within the rules at the time. I am way more proud of that than when the Canadiens did in 93 where In the third period of game 2 of the 93 Stanley Cup Finals and with Montreal trailing 2-1 to the Kings, Canadiens coach Jacques Demers called for a measurement on Marty McSorley's stick. The curve was ruled illegal, sending McSorley to the penalty box. Demers pulled the goalie for a 6-on-4 advantage and Montreal tied the game up. They went on to win in overtime. Again it was using the rules so it was allowable. A cowards way to win... yes. I suppose the lesson is if your going to use the rules to crush your opponent you should use a hammer not a fly swatter. In this case the Habs used a fly swatter. 😉
  4. He has about 900 games coaching, has scouted, been an executive of the year in his league as a GM and has NHL Assistant GM experience as well. If I thought it was a coaching issue I'd say make him coach. I don't. I think its a talent issue and making trades issue. Hence my post.
  5. I think some of you can't see the forest for the trees. Velucci is indeed whom we need just not as coach. GM Then the owner needs to give him the keys a budget and let him go to work. RB has arguably the least offensive talent in the entire NHL. Its pointless to suggest our PP should be better when we don't have the skaters that can put the puck in the net. Aho, TT, Svech, Martinook, D.Hahn (because of his contract) should be kept. After that I'd trade anyone (Slavin, Faulk, Pesc. Staal (if NTC allows) etc...). If we had offense we could tilt the ice and some defense would occur by simply playing less of it. We will never "defend" ourselves to wins unless they allow clutching and grabbing again circa 2002. Ask yourself this of our skaters (Forwards) - How many are actually better than Chad LaRose? Now would you like to be in RB's shoes having to coach that group?
  6. Its Whalers day! Jeopardy question: "Why didnt the Carolina Hurricanes invest new monies in its team in 2018?" Answer: They used the monies to purchase GREEN WHALER Uniforms! WOOT! I think its a great comparison. Now lets look at it a bit deeper for you young pups that may just now be tuning in: The Whalers only played in the NHL for 20 years. Thats right Puppies equal or just a wee bit less than the Carolina team. (they were a WHL team prior) In 20 years that glorious Franchise from Hartford managed to win 1 - Thats right 1 playoff series only. They managed to score more goals for than against just 4 times in 20 years. THEY FINISHED HIGHER THAN 4th in the Adams/Northeast/Norris 1 time in 20 years Now I am not putting down anyone that is a fan of the Whale. In fact I applaud anyone that is loyal to a team. Particularly a team that was so unifomaly bad for so long (does this resemble anything current in history? Anyone? Anyone?) However - I have to take may hat off to current Carolina Hurricanes owners and the GM to want to pay homage to a team known as a 0.500% perennial winning team over an NHL carreer thats not as long or as winning as the Carolina Hurricanes are now after 20 years in Raleigh. In some circles they strive to exceed mediocrity. Here we celebrate it. Embrace subpar and average and lets bring home the "Participation Chalice" this year! Go Whale!
  7. I don’t follow the logic that a team know for years to be devoid of offensive producers (save the single few we have had/have) somehow should be doing better on the PP. We can’t put the puck in the net. We cant put the puck in the net on the PP. Why shouldn’t these two go hand in hand as they are? Coaches can coach but they can’t take the ice. Our lack of offensive talent is glaring uniformly. Sure we have a skater or two that can score, but that’s not enough.
  8. Why? I lived it. Even before Belkin tried to get out. I also had season tickets here for 10x+ years. Shoulda woulda coulda, if only.... The Thrashers were poorly managed coupled with all their other problems. I don't need to read about it when I know about it. I wouldn't go to the Cleveland Browns to get my GM either regardless of what the ownership team spent on the experience. When you remove what Dundon has forced himself, what is better about the game experience since JR parted ways with PK and left? The DJ? I don't hang this at the GM's feet, as there is plenty of room around the campfire.
  9. For a team weak in goal and weak in offense we managed to prove that by bringing in more blue liners the goal tending and offense isn't much better. Typical for the Carolina "Thrashers." We've managed to take a GM from one of the worst franchises in NHL history make him our own and only manage to prove the new owner that knows little about hockey indeed knows little about hockey.
  10. I'll say. I heard this is his 4th suspension in last 100 games played. If that's accurate I would say this is his last temporary suspension. Next one and he probably will get the boot. There is no place in the league these days for that kind of player.
  11. Back in the days we looked out for one another we also won. I tried to find the picture of Colton Orrs face after Mike Commodore pounded on it within seconds of him leveling Matt Cullen and raising his hands into Cullens face. I was at that game and close by. Cory Stillmans concern was genuine and heartfelt for Cullen as he called for help. Mike Commodore wasn't throwing obligatory punches into Orrs face he was making him pay for the cheap shot on his friend. I am not saying we need fights but we do need the courage and character for people to take up for each other. That's been long missing in the sterile environment we had after Scotty Walker.
  12. Despite some good moves with the player roster this makes no sense. New team, new owner, new coach. What is one of the first things they do to establish THEIR name on the franchise? Honor the failure of it previously. Next we should have a "throwback" to the great successes of the Greensboro days. Maybe they will sale enough sweaters to be happy about it. This would have been fine in another year. Just not the first one.
  13. J-Willy. He has always done the little things to win. He's gone after the dirty pucks, screen goalies with pucks flying his way, took it down the slot and been there night in night out. What he doesn't have anymore in speed he makes up with in honest effort and a hockey IQ that most don't fully appreciate. If he gets out of position, you better take him to the doctor because something must be wrong. As for his trade, the idea was the 2nd knee injury he may never fully recover from. It was a sad day to see him go. True to form, he proved the doubters wrong. I will say what I said last year. Make J-Willy Captain. Let the Yutes explain to him why they couldn't go to the ice to stop a shot. Staal is a good (A) Alternate. Past those two guys I think I'd stop there. You can always name a 3rd "A" in season.
  14. I always get a chuckle out of people trying to figure out who "won" a trade. Its not relevant. All that matters is you got what YOUR team needed. Look at this example: NBA team has the top 10 point guards in the league. They finish last every year. That team trades for the 11th best center in the game. That's a GREAT trade as they cant win in the NBA without A center. This trade helped our team NOW. It would appear it will help our team in the near future as well. THAT will be the measure of this trade. The only comparison would be would the traded players have helped THIS TEAM more now or in the future. Looking at it that way given the type of players we received I would say I doubt it. My two cents.
  15. I have 3 suggestions: J Willie J Willie J Willie This is as much about honest dedication to your team and "doing whatever it takes" that all seem to fall short in comparison. Jordan is capable, and a strong - A. Ask yourself with the game on the line who would stop a puck with their shin guard rolled out of the way? or would screen a goalie knowing a hard slap shot may ride high into their chin..? Someone like that that doesn't ever take a shift off is who it outta be. My 2-cents.
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