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  1. Now I like that idea! Then we will all spend more at The Eye because we'll be buzzed.
  2. Yeah, forget the fans. It's all about the money...lol. One things fore sure, if the games sell out with seats you'll have plenty of room to stretch out. Drive the SUV all the way to front door too, because that's good for the oil tycoons.
  3. I wish tonights game was televised. I am curious how the guys are going to do after getting a huge win last night. That win hopefully got them fired up back on track.
  4. I'll be there making some noise Wednsday night!
  5. Thta's great! I look forward to seeing the show in it's entirety. You go Mike!
  6. Thanks for the link! Great article. Wesley already doesn't get enough credit as it is, so I'm glad he got honorable mention on NHL.com
  7. It's pretty bad when the game winning goal scorer isn't a star of a game. Well I'll say that he was the diamond in the rough!
  8. Winner: Canes Game winner: Whitney Most shots: Canes First goal scorers: Canes: Brind'Amour Capitals: Ovechkin Score: Canes: 3 Capitals: 2 Goal Scorers: Canes: Brind'Amour, Whitney, Williams Capitals: Backstrom, Ovechkin Number of Powerplays: Canes: 4 Capitals: 3 Powerplay Goal Scorers: Canes: Whitney Capitals: Backstrom
  9. Thanks. Yeah, as far as tonight's win goes, Ward was the key element. I didn't catch who the stars of the game were, but I hope he was one of them, if not the first. Sure was great seeing Cole on the ice!
  10. Staal is doing great, and he's getting more mature each season. I think he is a franchise player and that he will lead us to another Stanley Cup.
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