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  1. where will their farm teams be located
  2. that time works better for getting work traffic out of the area
  3. Hate the fair and NCSU football put the Canes on the road much of the month
  4. there are a number of extremely wealthy individuals in the area. could the problem be in Karmonos wanting to maintain majority control
  5. do know if is possible for the league to retire his number
  6. it seems as if both father and sons are rotten fruit from the same tree
  7. any thing is feasible when it is on someone else's tab
  8. colliefan

    Alberta fire

    The fire there as been devastating. Puts not having a team in the SCF into perspective. .
  9. Not sure the teams that will be bidding for Cam's services
  10. Jordon has signed a long term maga deal to play what is in essence is play a kids game. Just honor what he signed. The Rage were on of the teams his brother agreed io be sent. Deals such as this happen in the NHL all the time. If he is having fit because his brother is no longer here arrange for a trade
  11. believe Jordan is here until 2022.
  12. Guess Francis needs to go shopping for a goal tender before the start of the season.
  13. Ward is a nice guy and a class act but is he worth his current salary?
  14. keep the young ones jettison the old guy
  15. at least we are not fans of the Bruins
  16. is this not Ward's current asking price
  17. ; despite having a competitive team, the Canes are last in attendance. WA-dul's pricing plan must be the cause
  18. QC has their arena. The just need to identify people with money to burn
  19. how long can the Canes be at the bottom rungs of attendance in the NHL before serious.attention is made to this topic?
  20. Francis got what he could out of a bad deal
  21. have to let them ripen in the spring weather before hurling
  22. they are having a great year, if they cannot sell out their playoff games they should be relocated
  23. that would make too much sense
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