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  1. I totally get this thread. I heard Tripp say the thing about scoring and it could be a hockey game the other night. My favorite lines of his are always about him getting texts from parents and other people during the game. Poor John always has to bring the conversation back to hockey. Tripp goes off on stories about what he had for dinner and with whom. He is knowledgeable about the game and makes us laugh no matter the score. I say keep this thread going throughout the year and see who can catch the best thing he says this year.
  2. Could a bunch of a people (doesn't even have to be STH's) get together and become part of a group and buy that part of the team? When I say a bunch of people, I am talking a lot. Everyone put in an equal share and then the team would really belong to the people of Carolina. Obviously there would be a lot of legal issues to iron out. But I would put in some money to be part (very small part) owner of the 'Canes.
  3. I am not a season ticket holder but do work there part-time. My daughter is a STH though and really had to read through the rules (and I had to remind her, as a mom will) about the ticket exchange rules before she went and exchanged tickets. It does seem like they would be more accommodating right now with the team not doing so well and try to get as many people in as possible. As part-time staff, we have also been offered the $10/$25 deal. I have passed those savings along to my regular job co-workers and have helped fill a lot of seats because of it. But, yes, you would think they would come up with some better promotions just to get people in. The season probably won't get much better and the crowds will get thinner.
  4. That is exactly what I did last year - "I can't stop can you catch me" and they all laughed and did. Of course, I am just about old enough to be most of their mothers (except Rod and that worked fine for me). I don't skate well either, enough to skate around and go to the player for a photo. I had more fun having photos taken than having stuff signed. I think it is worth the money to help the kids and getting more one-on-one time with the players is an added bonus.
  5. You can get them at The Eye at the RBC Center. I have seen them there. They do have 4T's. Not sure of the price, I think, they are at least under $50.
  6. Got our tickets on Monday for SWTC. There weren't very many people there. Wondered how this morning went. We are in the blue group this year. First year for this group and we get to skate last. Looking forward to another fun time with the team.
  7. Keep trying to look for the pictures. It did seem to take a couple of days to get them all up. It did take a while to load, too. I saw them do this in Detroit.
  8. According to the pocket schedule, it will take place January 4. I haven't heard when the tickets go on sale. It usually is in November. Keep an eye on the website. Last year tickets didn't sell as fast as in years past. There were also a little more expensive, too. I have done it a couple of times now and love going. Plan to do it again this year.
  9. Does it look like we are playing the Pens the same night as the State Fair opens? If so, what a mess! I thought they weren't going to play at all with the fair in town.
  10. My daughter and I also plan a road trip around the schedule so we need to see when we are going.
  11. Ok, waiting patiently - not really - waiting very impatiently. Come on 3pm. This is very sad - you know you are a caniac when you keep refreshing your computer to see if the schedule is out yet
  12. Can anything really be done about it - probably not. Is it offensive - yes it is. I did notice the cameras tried to get away from them as quickly as possible. Do they represent the whole Pens fan base - no. It is crude and immature - yes. You always hope people have better manners but they don't. I guess we just need to show them we have better manners and not let something like that happen at the RBC Center. We can only take care of our own house.
  13. What was Tripp talking about the refs missing something. I missed it - the grandson was being a little loud.
  14. I have to agree, I liked the 2006 set up better. We could actually get a little access to the players. It was hard to tell who was in what car as they flew by. Great to see so many people there that late at night.
  15. You are correct. It is what you saw. That is why we want to find the owner. It was still there when we left at 11:45pm. If you see them again, ask if it is theirs and let me know or direct them to the message boards. It is a nice item and I would be disappointed if I left it behind, too. I didn't want this to become a bashing area, but I know people haven't had many good experiences with lost and found so I thought I would try this avenue first. Too, if we can't find the rightful owner, it will become appreciated by a new little boy. We didn't want it to sit in a box somewhere forever.
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