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  1. Personally, I really wish the chick behind me in 338 last night would've quit screaming to "stand up" and "these fans suck" and various obscenities at the crowd around her and would've instead focused on cheering for the team. For the record, I was standing at various points in the game (mostly because I'm short and it was easier to see over the tall dude sitting in front of me). But the standing screamer behind me was ruining my team spirit a whole lot more than the folks sitting around us yelling encouragement to the team. And I agree that the standing shouldn't be worn out though I can see the argument that last night was a big game. But it wasn't a game 7. I say reserve it for game 7.
  2. Usually no delay with those online feeds. But I read somewhere that Anaheim isn't broadcasting the game. If nobody's broadcasting, no way to watch online either.
  3. I realized these are part of our mini-plan and that face value isn't what we actually paid for them. So the GATE price/face value is $35, asking $25 each, $50 for the pair. All other info the same.
  4. Firefox + AdBlock extension = no ugly ad at the top. I don't visit other teams' sites a whole lot so if it's a template, I wouldn't know the difference. I will say "yay" for drop down navigation that works properly instead of cutting out over the silly scroll on the homepage. Probably my biggest complaint is that it's so red. I know red is the team color but the red of the jerseys, etc, would stand out so much nicer if just the page background was set to black. Overall, it was overdue and an improvement.
  5. These are spoken for. Thanks!
  6. Thank you sir! Definitely not trying to do anything shady.
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