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  1. well mike, angels will probaly beat sox in first round anyway , plus i want to beat both the angels and sox on way to world series, then we would have EARNED IT.. Dinz
  2. nice pic! of course, erics a yankee fan,being from upstate ny.. i hadnt thought of that...
  3. im in too, and want eli has my first pick
  4. a yell out for yelle! good move..
  5. being from the cape, im near kennedy land in hyannisport.. she did so much founding special olympics... public wake in centerville thursday at our lady of victory from 1-7, then private mass friday at st francis.. for anyone near cape thats wanted to pay respects
  6. cano "dont ya know" wins in the 11th, jerry remy is in the booth, good to see him.. off for 4 in seattle, mitre and gaudin pitch 2 of the games... gaudin got the win today..
  7. why dont we have a league with us canes fans only? that would be fun..
  8. good points , the milkman delivered, we will be needing some of those runs against beckett tonight
  9. hardest worker in practice when i went to them, goodluck,no pressure, i can see him doing well.. least he can only hurt us once or twice ayear unless we meet in finals
  11. hope yanks dont move out of panic , reacting to possible red sox move for doc, . i like to get washburn, but looks like seattle are buyers not sellers.. kasmir to yanks.. love to see that..cant see tampa doing that.. i too believe theo is going to pull a mega deal..
  12. no one will take liberties with the cammer.. we got some guys on the defense
  13. good to see roto ruuutu sign... he will clean up the messes around net... dinz
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