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  1. I have an extra Staal if you want to trade for a Walker. Let me know, thanks.
  2. I have 2 extra for sale for the blue line group. Give me a call @ 919-716-9019. Thanks Colin
  3. Will the Eye have any Cole or Wesley items on sale? Or any traded players stuff? Thanks re: I have an autographed game used stick of eric's if you are interested... Colin

    Canes S-A-S

    Any word on what games are included in the 26-game plan? (sorry if this doesn't belong here!)
  5. maybe we need to trust JR...seems to me he has done a great job thus far and let's not forget prior to Ladd catching fire lately that no one even knew if Ladd was even on the ice on most nights...he hardly ever showed uop anywhere.
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