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  1. That is OK, as much as I hate the Devils (and that is a LOT) Emrick is one of the best Play-by-play guys in the league...
  2. This trade is a wash.... Ladd has been playing better lately because of injury to the normal top liners. Do you really think that next year he woulda bumped Brindy or Williams from one of the first two lines? The same people who are crying about this trade are the ones who are crying about the Stillman Commy trade. Learn about how the business side of the game works... Ladd was supposed to be the physical presence in the slot and never reallt was. The Canes did not lose anything in this trade so far that they cannot easily replace in the offseason if need be.
  3. Gotta agree with 1 and 2 ^^^^ Espically if you consider that neither of the players that the Canes traded are even in the NHL any more... No way that cups finds it's way to Carolina last year without #'s 17 and 11
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